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"When you try to communicate with a covidist"

This is hilarious!!! :rotfl:

To give a bit of context and translation, it seems this video was recorded in the Canary Islands between 2004 & 2011 when José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was the president of Spain.

Q: Zapatero, what's your opinion about Zapatero's Government?

A: Pfffft! Aaaargggh!!!!

Q: As do I! And what do you think, what do you think...?

A: Aaaargggh!!!!

Q: And what do you think of the Canarian Government?

A: Aaaargggh!!!! Argh! Argh!

Q: And about of the island's municipalities?

A: Pfffft!



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and then someone even more woke attempts to enlighten others why you are right. :rolleyes:

My guess is that when Ernest wrote the following, his mind was operating according to instructions of the Davos Schwab Mass Psychosis Program. See if you catch it.

Joni Mitchell and Neil Young are both polio survivors -- vaccinations saved their lives.



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some more on Trudeau


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