Argentina: Police Encounter UFO and 4 Aliens Near Irene


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This happened recently in Argentina


Source: Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO
Date: 11.11.07

ARGENTINA: Police Encounter UFO and 4 Aliens Near Irene

*** Agents of law enforcement were engaged in routine patrols of local roads. The sighting took place from a pickup truck. The figures observed were short in stature. Bracamonte and Orellano were paralyzed by the strange apportion. Residents of the fields and couple driving along the road witnessed a phenomenon having similar characteristics.***

The apparition of a strange unidentified flying object, preceded by a enveloping white light, and the sighting of four strange beings in the vicinity of Irene, Coronel Dorrego district, kept residents speculating as to their origin.

The event occurred last Wednesday at 1:30 a.m. when two police agents from the Oriente station reconnoitered the rural area in the vicinity of Irene, specifically at the property of Felipe Fernandez. That is when the inexplicable episode occurred, startling Luis Bracamonte, first lieutant at Oriente, and Osvaldo Orellano, a sub-lieutenant from the same police station. The police officers were engaged in a routine patrol when at one and a half hours past midnight, Orellano got out of the police pickup truck to take a look, while Bracamonte remained aboard.

"At that time I was loading a telephone calling card into my cellphone, and for that reason I remained in the vehicle. While I stared at the phone in my hand, I saw a small light, like that of a pickup truck approaching, but when I saw that it was closing in quickly, the light became larger as though from a large gray pickup truck. I wasn't disturbed by the scene, but at a distance of 10 meters I saw a shape moving and my first thought was that it was a dog. Then I saw that it was a silhouette, like that of a little man, standing approximately 80 centimeters tall, with a large head, large prominent gray eyes and a greenish cast. I then tried to dial my fellow officer's cellphone, but when I pressed the 1 and the 5, my hand remained sort of static. I could see that three more creatures came out of that vehicle or craft, two similar to the first and a fourth with a slightly more robust appearance," said Bracamonte with complete certainty.

The policeman also said that "at that time, my partner was seeing the same thing I was seeing and shouted, "what's going on?!" In a flash, the four little men boarded that craft again and it took off swiftly toward the north, scattering a white light that extinguished itself, leaving behind a green halo and a strong odor of sulfur or gunpowder, making a sound like a thunderclap."

When sub-lieutenant Santiago Walter of the Aparicio station added his testimony to the facts provided by Bracamonte. He had a similar while on patrol a few kilometers away from Irene with police officer Walter Carabajal between 1 and 2 a.m. "We were heading out of [the town] of Nicolas Descalzi toward Aparicio on a routine patrol when we saw a large white light that appeared to engulf us.At that time the pickup stopped dead and I tried to place a call on my cellphone, but there was no signal. My partner, Carabajal, asked me to look up. That's when we saw a powerful light that appeared to stop above our pickup truck and then vanished in a flash," he said in a telephone interview. Walter contacted first lieutenant Damian Sandoval, the officer-in-charge at Oriente, only minutes later, and who was on patrol in the La Turca area, far from his present position. Sandoval reported nothing unusual. When [Walter] checked in with Bracamonte, part of the events and details of their respective experiences coincided. Both men have found no explanation for the event.

Orellano, Bracamonte's partner, acknowledged that the situation was strange, but does not regret having been a witness to it in the least. "When I went back to the pickup truck, Bracamonte was silent, with his hand paralyzed for an unknown reason. For two hours he had some trouble with his eyes, something that made them weep, but nothing major came of it."

Several residents of Oriente confirm the police officers' testimony, claiming having seen a strange glow that surrounded the towns of Irene and Aparicio at the time in question. A couple traveling from to Marisol from Oriente at the stated time saw a light toward Irene that engulfed them from the rear. It could not have been a lightning bold, which made them feel even more curious. Farmworkers also witnessed the glow, which they cannot explain and which has been a source of speculation among locals.

