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(CRW Am-EU) What temporary schedule is best for you?

  • Sunday 17:00-19:00 UTC (18:00-20:00 French time)

    Votes: 11 57.9%
  • Saturdays 17:00-19:00 UTC (18:00-20:00 French time)

    Votes: 8 42.1%

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The Living Force
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@Mari. I miss your presence. You add a lot of good input to the discussions.
Hugs :hug2:

@cassandra, we have very interesting sessions.:read: Very sociable atmosphere. We discuss other off-topic things as well. You're gonna love it!:cool:
So I hear! I expect you will all feel a bit sad after you’ve finished The Wave and new people come to your well-loved and established group - it sounds really special, so thanks for being so welcoming! I can’t wait (although I have in fact waited for aaaages!!! 😅). See you in July!


The Living Force
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Very enlightening and lively discussion today. All about the true meaning of love.
The Wave. What a privilege to have such an incredible source of knowledge. A shining light illuminating this world of chaos and darkness. What a lovely way to complete The Wave series. Kudos to @logos5x5 for a job well done!
Thank you forever Laura.:flowers::hug2:
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hey mate. Im not feeling too well so I wont be on tonights workshop. Will listen to the recording in preparation for next week. hope its a great meeting.
Sorry to hear that placematt & hope you feel better soon. See you at the next workshop.
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