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"Long ago, I made a promise that I would never act against the best interests or the excellence of my own people — that I would do my best to ensure that we were worthy of the stewardship of our world and that we did our best to leave a better world for generations yet to come. To make and keep such a promise is to understand that money and position are tools, not goals, and that death is not the worst thing that can happen."

— Catherine Austin Fitts, on her website’s home page

Prior to a recent trip, I downloaded a bunch of podcasts from a few sites. One was Catherine Austin Fitts’ (, whom I respect for her financial insights and integrity, and because she seems genuinely interested in finding and sharing truth about issues that have bearing on the well-being of others (including many “fringe” issues that others in the world of finance, with such an impressive resume ( ) would only scoff at.

Despite all that, at times she revealed some concerning blind-spots. So I was delighted to hear her say, near the end of her August 8, 2010 podcast (“The Best Wedding Disaster Capitalism Can Buy” ) that Bill Clinton’s fund-raising exploits “to help Haiti” was a perfect example of the kind of psychopaths who have infested our planet!

But the best was yet to come: Then she supported her remarks by citing “an excellent book, Political Ponerology” and went on to suggest her listeners check our her review of the book posted on her blog ( )

I just reveled in the joy of thinking of all those from a completely different demographic group than SOTT readers, who might now be exposed to this information!
Thanks for the info. This is an older review by CAF. She's one of my favorites!
Once again she does a shout-out/ big up for the book
"Political Ponerology"
but this recent interview is Fantastic
its NOT Doom porn but gives us insights
into what is happening and what we should do.. she also talks about the Hidden Space Program...
and how many of us are Harvested for our money and energy ....

First is TRANSPARENCY , which is one of the things
SOTT has been doing for ages ...

check this Sept 2015 interview

Catherine Austin Fitts is brilliant. Her work made an impact on me and helped to begin the process of "removing the veil", so to speak. IMO her best work was the online book "Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. And the Aristocracy of Stock Profits". It can be read here:
Of all the internet commentators around i do like Catherine Austin Fitts and this interview was a great listen.

I nearly missed it because i don't really like the way 'dark journalist' presents himself. In previous shows, he seems to have corrected it, he would draw attention away from the guest with relatively long statement/questions with the camera bang on him, and so on, so i unsubscribed.

Then i forgot about the PP reference which comes at the very end of the interview so that was a pleasant surprise. She has stated previously she is a speed reader and is very well read, and just as she's about to lead into PP CAF states something along the lines of: "And i still don't know who's behind all this" ie. the events in our reality. And there i'm thinking "How has she not come across Laura's work?" especially since in this interview CAF refers to god/DCM in her own words, a number of times.

And this often has me curious because you wonder how they've not come across it, even though it's totally possible of course.

So when she referenced PP; how it was a seminal book for her in the study of our reality; how there's '5% Psychopaths, 20% who 'get things done' and how if we were all aware, this would function as an inoculation against future infestations. What also caught my ear is earlier on in the conversation she was talking the only real method (after education) is to 'Shun' the offender. Which is of course a primary technique discussed here.

Anyway, all in all, thanks for sharing :D
Here are some thoughts after listening to the whole radio show:

With the infrastructure talk during the show and in general the discussion about the future what was missing is the aspect of the earth changes and cosmic influence, such as meteors, comets etc. and how big an impact this may have on whatever plans TPTB have.

The discussion of UFO’s etc was missing the hyperdimensional aspect as discussed here and by Laura in her various books, but Fitts does connect that whoever is in charge of the UFO’s is calling the shots in terms of who is in control of the earth.

She also mentions ‘divine intelligence’ a number of times in her hope that control is not going to come out on top in terms of people waking to the state of things and the part they play. Might compare to information theory and cosmic mind, but she doesn’t explain it fully.

She talks about people being “harvested financially” and the path of total control to enslave people with technology etc. It is interesting to consider on this level that it is part of the STS pyramid that is set up and compares to energetic harvesting via 4D STS on a higher level.

Her comment on ‘Political Ponerology’ and psychopaths: “Literally the psychopaths are the equivalent of aliens. You know they are a separate species.” This is pretty close to what Laura has said in the past, “Who needs aliens when you have psychopaths.” And the possibility of psychopaths being the extension of control in 3D for 4D STS.
crazycharlie.1 said:
check this Sept 2015 interview


The Ultimate Catherine Austin Fitts Interview!
Catherine exposes globalist forces that operate at covert levels throughout our society in corporate, government and institutional roles. She has dubbed this group ‘Mr. Global’ and she had a chance to witness their clandestine actions up close when she worked in the halls of government as the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Bush Sr. administration and as a Managing Partner at Monolitic Wall Street Firm Dillon Read & Co.

America 2020
With this great experience she has learned to interpret geopolitical, societal and economic trends that show the design of Mr. Global’s Master Plan and it is very unnerving: Mechanization, AI, Robotics, Centralized Control, Domestic Militarization and Surveillance, GMO Agriculture, Black Budget Drain on Resources, and reducing the thriving middle class to spectators to their own debt slavery. She outlines the dangers of Common Core as a way to turn American children into Servile Robots who can’t respond to social interaction, but are primed to be programmed and harvested by Entrainment Technology on their smartphones that can devastate their creativity and capacity for mental growth and self determination.