At least a dozen local residents heard a loud report that startled them around 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning, which jolted them awake. However, there was no apparent cause of origin. Today, listening to the reports of unidentified creatures, the situation dovetails with the reports given by the policemen.


(Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)
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A follow up...


Argentina: Region Still Astonished by Police UFO Case

Source: La Voz Del Pueblo (newspaper)
Date: 11.12.07

Argentina: Region Still Astonished by Police UFO Case

The eyewitness accounts of four law enforcement officers who claim having seen alien beings in the wilderness near Irene have given rise to comments among locals. Were there other witnesses to the mysterious episode?

Residents of Oriente and the region are exchanging bewildered views on the police testimony concerning the encounter with humanoid beings on Wednesday in the vicinity of Irene.

Local residents are making their own remarks and speculating, but the alleged episode, by virtue of having been witnesses by four police officers, sets aside any possibility of hallucination or incorrect perception. The color and shade of the light, indicated as white with greenish flashes, and the strong odor reminiscent of sulfur or gunpower, followed by a report comparable to a thunderclap, all agree with the description of the phenomenon.

“We were sleeping when we heard a noise that was similar to a tire blowout. It jolted us and caused the windows to rattle for a moment. When we looked out the window, we saw nothing unusual and we gave the matter no importance,” said a woman who was surprised by this noise on Wednesday morning. Her testimony is added to that of other locals who heard the rumble but paid it no attention due to the time at which it occurred, and who corroborated their own perception the next day after hearing stories of a UFO manifestation.

Added to these stories are ones from people who drove along rural roads while engaged in farming tasks and observed the white flash in the fields. All conjectures that can be put forth regarding the subject bring up a reality that goes beyond human reason and consequently, leaves behind an aura of mystery to some and of open incredulity to others.

The fact remains that a group of people shared an experience this week that they will not forget for the rest of their lives. This story shall certainly be added to the list of similar experiences transmitted orally by their protagonists, and theories ranging from mistrust to involvement by NASA itself, covering an array of alternatives. A visit by four aliens--standing 80 centimeters and with large gray eyes and greenish skin—shall form part of the local folklore.

(Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)
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Another update, this time an interview with the editor.

An Interview with Guillermo Gimenez of Planeta UFO

Hi Guillermo -- Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to answer some questions for INEXPLICATA. As a researcher, what is your opinion on the case involving the four police officers that had the CE-4 experience near the town of Irene?

Hello Scott – well, I can tell you that this is without a doubt a very interesting case, more so when its protagonists were four police officers from the Buenos Aires Provincial Police, holding the ranks of lieutenants and sub-lieutenants. Two of the witnessed not only a large object that came close to them, but also the descent and perception of four small humanoid figures, greenish-hued, large-headed and gray-eyed. You can also add to this the number of witnesses who claim having seen -- between 1 and 2 a.m., the indicated time of the encounter on Wednesday, November 7 – strange lights in the sky and a loud detonation whose source still remains unknown. There are also reports from other localities which I consider to be “hot spots”, such as Coronel Dorrego, Oriente, Tres Arroyos and Necochea, plus the visual testimony of a UFO photographed some days ago at a lagoon near the place where the events occurred. All of this can be added to the veracity of the events.

Can you describe the conditions one finds in rural Argentina? By this I mean the distances to be covered, the population density, the factors that make it ideal for UFO sightings?

The Republic of Argentina is a vast country. Traversing it covers thousands of miles from north to south and east to west. Our fields are fruitful in a number of areas and therefore, distances here are vast, making favorable for UFO events. For example, between my city, which is Necochea, and the neighboring city of Tres Arroyos, there’s a distance of 142 kilometers. There are some homesteads and small localities where strange objects are also reported, as well as encounters with their occupants.

