Artemis the Huntress "Oh My Heart" by Kristia Di Gregorio


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This showed up on my memories on FB, and I thought I would share it.
It's a collaboration that my two Sons and my Daughter-in-law contributed to, 5 years ago, today.

Kristia is a local musician and such a deeply compassionate, caring woman.
Her interpretation of Artemis, as she portrays her in the music video is "the Huntress".
Kristia's vision of Artemis was her anchor, her touchstone, and became her theme for survival after she was caught in the machinery of materialistic medical butchery.

After Kristia's breast was removed, and she started healing, rather than hide it, she became deeply involved in "Creating Beauty and Meaning" from her Trauma.
The first video is the final edited finished Music video, "Oh My Heart".
My second born son, I have called him "The Copper Dude" in a few posts on the Forum, hand crafted and created all the metal Art, the Antler Crown, the arrows, and the original copper and brass jewelry.

The second video, is of a photo shoot that was done, for promo material for the music video.
My first born Son (doing props and stuff) and his wife(hair and make-up) are in it, as is my Grand-dog, "Poppy"!
Poppy is the nosy little white dog hopping around and getting in the way!



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Thanks for sharing @Debra. It's a beautifully made creation. Her voice is beautiful and the costuming and staging are very professional in quality I think. The woodland scenery is fantastic too. Your family is very talented I think.

It is amazing how something traumatic inspired Kristia to create something meaningful and beautiful.
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