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I am posting this Eiriu Eolas breathing information for new members, who want to have full information about how it started and what is benefiting for us.

Session Date: June 20th 2009

A: Perhaps if you could share the technique that you used to achieve emotional cleansing, a lot of people would benefit including the two individuals in question.

Q: (L) What technique is that?

A: Remember an entire night of cleansing tears?!

Q: (L) Yeah. Well, that was just a meditation technique I developed. I would breathe a certain way and repeat certain things in my mind as I breathed, and I did it every night. Strange things started happening.

A: Strange indeed! You stumbled instinctively on an ancient method that is unsurpassed in its efficacy. So why not share?

Q: (L) Well I just never thought it was anything particularly special - it just worked for me! I mean how does something like that compare to this Art of Living Kriya thing?

A: AoL is for beginners and robots!

Q: (laughter) (L) Well then why were you so enthusiastic when Craig proposed teaching us? I mean, he asked if he should teach us, and you said yes with seven exclamation points!

A: Got you to do it and jump started your thinking didn't we?!

Q: (L) So the point wasn't that this method was "the best" or the only one or so great. It was to draw our attention to the idea of breathing, or control of breath, as a means of effecting emotional healing. Is that it?

A: Absolutely!X7

Q: (laughter) (L) Shorthand. Um...

A: Remember that your method employed a powerful "seed".

Q: (L) Yeah, that's a reference to meditating with or without seed. (Joe) What was the seed? (L) Phrases that I used in my mind.

A: They were super powerful!

Q: (C) Where they like prayers? (L) Yeah, and it's really funny because I started out using the Lord's Prayer. Then I decided that I wasn't happy with it because it wasn't open enough. It had associations with specific religious things, and so I rewrote it. I'll have to... It was something like... (DD) Did you use those words as a template? (L) Yeah. (L) Yeah, well you see, I did. It was very deliberate controlled breathing. I did this every night for months.

(DD) How were you breathing? (L) Very similar to what Craig teaches, what they call this Victory Breath. (Joe) Was it both in and out through the nose?

(L) In through the nose, out through the mouth. (L) Yeah, I did it in through the nose, out through the mouth. It was in and count, hold and count, out and count. And it was very controlled... it was very similar to what they call this Ujjai breath, or Victory Breath. That was kind of familiar to me, because I'd done that for years. (C) And while you were doing it, you were saying... (L) I was repeating these phrases, and each phrase was created so that the in or out breath fit the phrase exactly. So for the first phrase, I would breathe in, and then out for the second phrase, etc. And my objective was to do it twenty times. I don't think I ever did it twenty times, because I would get to about ten or twelve, and then I would just leave the body or something, just zone. And after a certain number of times of doing that, then I had this... I dunno, I came back to myself with this... I dunno whether I want to call it a kundalini experience or not, but I felt there was this tremendous cleansing event that went on for hours and hours and hours. I've described it before. Something happened. But anyway, that was the story. So I found that to be very effective. I dunno what to ask now.

A: Yes and another excellent technique though for other purposes is what you call "power breathing".

Q: (L) Oh, my Power Breathing. (C) What is that? (L) For me, that's just energizing. The fast pace on the treadmill accompanied by a very particular kind and pace of breathing. This is the one that it's not the head, it's matched to the body. The one is like intellect and heart, and Power Breathing is like moving center and heart... You let the movement of your body take you where you need to go.

A: Remember what that technique did?

Q: (L) Oh yeah! (A**) That was the past life thing, wasn't it? (L) Yeah, I went into a past life memory in the gym...... So, there are a couple of ways to tap into these emotional issues that you're talking about that are actually somewhat different from this Art of Living thing?

A: Yes and probably more effective if utilized faithfully. AoL is like the "Diet Coke" of breathing techniques... Just one calorie.


A: The main thing people need right now is to be cleansed of emotional blockages and programs not to mention karmic burdens.

Q: (L) Okay, so these two techniques that I've always used are useful for private meditation, and this Kriya is useful for group activities. I don't understand in what order this should come. You're saying that people should work for a time on their emotional issues privately, and then come together as groups and do something similar to the Sudarshan Kriya?

A: More or less though beware that the so called Sudarshan Kriya is just a variation on an ancient technique.

Q: (L) Okay. Is the ancient version of it better?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And how would it be modified for the ancient version to be revived?

A: The proper words should be spoken during the breathing. Joe, what is the Irish for life?

Q: (Joe) Eh... Beatha? {Pronounced something like "Bah Hah"}
A: Yes

Q: (Joe) That's it. B-E-A-T-H-A. That may not be the original spelling.

A: Ba in Ha out.

