Attack or not ?


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I thought I would post this after reading the thread Ben started because I find there is a synchronicity in the events taking place.

The last two nights my wife and I could not fall asleep as well.
My body was also buzzing/tingling like crazy (and almost painfuly) and not in a comfortable way.
My dreams are totally chaotic and leave me depressed and drained out for the whole day.

I also have to say that for the past two weeks I've been pretty depressed and drained out and also under the feeling of being gauged.
True that for the moment I am very anxious about money problem so it does not really help lifting up my mood and that might be an angle of attack.

I am also considering that strong bouts of depression like I experience are also part of the shedding of old illusions or old thoughts patterns.
It also seems that I am in a loop and I am always coming back to the same spot (step ?) but with no idea if progress is made on the spiral of life (I don't want to be too hazy in my description but I try to keep it simple as English is not my mother tongue.)

I do not rule out that it might be an attack of some sort but I was wondering if there wasn't any other explanation that eludes me.
Is it possible that it has more to do with being more sensitive to energy fields from earth or wherever ?

I really have to make an effort to type this post and I am feeling quite emotional for no reason.

Hope I am clear enough in what I try to express.


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I would say that it is always good to feel emotional - as long as you do it for a reason - the most emotional times in my life have always been the [most] valuable in terms of growth. Shedding illusions force one to come to a new understanding of oneself, and regardless of whether [or not] the attacks or [are - not or] generated from an external source or from within I think it is important for you to consider the value of what you are seeing and feeling. There have been a lot of really weird things that have happened to me, but I always question myself first, perhaps you may not have attacked yourself, but I can say with certainity they I have attacked myself such, it is almost like there was something my "higher self" was desperate for me to remember ... but then I have also been attacked from external sources as well. I really suggest you look within first, for then if it is coming from within yourself you can learn what you want to learn, and then consider the other. And if it is from an external source then perhaps it is exactly what you NEED to learn ... but I should point out that no-one feels emotional without a reason ... look to what you feel - it may not be "rational" but it is certainly relevant to where you are ...
I know I'm not expressing this well - and english IS my native tongue, but I hope I offered a bit of help ...


From my observations in many cases, especially in the past several years where the Pathocracy is hell-bent on establishing a permanent Matrix worse than previous versions, attacks are not in isolation, but synchronized over many people in different ways sensitive to those energies.

These attacks can affect mood, the individual's environment and/or generate physical symptoms as Tigersoap and Ben indicated through their descriptions of personal experience. I noticed that these symptoms also coincided with mareiki's attack on Laura, Ark and the forum. I think a venue such as this forum provides opportunities to witness the synchronistic nature of such attacks. I am also feeling the negative energy, and have heard others I know also describe negative influences in their lives this past week.

It goes without saying that when involved in anything that challenges the matrix even slightly, one can expect a reaction from the matrix. However, this reaction becomes far more distinct when one notices that it is synchronized with similar reactions upon others.

The effects of the matrix, as far as attacks are concerned, are non local. An attack can really be focused not on people but on qualities those people are developing. The attack, therefore, can attempt to impress upon its victims to relinquish those qualities or at least cease moving to developing them. Cease questioning, cease improving yourself, cease thinking independently from the matrix, cease opening your eyes.

They say that when you look into the abyss, the abyss can look back. Similarly when seeing the unseen, the unseen can feel your eyes upon it and retaliate to being seen.

The attacks are unavoidable at this point, IMO, because they costitute a tug of war with the matrix for those parts of our selves we seek to claim back from it, our integrity, our awareness, our ability to see, our ability to act and be free.

Changes in the earth's field and the like are natural events, which may create stress. Since the event is compatible to our physical being, however, which is also of nature, we can learn to adapt our system to the shifts through the work itself, through raising and strengthening our awareness. And of course doing what we can to stay healthy and balanced in a matrix, which is hell bent on stripping our health away, is paramount.

So regarding attacks, I think the best attitude is not to seek to stop them, but to learn to hold our own while they last. What does not kill you makes you stronger, said the Norse. While these attacks are not that extreme while one is moving to strengthen awareness, they can generate stress and intense challenge. This challenge when met can make us stronger, so the next wave of attacks will have to deal with that strength, and the wave after that with even more strength.

The thing is, that while we can become stronger, the Matrix can only become weaker when we make progress. Our life force feeds the matrix. When we claim it back, the matrix weakens. Of course it is going to fight every step of the way, and in any way it can. We are just learning the many ways it can fight for its ill gotten gains (our lives).

