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I'm not sure whether to put this in the realm of Unicorns, Yetis and Dragons or in the history section..... so it's going here. Australia has it's fair share of cryptozoological creatures, The Yowie, The Tantanoola Tiger, The Penrith Panther and The Bunyip.

Bunyips are legendary creatures from Australian Aboriginal folklore, living in dark deep lagoons (billabongs). There is a vampiric element to most of the legends, with the dark and charming Bunyip wooing wives and young women. The "Biami and the Bunyip" story is very similar to Odysseus' encounter with the Sirens.

The National Library of Australia has a flash presentation describing the bunyip, including some old aboriginal tales.


Hope you enjoy it.

There's also a whole new world I have just discovered regarding strange creatures Australian at




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Interesting site, especially the extensive pictures section. Also check out http://www.cryptomundo.com/ if you are interested in reading some relatively informed opinions on cryptozoology. I think the main problem with this field is the reluctance of mainstream scientists to consider these phenomena in anything other than material, evolutionary terms. As a zoology student, I understand that this approach would be very useful if there were not the possiblity that we are dealing with something entirely different. See, for example http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/wave9.htm or references to bigfoot in the Cassiopaean transcripts.
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