Q: (C) And it's pronounced "baha"?

A: Try it!

Q: (Ark) But what about these phrases that we were talking about before. Should they just be repeated with empty mind, or with trying to feel their meaning?

A: Focus on the meaning.

Q: (L) Okay, so you've got "beatha", life. Breathing in life, and out life. Is there any other adjustment to be made?

A: You don't really need the super-fast breathing. That is just to produce chemicals and make the person experience an artificial high.

Q: (L) So you're just suggesting the long slow breaths, and the mediums breaths, and slightly fast, but not super-fast. Is that it?
A: Yes.

Q: (A**) Is it best to do this guided with the tape or somebody saying the actual words, or just say them in your head?

A: Yes, it should be guided. Also the words of the meditation are very effective in the quiet time at the end.

Q: (L) So you do this round breathing, or this circular breathing, basically according to the Kriya instructions, only you pronounce this word during the breathing. Then at the end, you read out this words from my deep meditation. Is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay. And are the numbers of repetitions that are given in the instructions alright?

A: Close enough though we would prefer multiples of 30.

Q: (Ark) Anything we should take care so that we will not be accused of stealing the method?
A: What about Ravi Shankar claiming it as his personal discovery and patenting it?! We have just given you all the details of a truly ancient technique that is even older than the Vedas. Joe, tell everyone the words that mean "growth of knowledge".

Q: (Joe) The word would be "eiri", that means rising, or desiring, or wanting. And knowledge is "eolas". (L) Okay, say it together. (Joe) Well, I suppose the short version would be just "eiri eolas".

A: That is close enough to the original name of this practice for horseshoes.

Q: (L) So basically we have a somewhat different method, with a different name.
A: You work it out...

Session Date: July 4th 2009
A: Meditating in the way you are preparing to teach will help a lot especially with the intentional assimilation of the "Prayer of the Soul."

Q: (L) Didn't you want to ask something about J**? (C) Yeah. He's been doing psychotherapy and he still feels that he's possessed. But now after reading one of the last sessions, he wonders if it's just disintegrating like many other people.

A: He needs to change location and some companions and, again, the prayer will help enormously. It is a common malady of the French to escape in2 illusion.

Q: (DD) Is the prayer they're referring to the one that you posted, the variation of the Lord's prayer? (J) Yeah. (DD) Should that be done while doing the breathing exercises?

A: Do it according to the instructions that are forthcoming. Please keep in mind that the revelation process is a part of merging. You are becoming us and vice versa.
Q: (L) We talked about how to make these videos and what will work best. We've practiced with it different ways to see how works for us, with us, and how it makes us feel. And we have a pretty good idea of how to put the video and the audio together that's most effective. We also have past experience as guidance. So, I'm assuming that what you're saying here is that as we've experimented and tested and tried, and the conclusions we came to about how best to do it, that that is in fact the best way to do it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay, so then once we have the breathing program, the video that shows the other kind of breathing which then leads into the meditative breathing, what's next?

A: Wait... Did you not notice how relaxed you became listening to the recording??

Q: (L) Well yeah, I just thought I was falling asleep? I thought I sounded boring!

A: Not boring. Remember what we once said about "voice"?

Q: (L) Not exactly. (A**l) That was me asking the question about sharing the same frequency. Was that it?

A: A different time...

Q: (L) I don't know. Joe, go look up "voice" and see if you can find it. (Break for transcript search)


Q: (L) Okay, I found the one that I thought it was, which was something about a voice being a part of some plan or destiny. Is that it?
A: Yes but not only. The point is this: when you speak while merged, cosmic elements are transmitted via your voice. More than this, it has the power to heal those of similar goals who are not yet at the correct frequency. In short, through your voice we can set frequency resonance for those of "the blood."

Q: (L) What does "while merged" mean?

A: When you speak to aid others, we are able to merge with you.

Q: (J) So, merging is whenever you...

A: We are merging with you right now!

Q: (A**) Would doing this in groups physically be even more powerful, like if we did workshops?

A: Yes. That will come. And Don mentioned spinning, too. That all has its place along with the "maze dance"; but patience. The meditation and cleansing prayer comes first. You had to go through a "cleansing" too. You are now giving the tools to others so as to enable them to accomplish the same in a different and more efficient way.

Q: (L) So I mean... Just doing this meditation tape the way we plan to do it, people can listen to it, and by listening to it, there is some sort of frequency that can be triggered in them by my voice?
A: Yes. And it can be ten times more powerful in groups with you personally speaking.

Q: (L) That's too weird. (A**) I think it's cool! (C) Wake up the masses!

