Book to download : "Mais où va l'argent ?" - "Where does the money go ?"


I just put online with my friend Marie-Louise Duboin, her book "Mais où va l'argent ?", available in ePub or PDF.
Mais où va l'argent ? - Association pour l'Économie Distributive
It's a book studying the history of the money, its role in our society today, and making propositions for a distributive economy.
I'm sorry it's only in french.

The table of content translated:

Preface by René Passet
Table of contents
A cricket in New York

Chapter 1 Neither wheat nor sorrel, not even money!

Where do the three forms of money come from?
Bank money
The multiplier effect of credit: prestidigitation?
How much confidence can we have in our debt money?
When you deposit money in your bank account, do you think it is still yours?
Control over companies...
... and control of wealth
What means does the government have to run public services on a day-to-day basis and to make long-term investments in the general interest?
Day-to-day balance
Financing equipment for the long term
What is the "public debt"?
Monetary aggregates? - A mountain!
Let's talk about rates
Is the Central Bank a safeguard?
The first questions to be asked
Chapter 2 The moorings have been cast off!
The gold standard system
The hazards of legal tender
The aftermath of the Great Depression
Evolution of the IMF: protecting investors, not populations
What does the World Bank do?
The liberal revolution
The law of the jungle
The capital market, from super to hyper
The IMF's SAPs
The end of poverty?
Money has become... capital
From old-fashioned credit to modern credit
From the franc to the euro
"Your money matters to me
Tax havens: finance outside the law
Chapter 3 The major monetary theories
Classical and neoclassical theories
Karl Marx
John Maynard Keynes
The classical functions of money
Other functions, other powers
Lending: doing a service or making an investment?
The snowball effect of compound interest investments
Interest and inflation

Chapter 4 Debt Money and Society

The metamorphoses of exchange
Simple exchange
Exchange through a commodity currency
Transfer against a receipt
Money is a collective commitment
No rules for international settlements
The unjustified privilege of the US dollar
The ravages of a vacuum cleaner
Exploitation of risk... and the risk of exploiting risk
Chapter 5 Are parallel currencies a panacea?
Local currencies
During the "Great Depression
After the "Glorious Thirty Years
Going from local to global
The social dividend
The SOL project

Chapter 6 For whom does the wheat grow?

Always more, always further
How far and until when?
The worm is in the fruit
The Great Relief
Chapter 7 Finally, a real liberation!
The traps of capitalist money
Let us dare to think freely
First proposal: return to regalian law
Second proposal: anchor the money supply in reality
Third proposal: separate the management of goods from that of people
Having an income... to be human
Objections in principle
A utopia commensurate with the urgencies
Chapter 8 Democracy in the Economy
Changing course
A new banking network
The financing of production
Exchanging a right for a duty
But Who Will Grow the Wheat?
A completely transformed education
The civic contract
The individual income
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