Regarding the electrical energy version, I do not suggest one tenses against it or tries to keep it out. I think it is the matrix drying to promote a drain. What can help is sincerely intending to generate an energy to counter it, even when the attack is not going on, and feel or sense into one's body for that energy. Awareness IS being raised here, and that is why the attacks are happening. It is being raised elsewhere, and that is draining the Matrix.

I think things could and would have been far worse by now if that dynamic was not in progress. So that awareness IS there, and is being established in those attacked, as it is in others who do not identify attacks directly. Intending to ground it more thoroughly and being open to sense it orients one's being to it like a parabolic dish to a signal.

Maybe it will not be sensed consciously at the onset, but intending and being receptive establishes receivership potential (along with doing the work of increasing awareness as one can). Such orientation already weakens the the attack from establishing its goal, (which is to claim back for the Matrix all the ground the individual has gained).

Eventually, one will notice that a different energy is also present when an attack occurs, and can move to amplify it once one gets the hang of its nature.


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Tigersoap, for the past week, like you, I've been waking up in the middle of the night several times, feeling totally drained when I wake up, and just generally feeling a loss of enthusiasm, or energy for working on myself (The Work). Like I'm slipping back to my "asleep" time. And every time I wanted to post something, I felt more anxious than ever, (and this is often a problem for me when on this site). Maybe there is some extra negativity being directed towards participants on this site at the moment, and as EQ mentioned,

"An attack can really be focused not on people but on qualities those people are developing."

Maybe the forum is being hit , and Marekies comments were another part of it.
I wonder how many others are noticing this at the present time?


EQ-Saw your reply on the Ben thread-I was about to ask if anyone else was feeling like there is a build up of energy-I have my answer.

This is probably going to get worse-a lot worse with more people being affected-there is definetley a "trembling" in the Force going on-and it reeks of the Dark Side (to borrow from Star Wars terminology)

Do you see that as well or is this possibly just a fluke-and any suggestions on how this energy might be routed into positive channels rather than negative?

I get this feeling sometimes-like something is going to happen-but then nothing of any significance does-my PSI powers are definetely on the low side-I'd make a poor Jedi.

I read somewhere that the tingling / buzzing feeling was due to changes in DNA for those that were approaching ascension (can't remember where I saw this - if on this site or some New Age site)-didn't know what to make of this-it said that additional strands were being added (we currently have two, and supposedly will have four?) it seems that if radical physical changes were being made to peoples DNA someone would notice it and make comments on it, no?

My feet have been killing me for months-tingling, cramping and so forth-and waking up (that has started again just recentley) I had a check up and no physical cause (such as Diabetes) was found-Doc just told me to cut back on salt (there is WAY too much sodium in everything we eat unless it is fresh from the farm)-and attributed the waking to my depression-and gave me pills (which I do not take) and said get more excercise- so folks should have a check up and make sure their symptoms are NOT something else-just to be on the safe side.

I would LOVE it if I found out my DNA was really changing-but I am not certain such changes are manifested in such a way as to be visible-the C's have mentioned this numerous times, but I do not know if they ever said these changes would be verifiable?

But if this is the case (DNA changing)-perhaps this is the cause of the symptoms folks are feeling, mentioned by posters to this thread.

It could also mean (I hope this is wrong) that a massive attack may be promulgated soon?-this might be just a "dry" run-that "they" are testing their gear for a biggie- and that does not bode well for us here on the BBM.


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As you have mentioned DNA changes, I vaguely remember (that is if I remember correctly) that the C's had mentioned something like back aches could be related (I don't remember which session and my serach function for the sessions do not work). This morning I had this backache in the morning and I'm having foot cramps on and off since a couple of days. I don't know. I have back problems and could attribute it to it but it passed away real quick not persisted at all. But I have this feeling of boredom lately, as if something heavy sitting on my chest but reading seems to cure it. So I read Ancient History of Laura's. What a lot of research she has done and raising kids at the same time, it is a real challenge.

Once I had a very peculiar sensation. I was just at the cashier's at a supermarket and suddenly I felt that the ground pushed me upwards- it was like the jolt of an earthquake. I thought it was an earthquake and so I asked both the cashier and my uncle who was just beside me if they had felt it too. They both said they did not. It wasn't any dizziness etc.


The issue of changes in the DNA (or epigenetic activation) is closely tied to that of attacks. They are not necessarily one and the same, but activation triggers attacks and attacks are an opportunity for activation. Here is a way of looking at it:

We are entangled in the Matrix to the extent that our awareness is plugged into it. We seek to extricate ourselves, and this involves changes that make our awareness and psychic output incompatible with the matrix. By developing qualities of integrity and seeing, and learning to apply them, we reinforce genetic variables that can shift our energy away from the matrix, or put us out of resonance with the Matrix.