A: The method has been used nefariously for millennia so what is wrong with FRV in a positive context?! The power of love is also FRV! Only nobody is using it of late.

Q: (Allen) So is there anything we should do when we're recording you to get you in the zone?

A: No. It already is fine. Notice that some of those on your forum have already noted and experienced this phenomenon.

Q: (Allen) So I take it there's nothing wrong with me editing out spaces and things? It should be just like a straight recording?

A: Of course not!

Q: (Allen) Yeah, the immediate response when people listened to it... how they said it was amazing just to listen to your voice. (Ark) I agree.

Q: (L) Alright then, I'm tired. Anything I should have asked that I didn't already ask?
A: Please just be gentle with yourself... You are us and vice versa. All of you here. Even S. who sometimes forgets.

Session Date: August 5th 2009

Q: (L) I would like to know if you have any comments to make on the progress of our breathing and meditation program for the readers of our forum and perhaps other people who are practicing it about whom we know nothing?
A: It is already having effects in other realms.
Q: (L) What other realms?
A: 4, 5, 6D.

Q: (L) In what respect?

A: Humans should remember the hermetic maxim can go both ways in some respects. Those who are destined to "meet" themselves in the future can now do so with greater facility due to these efforts. We once said that "you in the future" could "rewrite" cosmic programs... that goes for others too. They are now learning the programming language.

Q: (L) A number of people on the forum have talked about the zoning out thing, the, ya know... while still awake seemingly, losing all awareness of self and just kind of zoning out. What is this phenomenon?

A: See previous answer and think of it as spending "time" with the higher self/teacher instead of wasting the ability to dissociate on futile illusions. Also remember that "time" spent in this process utilizes this "soul ability" as it was originally intended. It taxes the soul greatly to be embodied.


Q: (L) Okay. Well, is there anything else people could or should be doing?
A: The next phase will be rebuilding soul communities. Wait. Message to all: Do not give up! Patience pays! It took millennia for the blocks to be created and put in place. You can break them in a matter of months! Do it!

Q: (L) So, you're just saying that people should focus right now on doing the exercises and just be patient? Is that it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, I had suggested to everyone that they should do it together - I mean, the whole program on Mondays and Thursdays. And then the other parts of the program as needed, especially the meditation every day if possible. Is that the best way to break it into daily practice and then weekly intensive practice?

A: Yes. And doing it on the same day leads to community building! But, you should be doing the program on the same day also rather than "chatting" with us. That is a separate thing.
Q: (L) Okay, so basically, we're kind of on the right track, but we've got a little bit of a course correction here to make and it sounds like what's happening with the folks on the forum is what's supposed to be happening. It's good for them. It's gonna cause them to meet themselves in the future or thereabouts, or so on and so forth...
A: And also healing!

Session Date: August 15th 2009

Q: (L) Okay. Well, we have people working on this breathing and meditation program, and some people are having some unusual experiences physically, and other people are having extreme tiredness, and there's just really the whole gamut going on there. I guess there's really not a clear question about that because that's more or less what we expected: each person is in individual, and the way that they apply the program I guess depends on their level of knowledge...

A: It would be best if you could teach it directly. But under the circumstances with so many in such great need, and the system often restricting their funds and thus their ability to travel and compensate you for your time and energy, it is the best way so far. Some will find their creativity expanding and thus their ability to make more direct connections as a result of the practice!

Q: (L) Why do you say "their ability to compensate me for my time"?
A: We have spoken before about the necessity for energy to be balanced. It is correct for you to make this program available according to the individual ability to compensate. But all must remember that it is STO to GIVE [planchette circles board] ALL to those who ask. You have given all REPEATEDLY and many still do not understand the value nor do they compensatorily give in return. Those who have difficulties with the program may find that they are not giving "all". And that does not always mean money either. It can also mean commitment.
Q: (DD) Is the group still doing Monday and Thursday? (L) Mm-hmm. (Joe) Well, we're gonna make the program available for purchase as a set, in a nice package. That'll be an opportunity for people to - I know it's not just money, but it'll be an opportunity for people to at least give for receiving something, like directly.
A: Those individuals who still think that you can get something for nothing will find themselves blocked.

Q: (L) Well, what is the nature of this kind of thing? I mean, what do you mean "blocked"?

A: It can take 2 main forms: In the STO candidate, it can be blocked by the subconscious process that knows there is an imbalance. In the "others" it is simply that they are not on the correct frequency to receive. Remember "receivership capability" and also capacity.

Q: (L) In other words, somebody could conceivably, ya know, pay a million dollars for the program and if they were a billionaire and it was a drop in the bucket to their income, or even if they were doing it manipulatively to gain for the self, they would still not be able to get anything out of it even though they had made an exchange because they would still not be at the frequency to understand. Is that correct?
A: Yes. Remember the "widow's mite".

