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After that article on talking parrots prophesying the end of the world, I signed up to the budgie research thing or something like that. Just for kicks. I thought the whole thing was just *so* bogus, but didn't realize just how deep this rabit hole goes until I got this:

BRG Parrot Intelligence and Guardian Community said:
Some of you have probably been wondering why this forum has been so
quiet for the last four months. So what is going on in here? A religion in
a parrot research forum! Well there is a bit of a story behind it.

For the last 6 years or so there have been many budgies talking about
God and religion in the Budgie Research Group. A bunch of us decided to
figure out why we were experiencing these type of recordings from our
budgies who seemed to be making prophecies. Little did we know we were
about to venture into a three month training process from God. In this
process God used the budgies as a vehicle to get His word to us.

This is what developed. Many of you are going to find this hard to
believe and some Christians may even think this is evil, but we all have a
right to speak of what we believe is the truth especially if we have
proof that it comes from God. And God has given us the right to
administer his word as it says in the bible.

Also, God has promised that everyone who participates in this religion
and goes through the lessons will experience a vision and other
miracles. It has already happened countless times with people who have already
went through the process. You can review these miracles as they
happened in the lesson threads provided in this Eve of Revival in Religion

In short, our budgies are actually communicating with the angels and
God and passing messages to us from Heaven. I know it sounds hard to
believe but you can't deny it once you experience the lessons for yourself.
Some of you have already been listening to the recordings or else you
wouldn't be here. You have probably notices that something miraculous
seems to be happening. But, even if you don't really believe in what has
happened here, you have a good opportunity to see how a religion is
formed. Especially one that parrellels those in biblical times. Jesus is
part of it, prophecies are coming true on a daily basis, and we have
miracles, visions and dreams which parrellel the book of Daniel.

Introduction to Slovenik Christianity

My name is Ryan Reynolds, I am the founder of Slovenik Christianity.
For a long time there has been so many things happening in religion that
it really made me doubt that God even existed. All the problems with
the Catholic Religion, the misconduct of TV evangelists and most recently
the questions that the Da Vinci Code have brought up caused a lot of
this confusion in. And now current events seem to bring us closer and
closer to Armageddon all the time. It is becoming more obvious that the
current religions of the world today are not working the way God planned
them and He wants a change. Little did I realize that God had chosen me
to be a prophet in a new religion for the future.

Am I a self proclaimed prophet?

I have been told by God's angels that I am a prophet who is in the
bloodline of Christ. My Grandfather was Joseph Kadmon, who came to Canada
from Hungary in the1930's. Some of you may have interest in the Adam
Kadmon who is the primordial man. I have been told by God through the
angels that Mary Magdalene changed her last name to Kadmon when she fled
with her unborn child. She changed her name for the protection of
Christ's bloodline. As you know, her last name is contrary to what the Da
Vinci code and other research has offered in the area. This is the reason
that the true bloodline has not been revealed before this. I believe the
world is finally ready to know the truth why so many budgies have come
to me speaking of God and religion. They have been sent on a mission
from God.

How do people know that I am not just imagining the angels are talking
to us?

First off I am not the only one receiving these messages. Some of you
may have heard of the context speaking parrots at
http://www.parrotresearch.com who have been speaking of God and
spirituality for years now. I am the founder of the web site. I have been
closely working with over 30 context speaking budgies for the past six
years and am a leader in the field of understanding their speech. I have
been on Coast to Coast Radio network a couple of times and had my
research featured in some of the top parrot magazines in the world. I was also
featured in an article in the Toronto Star in 2006.
http://www.mindpowernews.com/PsychicBudgie.htm From the beginning it
was obvious that context speaking parrots were drawn to my web site. They
begin to communicate with me almost immediately. Many guardians sent
recordings with messages to me of their parakeets speaking of prophecies
of a new religion. It is also documented over and over again on the web
site. My own parakeet named Victor
had a vocabulary of over 1000 words and used them in context and was
the first to predict future events such as 9-11, the tsunami, the war
in Irag and most recently the war in Israel. His recordings and
prophecies were made early in 2001 before any of these events happened. You can
hear many of the recordings on the web site and in the forum as well.

