Best jokes - Covid-19, corona, virus, lockdown, etc.


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What a quote from the guy at the end of this video clip from Australian news!

"Being able to get your flu jab, and your covid jab, both of which could be deadly, is a really good idea"..

My partner says she's now seen quite a few instances of people making similar slips on the news... weird that they don't just record another take..this guy obviously noticed what he'd actually said just as he said it, and had a bit of a laugh/wobble.. I was wondering if maybe it's the "forces of good" coming through... accidental truth telling...


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:lol: LoL

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Ha, that’s ingenuity! If only she had known about Dyson’s air purifying headphones (really, they designed this absurd piece of tech):

…it's a set of noise-canceling, air-purifying headphones. It comes with a detachable visor for the bottom half of the wearer’s face that looks, to put it mildly, odd. That vizor actually blows filtered air to your nose, mouth and chin, sort of like a portable fan dedicated to the lower portion of your face. Dyson integrated a smaller version of its air filtration system into the earcups, and the idea is that people can protect themselves from pollution while out and about.



Also, see the devil doll on the floor below the flags.

Is it supposed to be a warning ? In the current context I guess it would be a statue of Veles the Slavic god of magic and alchemy.

It's hard to guess what the intent of the statue. Those gods were originally quite benevolent, but the Christians came along and declared them all to be evil :rolleyes:
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