This region is very rich in UFO case histories, and we’ve had all kinds of encounters with beings of various descriptions. Perhaps the first recorded CE-3 case in this region took place in Tres Arroyos around 1940 and its protagonists were also police officers from the Province of Buenos Aires. They witnessed a luminous, disk-shaped object and could see a number of humanoid figures “coming and going,” in the words of Sgt. Vicente and Patrolman Gitani. This sighting impressed them to the extent that they withdrew from the area. A startling case. Imagine what it must’ve been like, Scott, to undergo an experience like this one.

Does this case remind you of other cases involving police officers that ran into UFOs in your country’s rural areas?

Argentina has had many UFO cases involving police officers. I’m reminded of the events of the Julio Orozco case from May 1999 in the province of La Pampa, a region that has always offered rich and interesting case histories. Another would be the one that occurred in Salta, in the vicinity of the Tin Tin straight road, near the Cachi Pass at an elevation of 6100 meters, when a patrol car was escorted by a huge UFO along a beautiful region of our country. This was around May 2001. Another event would be July 2002 incident in the Province of Cordoba, when various law enforcement officers sighted a large object. As you can see, I can keep listing cases, but I think this offer a good sample.

Have you had the chance to investigate any similar cases in Necochea and its environs?

I had the chance to investigate several UFO cases involving police officers as well as regular citizens, highway chases and even encounters with occupants. All of this took place in Province of Buenos Aires, in cities such as Necochea, Miramar, Tres Arroyos, Coronel Dorrego, Oriente, etc., in other words, the same area as the main events. Case histories are abundant and have taken place at different times.

Which ufological mystery intrigues you most?

My interest in ufology came about in the summer of 1977 in my city, Necochea, when I was able to see the maneuvers of a large mothership that crossed the city at a very low altitude and in perfect silence. There were hundreds of witnesses. From that moment I felt the urge to research. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world and find in various parts of the world (the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, etc.) many encounters that were similar to others that took place enormous distances away and in other times. Surprising cases involving different witnesses. There’s no doubt that cases involving the presence of occupants intrigue me the most. Here in Necochea I have looked into real encounter cases. Our area is rich not only in cases, but in the quantity and quality of the eyewitnesses involved.

Thanks for sharing your insights with us!
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Argentina: UFOs Photographed in Tres Arroyos Near Site of Police Incident


Source: Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO
Date: 11.13.07



The photos were taken by a young woman while she focused on lights on the horizon. The next day, while playing the digicam's zoom, her father ascertained that they were vehicles similar to the Unidentified Flying Objects seen on the Internet.

A girl from Tres Arroyos photographed a group of UFOs while she spent a weekend fishing with her family at a a lagoon near Oriente. The sighting took place on Wednesday, October 17. However, her father detected the vehicles in the image the next day, while playing with the zoom on his daughter's camera.

Yesterday afternoon, Carlos Fabian Sapag approached La Voz del Pueblo with his wife Marta Daniela Arias and his daughter Carla, 12, to share the images and his experience with our readers.

"It took place on October 17 at the Norrild Lagoon, some 30 kilometers from Oriente heading toward Irene, where the police officers had their experience on Wednesday," Carlos recalled as he thought back to an episode that he is certain he will never again see in his life.

"We were fishing, stopped doing it, and started to boil water while the girl took photos of the horizon. She likes photography a lot and snaps the shutter at everything that moves," explained her dad, whose own experience took place the next day, when he reviewed the images taken by Carla. "The next day, toying with the camera's zoom, we saw there was an airplane in one of the photos. In the measure that I enlarged it, I saw a bunch of little things that were unknown to me. We checked on the Internet and were able to see that they were all lights of the same kind."

Their curiosity ended there. Several days went by without the photo being deleted from the camera's memory until a family friend suggested that they share the image with the press. "We decided to approach the press at a friend's recommendation. Besides, we didn't want this to end up in limbo," he remarked.