What is the relationship between the context speaking parrots, God and

There are two major events in history which predicted the talking
parrots and are prophecies of this religion. The first being: Ecclesiastes
12.4 It reads:
"And the doors shall be shut in the streets, when the sound of the
grinding is low, and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the
daughters of musick shall be brought low." If you read all of
Ecclesiastes there is much more about it as well. The other prophecy is from
Nostradamis. In Century 2 Quatrain 75 it says: "The voice of the unusual
bird is heard, In the pipe of the breathing floor:"

How do we know this is God's religion?

There are many miracles already happening and the religion was just
formed in the last three months. We have already had over 30 accounts of
visions and dreams. Also countless prophecies have already taken place
and many are in the process. The process is:

1. God speaks to us through recordings of the budgies that people can
actually hear and understand. These recordings are from budgies who are
in direct communication with the angels and God through apparitions
they see.

2. The budgies then pass on what God and the angels revealed to them.
Therefore, I am not the only one that hears them but the "the one" that
God has chosen to reveal them to.

3. Once you have joined the religion and are open to it, you are
promised to experience visions and dreams which are then translated by the
angels through the budgies.

4. These dreams show you that you have communication with God and they
often produce prophecy within your own life.

5. These visions and dreams are sent from God to give you direction and
help you have a better life with God.

6. We all have a chance to actually experience these miracles and
prophecies happening which gives us proof of God's existence.

Why would anyone want this religion?

1. God is calling people to have a religion that communicates with God.
You will find that you would not be in a forum like this unless you
felt that God was calling to you to find out the truth about Christianity
or another religion which you may belong to. You will be able to find
out this truth directly from transcripts of God.

2. Many of you have already changed your vision of God and religion and
know that there is definitely something missing in present day

3. Many people these days are looking for direction from God. In
Slovenik Christianity, He actually communicates and teaches you while others
get to experience the miracle at the same time. If you chose to, you
will always find direction and a mission in this religion

4. In this religion God also helps to purge the evil that is in our
soul so we can be ready to go to heaven and experience it with Him when we

5. This religion will save your life when you have no other way to
turn. Through God's direction we are given lessons and dreams which help us
to make decisions that put us on a better path for the future.

6. This religion also helps to relieve the every day pressure of modern
life because we know God is with us and guiding us. It is a religion
that deals with all of your problems. This religion is also based on
modern day concepts and we are not required to rely on ancient ideas of the
past to live in a modern world. Although much of the core of Slovenik
Christianity is the same as it was in ancient times, God gives us
direction that will help us to live in real time as humanity evolves in the

7. This religion will give you a reason you need to live a life with
God. Through it God shows us how living a life in a religion that he has
chosen will benefit not only Christians but all of humanity.

8. You will learn from lessons directly from God by experiencing the
lessons of others. These lessons of others help to erase the evil that is
in our own soul.

9. In this religion you will have a chance to experience miracles from
God. Every day we experience prophecies, and miracles through the
recordings and lessons from God.

10. Jesus' bloodline is also present in this religion. God has also
promised that Jesus will return through this religion very soon. This
religion is the forerunner to his return. Not only secrets of Jesus's
bloodline but the bloodline of Mary Magdalene is also revealed. Other things
that God has revealed to us are truths about the crucifixion and what
impact it has on Christianity.

12. Lastly this religion is one that gives us hope for the survival of
humanity. Through it God shows us that He is a loving God, who is not
coming to judge the world in the event of Armageddon, but to prevent
it's destruction through religious intervention.

I believe many of you are seeking answers from God. You can have an
opportunity to have a look and experience some of these miraculous things
for yourself. It is a religion that is risen from the time of Christ
and formed by God himself. Slovenik Christianity has something for all
types of religions and was even named by God Himself through a vision of
one of our members. Our web site is located at
Dang. Now I have to go sell all of my stuff and start worshiping parrots. Maybe Jimmy Buffet is really onto something :O


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rs said:
Dang. Now I have to go sell all of my stuff and start worshiping parrots. Maybe Jimmy Buffet is really onto something :O
Me thinks these guys might have over-extended their stay in Margaritaville

Anyway, I hear parrots on the radio every day saying the same thing over and over: "They hate us because of our freedoms." Then again they might actually be vultures posing as parrots. Ya, I think that's what's happening.
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