Auto-Save feature issue in the Forum post editor?


The Living Force
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I see 'save draft' option while composing the forum post. Is Auto Save option available?. I lost the content multiple times, as I involuntarily pressed some mouse button or some key short cut that opened another page. As per this post , it is already the feature of XenForo.

- I do see little green dot on the floppy disk menu icon once in a while, which I thought is auto- save. Are there limitation to the Auto-save feature, like length of the post or some key short cut combination.

- How often auto-save works like 30sec or minute etc.?

Latest incident is, I pressed some thing, that led me to the previous page. When I try to come back to previous using <- on chrome, all i typed before the after 'Save Draft' is lost. Are there any other options?
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