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Atmospheric Aerokinesis - a form of PSI -, done for real with serious results, video-documentable any time

Term proposal:
Atmospheric Aerokinesis:
Moving city-wide, large masses of air and pulling down colder air masses in similar size from higher altitude, achieving an air-conditioning effect using nature.
The high energy requirements of moving such large air masses are achieved by simply taking / animating required positive static charges from the ionosphere.

I plan to obtain a simple camera that can place time-stamps on each sky-photo / sky-video, a hand-made wind-speed meter/indicator, to document this simple process.

This is done using the very same process dynamics, how hunter-gatherers started campfires in nature in ancient times. First you create a pre-condition by collecting dry wood and dry bark or leaves. Then with hard physical work you light a tiny flame. Then you start to kindle the small fire you started, for it to become a bigger fire, which in the end becomes a useful campfire. Then you enjoy the results.. (in case of the hunters you cook a happy meal on the campfire). In case of Atmospheric Aerokinesis , you enjoy the refreshing cooldown = mitigated heatwave. Simple..

Maximum temperatures and the usual August heatwave arrived! We are being roasted in Hungary, ~90 miles west of the Ukrainian border. We have No hope for rain. This always happened so far, so it's typical for this time of the year: clear blue skies with punishing, intense sun.

Not enough moisture / water vapor in the air to allow rain-clouds to develop.
If I allow this extended hot spell to heat up our small house, then at night the roof and walls [mixed adobe+brick] will radiate back so much heat that sleep becomes impossible with a danger of getting a heat-stroke.

Since we are nearing the new Ice Age and the Sun is at Maunder Minimum, as most of you noticed, if the sun is blocked by clouds for a few hours, there ensues a noticeable cooling and our new environment turns cold. The winds get colder. So this is what I have been doing to stop or mitigate the current row of hot spells. To create such an environment.

In the last days - using the new method simply consisting of an EE-like exercise by
'Deep Breathing in Ionospheric Positive Charges'..
I now always generate dark-grey bellied thick clouds (in hours... full storm conditions 4 hrs max.), targeted precisely - ahead of the sun - placed into the path of the sun. If you look around the artifically changed skies in my environment, when I do this, and you film it with a camera, you see clear blue skies everywhere around, EXCEPT, an oval disk shaped "shield of clouds" usually above us. However ==> in these August-heatwave conditions, these clouds (anything artificially generated) always - typically - dissipates after ~60 minutes!

Its actually pretty amazing to watch this in the skies and experiencing it is quite baffling :) - I mean to see it go so fast in the heatwave, physically being under the artificially induced sky phenomenon and watching it manifesting:
1. dark grey bellied clouds develop in 30 - 60 minutes and cover the sky in the targeted area.
2. You can even hear thunder, as the process is developing further - given enough moisture - , promising a quick summer storm, so people around are reflexively seeking shelter. But..
because of the August-Heatwave conditions,
the power of the sun is so extreme

and with this thing being artificially generated - that
what looks like a quick Summer storm -
disappears ENTIRELY in the next 30 - 60 minutes.. as if it never existed.. ever. :)
The sky is clear again without a raindrop or just a couple raindrops fallen. Then everything is gone. Back to clear blue skies with maybe some puny-tiny white clouds remaining here and there.. But ruling the sky again is definitely the scorching sun!

So in the August heatwave, these days, the morning's 'minimal air moisture levels' quickly "flatline into ZERO" by around 10:00am and therefore there is no hope for clouds nor to 'initiate clouds being generated'.. so what to do if I can't encourage cloud-generation, since there is NOTHING clouds can be made from? Well..
I just use this method, that bjorn linked.
Only not for leaves on the ground.., but the very same method
just with moving large air masses directly above our city, in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric Aerokinesis:
Moving city-wide, large masses of air and pulling down colder air masses in similar size from higher altitude, achieving an air-conditioning effect using nature.
The high energy requirements of moving such large air masses are achieved by simply taking / animating required positive static charges from the ionosphere.

