Applying Vimeo Video Playback Speed Control features to Vimeo Pro account?


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Considering that already appears to be a Vimeo Pro account, I would like to ask if you could add all the speed control features as described on Just your speed: New controls to adjust playback - Vimeo Blog ? Speed Control is included in Youtube as a user option, but on Vimeo it is a Pro og Business account feature and has to be allowed by the owner, either for all the videos on a channel or case by case. The argument by Vimeo for not allowing user control as a user feature, is that the owner may have reasons, business reasons I guess, to set playback at a certain speed. I like the Vimeo format more than Youtube, but I have also come to enjoy the Youtube speed options, mostly faster, often 2x, but certain segments also slower, like 0.5x. If there is something I like to see again or play at a different speed I just rewind. What do you think about the idea of adding playback speed controls to all the Vimeo videos?
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