Basalt Columns


Padawan Learner
Basalt columns

Basalt columns
Once were trees
And water flows
Beneath the seas
The dinosaurs
Came straight from hell
And reptiles
Struck an oil well
Comet tails
In lights of seven
Are shining through
A watery Heaven
The eyeball
Is where Jesus lives
Imprinted on a
Truth's vision
Sees on many levels
But is clouded
By the dust of devils
A man corrupts
The sacred eye
Where Horus
Is his God on high
The pyramids
Of giant stone
Were cut
By a substantial bone
The firmament
Above our heads
Was quarried
From a crystal bed
The planets
On their chosen paths
Are watchers
Of a poison staff
The Sun that brings
The light so great
Is ferried to
The narrow gate
The ether
That they hide from view
Is weaponised
And used on you
Keep patents
Under lock and key
Coz they reveal
Free energy
And cancer
Like a fungus grows
Which medicine
Already knows
The air that thins
The sky and draws
Is where the deadly
Demon sours
The weather
That you think you know
Is set to burn
Is set to blow
And climate change
Is fuelled by fears
And scientific
And spells are cast
Before your eyes
Where symbols rule
The world of lies
Busy gets no time
To save
And freedom
Is a willing slave
Basalt columns
Once were trees
And water flows
Beneath the seas
Your history
From cads and scribes
Is just a bunch
Of chosen lies
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