This creates stress in the Matrix because it feeds off of us, and also tends to create tears in the same Matrix. These are tears in the continuity of its integrity, and its ability to be convincing not just to the individual doing the work, but to others as well. The Matrix, of course, attempts to compensate by making up new stories as to why, for example, certain predicted disasters didn't happen (yet).

Since it is certain developed qualities that stimulate epigentic activation, and also create dissonance within the matrix, the Matrix responds to compensate redirecting the dissonance back into the subject. This is also an attempt to keep others from noticing it. Group dynamics help here, because one of the strategies is to make people feel isolated, unique in their experiences, abnormal, and outnumbered by overwhelming resistance.

Even without group support, however, the sense of being outmatched is an illusion. That is because it is not force that disrupts the matrix, but patterns, the patterns of the qualities the person attacked is developing generating what can be seen as software glitches in the matrix, because they do not fit with its programming. And one person can generate a patterns that disrupt the matrix beyond their seeming insignificance. When you develope independent patterns, your energy and focus is furthermore diverted to those, and you begin to sustain the reality you define instead of that of the matrix.

So a slight change in awareness, a slight dissonance in the matrix pattern tends to disrupt the whole of its signal, at first in subtle and difficult to perceive ways and then more extensively, and in a nonlinear fashion. The matrix, therefore, tries to first generate reactions in all its minions to reject the disrupting patterns. It then carries the sense of disruption back to those who are transforming on waves of collective resistance to anything that goes against the matrix.

It is people in the matrix that provide the energy for all its workings. Negative forces pull the strings, but people provide force and structure for the manipulations. When we change, we threaten the status quo, and trigger many others to curse us in a similar manner as mareiki did. This collective dynamic provides the vector of attack. The negative forces guide this vector.

They are, furthermore, empowered by it to generate as much friction as possible in the activating individuals, and hence dampen the development of qualities disruptive to the Matrix. So the tingling described can very likely be related to epigenetic activation in friction with collective forces manupulated to focus against it.

At a larger scale the mass media might create a scape goat for people to focus outrage and hatred upon. The scapegoat can be linked to qualities seekers are developing in a twisted fashion. For example, all those questioning the government are terrorists, for the mass media, which keeps telling people about all the bad things terrorists can do to them. People hate terrorists, and that hatred has a small jump to make to target people who question not just the (or any) government, but the Matrix it supports by association.

Notice all the fear-mongering in the media that seems to have no other reason but the fear itself. This fear creates a focus of awareness against the "threat". And when one is beholden to the Matrix, then anything that threatens it is a target (a "terrorist" of the Matrix). Violence, hatred and extended physical suffering generate even more profound energies to be channeled against any threats to the Matrix.

I think it is a testimony to the effectiveness of changes already occuring that violence has not been engaged to the degree presented by the media. The thing is, I think, that violence (wars and other mass mayhem) takes the pressure off psychopaths and OP's that have to keep generating energies of resistance as psychic tubulence within them (similar to that of mareiki).

To take the pressure off, psychopaths especially want violence externalized so the energies empowering the matrix do not have to be drained from them. They most likely prefer people be hurt, and that pain be diverted to hurt other people, instead of them freaking out to generate disruptions.

Just some food for thought.


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Thanks a lot for the replies.

Like EsoQuest said, I'll try not to fight it but last night it was really hard to be balanced and focused because I had these onslaught of thoughts like when you have a fever.

Maybe it would be beneficial to keep tracking these 'attacks' somehow, maybe there will be a pattern emerging ?

I did a deep relaxation this afternoon and it helped to alleviate the weight a bit.


Do what you can to make yourself comfortable. Knowing that this is friction put on the wheels of your own growth helps, since there are two forces here and not one: that of your growth and that of what resists it.

There is no reason to have to stay focused and on top of things all the time. One can still be present and aware within the turbulence, observing it. Taking care of your body, and relaxation helps, because this is just trying to stress and discourage you.

I mentioned not fighting it because part of it is sensing changes of growth in yourself, and you might be fighting those as well. However, relaxing and treating yourself as you see fit is not fighting it, but helping yourself.

Furthermore, these "attacks" tend to come in waves, and you can relax when you can betwen the peaks to prepare yourself for the next wave looking within to sense the energies of change without the resistance pressing on you. That way you might be able to identify those separately and remember those sensations during the peaks themselves. That often helps.