Q: (Joe) The Widow's Mite? (L) It's a story in the bible. It's a small amount. Ya know, the rich man who gave a lot and thought he would buy salvation, and then the poor widow who gave a little bit but it was all she had - she gave all. So the principle is giving all, but not necessarily in the sense of money. Is that what we're getting at here?
A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, what's important to me right now is I have some question as to what... I mean, we've dealt with some of the issues of the breathing program, ya know, that maybe some people are having problems because they aren't inputting a commensurate amount of energy in order to receive the benefits - maybe they're not on the same frequency or the right frequency - and that frequency block could be because they have not committed, or they are still maneuvering or manipulating, or it could be they're STO candidates and they simply haven't opened the frequency channel. So, those issues have to be dealt with on an individual basis, I'm assuming. But I think there is more to that problem than meets the eye.

A: Yes there is!!! We said that this practice MUST be accompanied by a commensurate effort to constantly gain knowledge by effort.

Q: (L) Well, I was planning on doing these teaching videos that were going to kind of boil things down for people. Does that mean that I shouldn't be doing that?

A: Oh no!!! You should be doing that and moreover, you should make these videos all inclusive in terms of scope of subject matter.

Q: (L) What do you mean "all inclusive in terms of subject matter"?

A: Tell what you have discovered and let the individual once again compensate according to ability to do so.

Q: (L) Well, obviously we can't be sending out videos without getting the cost of making the videos covered. I mean, this kind of puts me in a funny position because...
A: Never fear. People will rapidly discover that it depends on the "frequency" of the exchange.
Q: (L) What depends on it?

A: Whether or not the knowledge you share can be assimilated. Naturally it will be necessary for the student to cover your cost of production so we suggest that it be made available for a minimum donation. Those who are able can give more. Those who buy demonstrate, to some extent, a frequency match. This brings up another matter. The "traditions" speak of the advantages to be obtained by the direct teachings of a "master." There are no "masters" in an STO network, but there are "elders". .......


A: You just sit in front of the camera and do what you do best: connect the dots. And know that, as always, your connection to your higher self in the future will assist your explosive insights.

Q: (Ark) I think what would be useful is to have like an exposition of a coherent system. Because people know a part from here, a part from there, a little bit about STO, a little bit about this and that...It all needs to be put together.

A: All that will be a part of the series that we have planned.

Q: (L) What you mean YOU have planned, I thought I was planning it? (laughter)

A: We are you and vice versa!!!

Session Date: November 28th 2009

Q: (C**) Some people have said that they want to teach the Eiriu Eolas breathing program, but that they can't come here {for training}. Is it a good idea that they're allowed to teach without coming here for training?

A: Make your training video and instruct them on how to utilize them. As of now, with the new video, there is not much they would have to do on their own.

A: Take it on a case by case basis. Interview. In some cases you can send someone else to train or they can do minimal travel.


A: The wave is coming, you are teaching people to surf it instead of being dragged under and out to stormy seas.
Q: (L) You once said that the wave was something like "hyperkinetic sensate". And I've often wondered if that means that it's something that massively amplifies whatever is inside an individual? And if that were the case and they were full of a lot of unpleasant, painful, miserable feelings, repressed and suppressed thoughts and so forth, and something that was hyperkinetic sensate amplified all of that, what would it do to that individual? I mean, can you imagine any of us in our worst state of feeling yucky and then having that amplified a bazillion times? If it was bad stuff inside you, you would implode!

A: Soul smashing!

Q: (L) So it is really important for people to go through this process of cleansing to prepare themselves for that?

A: Yes, then they will "rise up with wings as eagles"!

(I**) What about these New Agey people who are so excited about the wave without any knowledge about it. And there is kind of anticipation...

A: If they want to surf the wave they must work to get ready, they must do the EIRIU EOLAS program to get in synch. A lot of little personal wavelets or ripples won't change anything. That is what 4D STS knows and why they seek to engender divisiveness. It is also not worth the risk of being smashed by hidden negative emotions, so best to get on with getting them cleared. Better safe than sorry!!!!
A great thanks Kay Kim, I recently come to see what's horrible is inside me and how my mind put an illusion onto it to not feel it. This disintegration and soul smashing is absolutely depressing...
I also come to feel this zoning out state for some second or so. And had some experience with integration (instead of disintegration for change).
I dunno whether I want to call it a kundalini experience or not, but I felt there was this tremendous cleansing event that went on for hours and hours and hours.