Well, what you see on that video is probably as Alejo suggested = done with a leaf-blower machine.
I have to agree that what you see there - is maybe - generated with a leaf-blower, which is kept out of view. The loud sound coming from the machine was probably cleverly cut from the video and then later in the studio, - what the guys say - was probably re-mixed back into the video?
However, if those guys are doing a demonstration of such strength for real, then my full respect goes to them, for they have much greater skills, than I do..
Why I don't believe they are doing it for real in the above video, I explain below:
Maybe they noticed they can generate wind and move the leaves without a leaf blower, but I think, they also noticed their ability quickly depletes with repeated tries and I think this is, why:

How this works for real:
Just as was reported by Laura and the C's: Edward Leedskalnin used spinning in a chair suspended from the ceiling. I think he did this to charge himself up, in order to become an 'electrically charged human capacitor'. His use for the gained energy might have been different, but - I think - it was still the same energy-type = 'Universal Static Electricity', same as our planet, flora & fauna, rocks and atmosphere are charged with.

Everything in existence spins. The Sun spins, planets and black holes do, asteroids as well, then the electrons in your body spin, your atoms are spinning as well. When you drink water that was made to spin, then its said its more healthy for you. This is also why the C's emphasized the superb advantages of the exercise of spinning. Apart form the major advantage - described in this post - of you diligently practicing Spinning in 3rd Density - it is mentioned in the sessions that You also become able to stabilize yourself when you arrive into 4th Density. I think too that is highly advisable, because I think it will be arriving via a shocking process of "Extreme Centrifugal Hurling Density Transfer', which will cause lasting PTSD in 4thD, but lets talk about that later, okay?
Back to topic:

The stone circle people - our real STO-aligned ancestors, I think - sent us a strong message by creating spirals, to convey the supreme importance of energy flow during spinning. The dervishes, as you'll see here, are not stupid, when they do lots of spinning. Thank You, Pierre, for starting that thread!

When an electrically charged human - naturally having an aura (which is an EM-field) and having human meridians = which is an EM-GRID
chakras, which are energetically charged centres of thought - when a human having all these inbuilt energetic-esoteric-machine-components
does SPINNING - as the C's advised - then I propose: this "dervish spinning motion" charges up the human-body capacitor with the 'Static Electricity of the Universe'. Just like how the spinning bodies in our solar system are being constantly charged up and then discharged.

So Leedskalnin probably employed his patented :) "technical power-spinning" in a chair, I think, to charge himself up: so he could interact with the atomic vibrations and SPINS present in the special stones, he acquired. He allegedly used INDUSTRIAL CURRENT stolen from the National Electric Grid to enhance his charge-up process even more.. and this move by him was an important trick!!.. as you will see below.. :)

I propose, here that once you align yourself with the SPIN OF THE UNIVERSE = you charge yourself up via spinning - you become able to do marvelous things! I think, this process in 2020 is currently Enhanced in a Linear Proportion ==> giving you a linear growth of EM-charge.

Via spinning you attain a "Universal Electric Charge" which aligns you with Earth [later by extension with the solar system, then probably with the Milky Way etc..] / allows you to access the 'Electric Processes of the Universe', which grid in 4thD - where we slowing drifting into - runs on The Current™ (kinda a "national-electric-4D-grid").

Currently - in 2020 - the amount of 'capacitor-charge' received this way - I think - is directly proportional to the amount of spinning exercises you do. Enhanced by athletics, because your mitochondria need to be kicked into excellent shape for your muscles and meridians to be able to CONDUCT AND WORK WITH these received charges. The C's advised to do 3 x 33 spins per day. I think, this is enough because humans have weak knees. Knees when used more and more usually go bonkers with age... so you quickly reach the natural physical limits of your body.
Also 3x33 was probably suggested, because we live in The Realm of The Three
- as the C's lovingly expressed like a mother teaching her children -
and they like giving us lessons by providing us with the clues & incentives to learn how to ascend to 4th Density.

