Article about "From Paul to Mark" in French


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FWIW, I find this article very unclear, confusing and all mixed up. It's hard to see the difference between what the author thinks (and may have misunderstood) and what Laura or others really wrote. Its not really a book review neither.


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I read a Google translation and the guy is not just mixed up, he's obsessed with his own weird theories, most of which are absurd. Not only that, he apparently doesn't read with full comprehension and misrepresents a lot of what I wrote in FPTM.


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A contact on FB sent me this: « From Paul to Mark » de Laura Knight-Jadczyk – commentaire

Could one of you who have read Laura's book please read it and see it it's good or not? It's a bit too "technical" for me to say whether everything is historically accurate or not. Thanks!
I know this author (Didier Lacapelle) since maybe 10-12 years, because on his former blog he mentionned LKJ and the Cs, sometimes quoting sessions. He stopped this former blog, and it disappeared from the web. So this "Theognose" blog is a new one.

Among the ebooks available on the blog, there is this one of interest for the subject discussed here :

A friend of mine knows him personnally, so if you (Chateau crew) want to discuss with him, I can probably give you his phone number or email address.
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I think I'm not the only French person waiting for this book! My level of English is too low to dare to read it. However, if you plan to put it on pre-order while waiting for the French edition, I will gladly reserve it!
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