I read a quotefrom Sadhguru, saying that a "kundalini awakening" burn all the unnecessary stuff in your life and put yourself right on track into the necessary things. But it's the extreme form of yoga and it's potentially extremely dangerous, the C's have said and Gurdjieff have warned about it, if you put too much electricity into an unprepared system it will burn the fuse. I think this have happened to me one way or another in the past, in childhood or maybe before, because I have a blown up fuse within.
The article that warn about kundalini :
_Kundalini Yoga - Beneficial or Dangerous? - Isha Yoga

Maybe it's for this reason we talk about neurofeedback as a "soft" tool to rebalance the nervous system, and that Laura said to not touch certain circuitry with the beatha breathing, that can be too powerful.
Thank you so much for sharing this. It help a lot to have a summary on one place. I am new to this forum and I am still exploring the forum. There is so many interesting topics but I would like to start my participation with this one.
I come across Laura's work few years ago including the EE breathing program. I readed everything what I could get my hands on and I started to practice EE breathing program. Then I stopped for a while and then I started agen and so back and forth for a longer period of time.
Before my introduction post some things had happened to me that had make me come to realization that I am not doing this right. And what I mean by that is that I was not completely dedicated to the work. I can not do this occasionally this is the work for the whole life was my realization. And I am realizing now how important is to be connected with the people who have similar way.
So I started to read agen C's and other material , decided to join the group her and started to practice EE breathing program but now with full dedication.
After only two weeks of practice EE breathing program I started to notice the changes. The most unusual thing that happened to me was that I woke up at 4am trying to catch the breath, sobbing and crying at the same time. It felt like cleansing. It is hard to put in to the words because I have never experienced something like that. Continuing with the practice I noticed that my mood is changing. The are days when I am completely relaxed and calm which then alternate with the days of deep sorrow and grief.
Now I finally understand why the group work is so important. If I am experiencing this on the individual level what we can do as a group? I now that C's have always accent that but back then I could join the group because of the language barrier. Now for me like everything is falling in to the place.So I will be joining you guys soon 🙂
Thank you and stay blessed
Dear Kay Kim, many, many thanks for summarising the information. To be honest, I didn't realise that the breathing programme was so important as I am reading and understanding it here now. But maybe it is just that I am only now really understanding it with the right background information and because I thought before that other things, like reading, were more important (how stupid can I be?). I really have read a lot in the meantime, but Eiriu Eolas was somehow behind. It is really embarrassing :umm:. When I look back, I always got the clues, but I really didn't pay enough attention to them. I have practised it from time to time, but not as often as necessary. A big hug in deep gratitude for you for this realization with me. :hug2::flowers:
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A big thank you from me too !! A very good inspiration you had.
I just read the basics and began to practise EE thinking that practice is what counts more, but my understanding was superficial. It's "funny" as I bought the Stanley Rosenberg book ("Accessing the healing power of the vagus nerve") some time ago but put it aside. It's high time I read it :-)
Some years back, when I started to read Laura’s books and Wave series, I had sensation in my head or chest or whole body, but I never felt that kind of sensation before in my life.
Then, after I joined this forum and then I started EE breathing program, I had having same sensation every time I do.
Finally the puzzles solved, thank to the information from transcripts.
So the sensations vibrating body is charging higher electricity! Or charging higher energy?
And read books for gaining knowledge through information or doing meditation every day also generates vibrations/sensations in the body too.
That’s why Laura keep saying,
“Pay attention to all the sensations in your body.
Getting touch with your body.
Notice all the sensations in the body“

July 16th 2009

(L) Right. Because I mean the human brain, the physiology, the electricity, not just the brain but the body... All your neurons generating electricity and interacting with the field and acting like capacitors... I think it's a very powerful thing. And it's not chaotic.

May 28th 2013

Q: (Belibaste) Quick question. Is there a connection between information and electricity?

A: Very close.

Q: (Belibaste) So the more information in the body, the higher the electric charge? Is there a correlation?

A: Close

February 25, 1995

Q: (GB) Does meditation increase the DNA changing process?

A: Overall, if repetitive.

Q: (L) If you do it regularly. (GB) How often? (L) Every day or as often as you can do it effortlessly.

June 27, 1998

Q: Okay, I have been having this sensation of an electrical charge building up in my legs and I would like to know what I can do to discharge this. All the muscles are hard and uncomfortable.

A: Molecular changes due to DNA evolving.
Thank you very much Kay Kim.
I am new to the program and haven't introduce myself yet. Will do it shortly. Just want to say thank you for the explanation helping me understand that it is time for me to start the breathing program and the meditation and everything else come second after those two. Thank you 😊
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