The UFO Economy
Catherine and Dark Journalist deeply investigate the untouchable subject of advanced UFO technology and surmise that whoever is operating that technology has a major role in controlling the power structure on planet earth today. By developing a Secret Space Program, these covert groups have diverted trillions of missing dollars from the American Economy to create a UFO Economy via the Black Budget and are creating a huge Breakaway Infrastructure in Space, but why? What is really happening in our solar system and why has this paranoid secrecy became a way of life for the National Security Deep State?

Fitts sees one last chance for the American Middle Class to rise up and expose the forces that are marshaled against them and their children and she explains what the dangerous stakes are if America fails and gives us a glimpse of the dystopian future world we will inhabit unless the game and the invisible players inside the matrix are exposed. She explains the objective, balanced attitude we must hold and what actions we must take to regain our power from corporate and media overlords that are linked to covert intelligence agencies that want to consolidate power quickly before the sleeping giant of the American People wake up and demolishes their plans for world domination!
itellsya said:
And this often has me curious because you wonder how they've not come across it, even though it's totally possible of course.

Hi itellsya,

I would wager heavily that Fitts IS familiar with Laura's material. And probably thinks highly of it. (My guess.) The Ponerology book reference was not an accident.

She's constrained by the subscription service she runs. It's read by money managers, doctors, and other professional types. Full disclosure on her part is simply not practical given what's acceptable -- in those circles. Her credibility is vital, and they're just not ready yet. But she is clearly nudging them closer to the truth.

And she gives excellent investment advice. Trouble is, when "money becomes worthless," it may all be for naught. The coming scenario (a quantum jump as painted by C's) requires a radical mind & belief expansion. Driven by thoughts and emotions ... not by dollars or euros.

That's my read. But I could be mistaken.

Quite agree Sitting; she does have a particular base who's ear she has had, and has, and i can imagine she didn't have all this information at the beginning. And DJ's intro stated she would be 'more revealing than ever', and by comparison to previous shows, and elsewhere, i'd agree. Interesting take and i think apt.

Bear said:
Here are some thoughts after listening to the whole radio show:

She talks about people being “harvested financially” and the path of total control to enslave people with technology etc. It is interesting to consider on this level that it is part of the STS pyramid that is set up and compares to energetic harvesting via 4D STS on a higher level.

Yes she does. And she repeats the phrase a few times throughout, if i remember correctly. I thought that was interesting choice of words.
We always need to remember the audience that constrains any given truth teller to some extent. A lot of them know way more than they can say and they practice external consideration in that they don't go beyond what their audience can handle.
The sensational title aside, i listened to this yesterday and it's an OK listen, especially the few comments about which 'family fraud' device is used to cover the US agencies front companies. Much of the discussion contains commentary on disinfo/cointel memes and diversions popular in alternative news and groups, their purpose and how it's done; she also provides an anecdote of how sales people will call her using different manipulation techniques and that she imagines this sales person, being quite effective, is probably making a lot of sales.

Also how even her associates are more willing to believe something from TV personalities and paid no attention when she was saying it.

It's interesting that her take on the whole situation in the US is both objective and scary but that with total transparency all could be well. I don't remember her speculating too much on how things will look if this transparency does not come, but then i didn't take notes so this is all just off the top of my head.

I wouldn't say it was anything ground breaking but i like to hear what she has to say. Something to listen to when pottering around the house maybe.

Published on Dec 21, 2015

The Catherine Austin Fitts Interview You Must See!
Join Dark Journalist as he welcomes back popular guest Former Assistant Housing Secretary and Financial Expert Catherine Austin Fitts for her seventh visit to the show.

Together they delve deeply into a stunning analysis of Mainstream Media Manipulation of Financial, Geopolitical and Social Engineering along with the Centralization policy of Common Core.

They also closely examine False Memes that have been filtering into the Alternative Media, and explode programmed myths such as "Cabal Arrests" and "Flat Earth" as a distraction from real issues like the recent spate of Holistic MD deaths and the real danger of False Flag Incidents designed to implement Repressive Policies, Tighter Control of Free Speech, Entrainment Mind Control and Total Orwellian Surveillance.

From the rise of shadowy mercenary groups around the globe to the full scale implementation of Corporate Private Armies, Fitts sees America at a pivotal point of accepting Totalitarian policies or rediscovering it's soul and purpose. What will America look like in 2020? She examines why we require not just financial solutions, but full transparency on everything from GMOs, Chemtrail Spraying, Black Budget Finance, Political Blackmail of Control Files, The Secret Space Program and more!

Riveting, revealing, controversial, eye-opening and alarmingly timely, this is the Catherine Austin Fitts Interview you've been waiting for! Don't miss this exciting Dark Journalist Episode that will challenge the regular, everyday view of reality and expose a desperate out of control covert system of Elite Centralization bent on World Domination...
In this excellent interview between Catherine Austin-Fitts and James Corbett, she asks him about Political Ponerology and he says he also read it. I've been listening to several of her recent interviews and she seems to have a deep and detailed understanding of what is happening and what the globalist mafia is planning to do. Corbett is well informed and insightful as well:

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