Are SotT videos downloadable?


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I would love watching the SotT videos on my 5G video iPod!

BUT it seems to me that all SotT videos are hosted on YouTube: on 2007-02-13 said:
Downloading videos: YouTube itself does not make it easy to download and save videos for offline viewing or editing [...]
as opposed to GoogleVideo: on 2007-02-13 said:
Most videos are made available for download, but there is no option to defeat this. Videos cannot be downloaded on YouTube [...]
Is there any possibility for a download? Does a list of all SotT (related) videos exist?


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If you are on a Mac or using Safari, go to the page with the video and watch it. Then open the activity window and find the page. You'll see a list of URLs for each item on the page. Usually the largest is the URL of the .flv file. You can copy and paste the URL into a window or tab and download it.

Once it is downloaded, use the free software iSquint to convert the video into an iPod friendly format.

But if you aren't on a Mac, I don't know....


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Also try

Usually you'll have to use a third party application like Total Video Converter (for the PC) to then convert the video to a format your iPod will be happy with...
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