Displaying the detail of his images on a computer, Sapag discussed what he felt after the experience. "I don't know what I would do if I experienced something like [what happened] to these policemen. I can't imagine. I believe in life in other planets, since there's life here, there must be life elsewhere." He also stated that he had informed himself about the presence of UFOs in the region. "All of the UFOs seen around here appear in bodies of water like lagoons, such as the one at Sierras de los Padres in Mar del Plata. That's where they're usually seen."

Meanwhile, his daughter Carla, who took the images, acknowledged having done so by pure chance and that when she did so, she did not pick up any noises or strange odors, unlike what was described by the police officers from the Oriente station. "I didn't see anything moving. I took [the photo] because I like the combination of colors, and I like photography," she said.

Before saying farewell, Carlos referred to the way that this experience will influence his life. "I didn't feel like fishing again. I felt fear and the sensation that something's watching one. Yesterday (Sunday) I was going to go, but changed my mind in the end."

The sighting reported by the Sapag Family to thes newspaper took place 4 weeks before the contact experience reported by the police officers from the Aparicio station. The difference with this latter case consists in the chance to see the occupants of the strange vessels."

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Diario La Voz del Pueblo de Tres Arroyos

(Translation (c)2007, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)
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Paul Seaburn July 14, 2021
Argentina has plenty of cattle. Argentina has plenty of reports of mysterious, unexplained cattle mutilations. Argentina has plenty of UFO sightings. And now, Argentina has a case of a cattle mutilation followed by a UFO sighting. Can investigators of both paranormal phenomena get together and figure this one out?

“A person who was doing rural work about 30 miles south of Jacinto Arauz observed a couple of weeks ago the unusual commuting of a pair of unknown lights in the sunset sky, at very low height. ′′ The Solo Man ′′ was at the place where he had installed his camp. From there he could see a dim light moving beneath another brighter object that was suspended in the air. Shortly after both lights melted into one and walked away from the scene at high speed.” (Google translation)

Jorge Gabriel Román uploaded this report to his Facebook page, where it was picked up by La Arena and other media sources. La Pampa is a sparsely populated province in central Argentina and Jacinto Arauz is a small town there that’s dependent on agriculture. The witness didn’t appear to have reported his UFO sightings to anyone at this point. However, what he saw the next day caused him enough concern to report both incidents.

“The following day he resumed his work and about 500 meters from the camp he found a mutilated animal, like so many others around the world. The man was accompanied by his dog, who at that time began to bark. He brought his pet closer to the body of the dead cow to eat some of his meat, but this one didn’t want to approach. Images give account of the typical cuts that are made in these mutilation cases.” (Google translation)

Román points out that the photos (see them here) resemble other mutilations he has seen, both in pictures and in person. Román appears to be a local, if not national, authority on cattle mutilations and he reiterates that these incidents and UFOs often go hand-in-hand (or hoof-in-hoof?), causing many to conclude aliens hare harvesting body parts for inspections. This is obviously difficult to prove and raises many questions. Why would ETs travel all this way and only take samples of cows? The UFOs in this case were bright lights, which can belong to helicopters and drones – the witness does not report hearing any sounds.

On the other hand, Román reminds us of the strangeness of these mutilation deaths – the animals appear to have simply fallen down dead, other animals show fear of the corpse (as the witness’ dog did). This case had another strange characteristic of animal mutilations.

“A few days later, following his activities in the surroundings, the worker was able to find that the animal’s body was still exactly the same.” (Google translation)

The corpse showed no decomposition from decay nor by scavengers or insects. That trait often puzzles veterinarians brought in to investigate, with no reasons given for it. It doesn’t appear that a vet checked this one, but Jorge Gabriel Román did.

“Returning to the field where “The Solo Man” met the enlightened sky, I imagine him waiting for the silent flight of another unknown light of go one to know who, choosing which animal to maim, go one to know why.” (Google translation)

He’s a poet too. Too bad that doesn’t help solve the mystery of cattle mutilations.
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