Because of the
natural laws of GROUNDING
it is best if you perform your morning-spins combined with electrically grounding yourself barefoot - [you jog barefoot] on short cut grass wet with morning-dew. As you do this, make sure to blink into the sun occasionally, while you jog for a short time in between these 33 spins in order to complete the Universal-Electric-Circuit consisting of
SUN------->photon energy entering your body through your---->OPTICAL NERVES----reaching your---->HUMAN MERIDIAN SYSTEM--------> traveling downward-----reaching------>YOUR FEET------bad CHI----going back---discharged------->INTO THE GROUND
, as Dr. Jack Kruse advised.

Then once you are done, it is a good idea to don your best running shoes and do fasted sprinting = jogging combined with frequent sprints on grass or on astroturf for maximum cushioning effect so you keep your knees from getting destroyed by ALWAYS AVODING running on concrete / hard road surfaces.

Once The Current™ will start to flow..
in the hopefully NEAR future
(I think) as a direct consequence people will be getting non-lethally electrocuted by lightning a lot more often,
including us here on this forum as we will be getting hit by lighting a lot, :D
..then this 'Charging Up process' described above will net exponentially more 'EM-charge of the Universe'.. especially for us.. exercisers of athletics, the practitioners of the above described 'Spinning via grounding in nature':

So this is why, those guys in the aerokinesis video .. if they are real...maybe...... artificially enhanced their natural skills with a leef-blower, just to film a dramatically enhanced demonstration of a phenomenon that occurs naturally in their bodies.

I think - and as Mr. Leedskalning thought:
you need a serious "EM-charging-Up process"
and exercises, done daily, plus mitochondria in excellent shape
for this method described here to WORK at all...

So after all this, its simple.. properly charged up via spinning daily, I do - usually -
four EE-like Deep Breath Ins
concentrating on breathing-in positive charges from the ionosphere.
This when overdone outside of the August-heatwave (with depleted moisture in the air) - usually results in:
1. lightning storms with a high chance of a hailstorm and definitely sheets of rain combined, where the extreme-strength rain is always striking in towards the doors of the house.. towards the focus of the EM-charge.. which is the usual suspect chief-criminal ==> 'little moi' ©Ingo.
2. Wind always wakes up. Wind-strength depends on the amount of exercises I have done: in how good shape are my mitochondria? If I did diligent daily spinning exercises, then a well noticeable medium strength wind starts up right away as I do the EE-like Deep Breath Ins. But if I was lazy and didn't do Spinning for a day or two, then just weak winds start to blow right away.

Since in the August heatwave there is no possibility for sun-obstructing clouds & rain, I resort to Atmospheric Aerokinesis, simply creating air movements, which probably pull down the larger COLDER air masses from higher up in the atmosphere and this causes winds to become cooler and cooler on the ground, resulting in a very simple Air Conditioner effect. Just with nature.

The combination of #1+#2 unfortunately has detrimental effects on - probably rain-sensitive apricot trees and tomatoes. But at least it has very beneficial growth-spurring effects on all kinds of berries, grape vine, sour cherries, peaches, corn..

When overdone - not in dry August - it causes floods with hail causing collateral damage in our city.

However: (since I have been doing this)
1. there was never any really serious natural flooding in our city (nothing like we always see on's Earth Changes videos), - as it happened more than once (before I became aware what I can do with the weather) - back then nature by itself created historical events in the past, with houses being inundated around 2010.
2. No more mini-hurricanes are tearing trees out or felling trees in our city.
Natural weather no longer goes into real extremes, like in the US with large tornadoes..

I think maybe this is caused by the stabilizing presence of such a practitioner. The frequent energy-dissipating effects of my above process (taking the strength out of naturally occurring catastrophes. This I do only in the summer to mitigate the heatwave, so nature cannot go really extremely wild in our city anymore.
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When not in the August heatwave, the above described artificial conditions last ~24 to 72 ours on average..


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The C's advised to do 3 x 33 spins per day. I think, this is enough because humans have weak knees. Knees when used more and more usually go bonkers with age... so you quickly reach the natural physical limits of your body.
Well if I could make it through one whole spin (once around) I would end up on the floor! My knees are in pretty good shape but my vertigo would bring me down and not in a good way! If I had an apparatus that would suspend me and spin while locked into it, perhaps it could be done although it would be frightening with vertigo. Praying vertigo goes away while ascending to 4D!
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