Beneficial Ancient Breathing Program “Eíriú-Eolas”

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Q: Are there any limitations to what our physical bodies can transform to if instructed by the DNA? Could we literally grow taller, rejuvenate, change our physical appearance, capabilities, or whatever, if instructed by the DNA?

A: Receivership capability.

Q: What is receivership capability?

A: Change to broader receivership capability.

Q: (A) That means that you can receive more of something.

A: Close.

Q: (A) It means how good is your receiver.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is your receiver? The physical body?

A: Mind through central nervous system connection to higher levels.

Q: So, that is the whole issue of gaining knowledge and developing control over your body. If your mind and CNS are tuned to higher levels of consciousness, that has significance in terms of your receivership capability?

A: Close

Q: (Pierre) That makes me think of something. The key for DNA transformation, the most important factor, is information. At the same time, DNA is the intermediary or the receiver to the information field. It evokes to me some kind of mirroring where the individual gathers information in the world which then improves his connection to the information field and allows him to gather even more information? Like a circle?

A: Yes. It is like building an antenna.

Q: (L) So the more knowledge you gather, your antenna changes. But it depends upon using it because building the antenna is a product of using what you've learned.

A: Yes

Q: (L) That's what makes the changes

A: Knowledge has all substance. It goes to the core of all existence.

Q: (L) So acquiring knowledge includes adding substance to one's being?

A: Indeed. It includes adding everything to one's being that is desirable. And also, when you keep invoking the light, as you do, truly understand that the light is knowledge. That is the knowledge which is at the core of all existence. And being at the core of all existence it provides protection from every form of negativity in existence. Light is everything and everything is knowledge and knowledge is everything. You are doing extremely well in acquiring of knowledge. Now all you need is the faith and realization that acquiring of knowledge is all you need.

I do believe that doing EE program is stimulating body’s nervous system, and also oxygenated in the body.
And reading transcripts, plus get new information from all the members post every day give us add new information/ lights.
So, I think all of us are getting new DNA strands, knowingly or not. Surely some of us get faster than others… but I am keep working on…
And some of information from the Bringers of the Dawn,

“The information in the filaments was left inside of you, yet there was no logical way to make sense of it. So, in the present time, how do you find the information? The information is going to reveal itself to you. That is the process. You don't have to go looking for it because this revelation is your heritage and who you are. As the DNA begins to form new strands, these new strands will travel along a nervous system in the body that is being developed at this time, and memories will come flooding into your consciousness. You must work to develop this nervous system, to pull light into your body, to oxygenate your system, to learn how to move through energy accelerations, and to call more ideas and experiences into your body. As this process begins to grow and nurture itself in your body, simply observe it”. Bringers of the Dawn. Page-63.

We cannot emphasize enough that the nervous system is the key to open your ancient eyes and see, and for you to remember who you are, where you come from, and where you are going. The nervous system must be able to take the electrical current into the body, transduce the high energy and fit it inside the body, and let the body evolve and nurture itself on this high energy that is consciousness. This is literally what is occurring. page- 173.

It is very important for everyone who wishes to be in complete balance with their physical being to practice, on a regular basis, some kind of deep-breathing program. This is a program in which breath is very important and oxygenation is practiced so that oxygen is brought into the body. Page-226.”

A: If they want to surf the wave they must work to get ready, they must do the EIRIU EOLAS program to get in synch. A lot of little personal wavelets or ripples won't change anything. That is what 4D STS knows and why they seek to engender divisiveness. It is also not worth the risk of being smashed by hidden negative emotions, so best to get on with getting them cleared. Better safe than sorry!!!!
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