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I'm a bit new to all this and feel very confused by cointel, but how do I know that this site and the links to the other cass.... site are not cointel, surely the best way of creating disinfo would be to set up sites that are against disinfo and the search for truth and then you can reall y control and manipulate truth/lies, what would be good questions to ask to or things to look for to try and find "Good" sites. Please help


I guess you have to be patient and read the material first. They decide for yourself. I went through many sites before I "reached" Cassiopaea. Two years later I am still here. Goodluck ! :)


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an excellent question.

this might go some way to help:

Ark said:
Just remember, and never forget, to apply all your intellectual and critical faculties to what you are finding on Cassiopaea web sites and on this forum, as much as you have been applying it to anything else in the past, with which you became dissillusioned. Do not believe anything, take nothing for granted, look for the data, analyze them. What we value is knowledge. But what is knowledge? The devil, as always, is in the details. Search for your own definition, search for your own ways and methods of distinguishing knowledge from ignorance. Share your discoveries with others, learn from errors of others. Help others to learn from your errors. That is the best use of networking. And that is our chance.
currently the world is drowning in cointelpro, so you gotta excercise and grow your own discernement. nothing else will do.

So you are right to allow for the possibility that the cass sites are cointelpro too.

However, there is another thing to consider, which can be best explained with: "by their fruits you shall know them". There is no better way of seeing the true nature of someone, in my opinion, than by observing the results of their actions. So, if the results of this forum and the cass sites, are for more people to start learning, and to go off and gain knowledge of their own accord, then that is a powerful and positive 'fruit'.

And considering the posibility that the cass/sott sites are NOT cointelpro, then there must also be some reason why they come under such repeated and varied attack from the powers that be.

all things to consider.


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Bottom line Gareth, is that only you can find out what the right questions are, and whether the answers are correct. I appreciate that thinking can be a difficult thing to do in this world at this time, but you've got to start somewhere.


There is a great Russian proverb I like to over-use.
"When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

Also what Ark said there is absolutely dead nuts on.Don't EVER stop questioning ANYTHING you read or watch unless it can be felt,tasted,smelled,seen,heard by yourself.And if I'm gathering things correctly from what I've learned so far,the reality in which we live in can be affected by the collective awareness we have in everything good and evil.
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