To all those who experience such sensations, I believe they are par for the course when you undertake work such as this, where the energetics of one's physical and psychic presence basically undergo an overhaul, and in the presence of a lot trying to damp it at that.

I think also that it may truly be beneficial to keep track of the attacks to notice any patterns, and maybe even associate them with events and situations perceived elsewhere.


The way you describe the response makes a lot of sense-like ripples in a pond when a stone is tossed in disturbs the surface-and there are a lot of stones being tossed into the pond, it would seem-and the Matrix is reacting accordingly.

But perhaps a better anology is like a spider web-the person making the changes is like the hapless fly-and attempting to extricate itself shakes the web-and attracts the attention of the spider! The trick is to get out of the web wthout waking the spider...the web is far reaching and there are many, many spiders and they are not about to let their prey escape.

It is unfortunate that Mareiki turned out to be a "program"-I communicated a little with her and she seemed like a very sincere, concerned individual.

I have to wonder-how many of US are programmed in some way-perhaps in some heinous way, to be activated and not even realize we have been "turned on"-pretty scary.


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tschai said:
It is unfortunate that Mareiki turned out to be a "program"-I communicated a little with her and she seemed like a very sincere, concerned individual.
Yes, I wasn't expecting what came next. These people are doing little but provide valuable lessons, why don't they send some top professional manipulation masters?! That seems less and less likely to succeed each passing day.


I sincerley hope that is the case. It sure seems like a lot of the "lower echelon" guys are coming out of the wood work, lately.

But that is usually the case-send your lower rank soldiers into battle first and "test" the waters-see how much resistance you are likely to get. Then send in the real warriors if needed.

Never fear-eventually they are going to send in the heavies and everyone will have their hands full trying to repel boarders, so to speak.

Things could get real interesting in coming months, that's for sure.


So far I've observed four kinds of attack on this forum, and all of these may bleed through to members, or members may be sensitive to attacks simply because they can see the signs through group reference. How many people are experiencing symptoms described here without any clue or reference as to what is going on? No wonder so many people are running for prescription drugs (which happened to be pushed way more than any street drug these days).

The four kinds of attacks are as follows:

1) Organized external CoIntelPro. Attacks from organizations of people using legal and illegal means.

2) Subtle attacks from individuals trying to undermine the focus of the group. These are attacks of the likes of Dimitris and Angelo that present a rational face, but are geared to generate confusion and doubt in the group. The attackers are revealed when scratched.

3) Chaotic attacks from individuals hell-bent on malign accusations at the onset or being triggered at some point to do so. Durand and Mareiki fit this category.

4) Internal attacks. These are the most dangerous, IMO, because they are direct attacks on the psychology of otherwise sincere members through their weaknesses. These attacks result in misunderstandings between members in the forum. They are difficult to clear up, because you cannot just identify and isolate the attacker, because the attacker is invisible within the member or members acting out its stress.

This kind of attack is also the most contageous, as misunderstandings can spread from member to member. The lessons are also hardest to learn because they stem from internal weaknesses in all members that are hard to identify because the attacks warp objective perception. IMO, this is where the deepest lessons lie.

These attacks reveal where even otherwise sincere people can be scratched.


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I am revitalizing this thread to express my gratitude for the threads and members who address psychic attack. When I searched the topic on the forum I found several threads to help me get a better handle on it. They have been immensely helpful to me as I struggle out from under a pretty severe attack. In the course of the last few weeks, I have been working with various healers and psychics to help me get out from under this attack. Most of the attack was directed at my third chakra or emotional center and I could feel intense cording here. Two separate psychics who were helping me try and clear this energy reported that it was emmanating from a non-human source; one saying it was a reptilian and the other very specifically referring to the zeta reticuli rep beings. Most of the attack was through my ex-partner and his connection certainly made it easier to amplify the negative energies. I have really been struggling with this for 2-3 weeks now, just unable to do it on my own OSIT. And then finally I really had an epiphane of sorts when I understood my part in the whole thing. In coming to understand my own weaknessess, I was providing the hooks for the attacks. When I was able to see that my own fear of certain outcomes or attachments was preventing me from moving beyond this attack, I felt immediate release. From there, taking ESQ's excellent advice, I started to just concentrate on the feeling being sent to me and right away I could just relax into it and send it back. Not in the way I had been trying to resist it before that was so draining and exhausting but just with ease and humility maybe? It was so simple. But what was crucial to this turn around I think was that release within myself of the fears and attachments that provided an in for invading energies. So thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experiences. They have been invaluable to me.
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