Are all semites souled?



I do not know if this question has been raised before (I've not read the whole forum as of yet), but regarding the notion of semi-ness led me to wonder about this phenomenon. The C's have stated that bloodlines have been polluted via an intermingling through sexual relations between souled individuals and the OP's, which leads me to wonder if the constant charges against the Jews (and semites in general) not to marry out of their kin was derived out of a fear of not only spreading their unique Mtc DNA but also out of fear that they may also marry out of their depth, soul-wise.

Now, I have a few theories of my own regarding this.

1: They are as mixed as the rest of us.

2: Most have no idea of this fact.

3: This is one of the facts most concealed by monotheistic dogma.

On this point I state that as a former Catholic this represents a devatatingly effective tactic from the "higher" beings to ensure that we remain as occluded as ever, but the this levee is surely to break at some point, and just wonder what the implications would be. If you were an OP, a little selfishly inclined, and a little aggressive, and aware of your recklessness (with an altogether self aware entropic neg on your shoulder!), what would stop you from committing criminal acts, being aware that from said perspective, "this life is no dress rehearsal" (as if it is for any of us!) and that from this perspective you would have little from a worldly perpective to lose? Mad machines running amock, programs running with the plan for a maximum negative energetic yield.

I wonder if this is a reflection of the pressure building on the 4th d sts, reflecting their kamakaze attitude of "if we're going down, we're going to take down as many of them with us" perpective; in other words, pure, undiluted entropy!

The murders are piling up in the UK at present, and to those with sound awareness the ET presence is with us now, as it has been continually these past millennia.

We all know that monotheistic elites, just like covert cabals, have a tendency to react to these situations with righteous fury/despair, and will seek to corral those sensitive to the situation in both spiritual/political terms. To us it is an obvious tactic, but to the masses their heart strings will be pulled, along with their indignance. After all, "something must be done!".

I have a suspicion that well behaved OP's will be held up as a worldly benchmark
of sound living, with or without the shackles of monotheism.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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I share and appreciate your observations Skystalker. The dragon's tail lashes out...

I assume it's the subject matter cited in the title you'd like comments on?

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by

out of fear that they may also marry out of their depth, soul-wise.
Out of fear that Semites would mix with OPs?

On this point I state that as a former Catholic this represents a devatatingly effective tactic from the "higher" beings to ensure that we remain as occluded as ever
Could you please clarify to which tactic you refer, and perhaps explain what that means in relation to your being formerly Catholic?

Not trying to split hairs or anything!


Sorry for not responding sooner, I've been on holiday and due to eye strain (my eyes are ageing more swiftly than the rest of me) I decided to leave the laptop alone for a while. Yes, Starsailor, it was something that struck me in wading through the morass that is conventional theological "wisdom"; that primordial fear of the "goy", if you pardon my tone. I will qualify this: I have sensed this in all religions, bar the religion of life. This has wider implications regarding all who are either embarking on or are immersed in the work:- that feeling of coming up against someone, or something "other".

For example, at what point does expanded awareness mutate into religious exclusionism? This is spiritual racism, and as far as my mind has travelled in these matters it seems to be an affliction for which no mainstream denomination has a vaccine for. Shame on them! The high priests of such faiths are failed physicians, and most are just spellbinders to boot! Where is their higher clarity, their perspicacity, in peeling the scurvy of lies from the body of truth in our age? Nay, they all appear to be adopting a party line. All spiritual schools/churches etc. preach tolerance which strikes me as being a thin veneer, masking their covert exclusionism, and all faiths have their hardcore "Spiritualistas", who only seem to enjoy their faith when it is at the expense of others. They take the most negative lines from a passage and put whatever personal spin on it that they can get away with. I will not mince my words, they are fiends, and they cannot all be OP's.

So, yes, it is related to that word Semite. Grrrr (he grudgingly reaches for the dictionary due to imperfect recall), let me see... derived from Sem, (son of Noah), and Shem (Atlantis, anyone?) and coincidentally there is a Scottish word for undershirt or vest which is semmit. What lies beneath? Now language is rather like a skipping rope for the adept, but something of a noose for the fumbler, so my question stands.

Yes, it is true, I was raised a Catholic (and that does not mean that I was addicted to cats!) and I still find parts of the Old/New Testament sublime, but the world has gone widescreen and high resolution thanks to the work of the Cass/Signs team, and I am but a novice with a gut for the instinctive.

The tactic?

The tactic is occlusion, the illusion that we are one race, one people, one bank, one passport, one form of ethnic terror, one party line, one justice, one sweatshop, one cluster bomb, one crying baby, one cross, one star of David, one Swastika, one Hammer, one Sickle, one red, one white, and a hell of a lot of blues, under mad dog politicians who sing to the left whilst dancing to the right whilst we scour the wilds and count the dead.

By the way, a wee Skystalker timeline which I think many of us share:
1986-V. 1991-X-Files. 1994-Nietzsche/Blake 1997-Bill Hicks. 2001-All hell breaks loose. 2002-David Icke. 2002-Huxley/Schopenhauer/Camus/Castaneda.
2003-Sweet Mama Cass. 2006- Gurdjieff/Mouravieff/Bramley/Chiitick/Eliade/Atwood

Peace out fellow seekers.
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