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Following our discussion about the Cs session transcripts on bases in Antarctica and the elite families in control, this tweet below popped up on my radar. I haven’t checked the net thoroughly to see if there was indeed a meeting, but thought it interesting nonetheless!
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I never knew this, turns out that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have places in Antarctica named after them. The tweet has since been deleted by its author, Christine Lagarde, who according to Wikipedia is a French lawyer/politician and is the current president of the European Central Bank.
Not sure if it's at all related, but there was a solar eclipse in Antarctica on 4 December 2021 which was an occasion for people to pay a visit to the South Pole.

Below is a picture comparing satellite images of the Pensacola Mountains in the morning, two years apart:



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Hi @Arwenn and everyone I will miss reading workshop again this week. Its my Dads birthday so we are celebrating his 75th year. I'm back on board next week and look forward to seeing you all :)
No worries KTC, have a great evening and we will catch you next week!
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