Any Memories From the Day of Days? - 9-11, 20 Years on


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I think it was that early SOTT video Pentagon Strike that finally cracked my edifice of denial. And now here we are 20 years on going through the endgame that was set in motion that day… it seems like an eternity ago but also just more of the same never ending dream like state that we slipped into that autumn and never really awoke from. I try to remember this when I get so despairing about how it is possible that so many educated people have totally fallen foul of the Covid con; the bewitching started a long, long time ago and 9-11 was one of many – if still the most absurdly obvious – spells along the way. And if that didn’t wake enough people up back then to their impending peril, nothing else to follow surely could…

Hello Micheal, thanks for sharing your story and well said on the part of slipping into a dream-like state. Oh how so many are still a sleep. :-/ I remember seeing the Pentagon Strike Video as well and thinking - "Aha, I knew I smelled BS from the start!" Anyway, I'll share some of what I remember that tragic day. Oddly enough, I have no idea what I was doing the day before, but I do know I never bought the official story then or now...

I was living in small studio apartment in San Diego in the area known as Banker's Hill. My apartment was right over the flight path of the San Diego airport. Planes flew over so often you hardly noticed them nor did I wake up to them flying over head. When I got up in that morning nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I had no cable and was never in the habit of watching the morning news -- never trusted those "talking heads" anyway. I had recent started reading books again as a way to disconnect from the constant media and entertainment from my "up bringing" and was mostly focused on my art and music.

Every morning on my way to class (second year in the graphic design program at the local City College) I had to pass the main thoroughfare to the airport - constant cars, shuttles, taxis speeding people to their morning flights. I would leave early enough because sometimes I'd sit there waiting a long time for my moment to step on it and quickly get across without getting hit. Not on 9/11. I really didn't think anything of it except something like "Hey! It's my lucky day - no cars!"

I kept driving along, mostly noting how little traffic there was and how easy it was to find parking on campus! So, I strolled along to my class and when I get closer everyone is a buzz. I see my teacher and ask what's going on and she looks at me strangely as if thinking - "You don't know? How do I explain this to someone right now..." she finally says something to the affect that there's been an attack on the East Coast at the World Trade center in New York. "Ohhh," I say, "what'd we do this time?" (my humor can be blunt, dry and mistakenly dark and ineffectual - my meaning was, what did the US (aka War Pigs) do to another country that warranted a Pearl Harbor style attack on American soil? For my teacher, her response was something like well they say it's terrorists that have high-jacked some airplanes.

I don't remember much after that except meeting up with my girlfriend at her place and watching it all unfold on the news with some of her friends. She was very distraught being from the East Coast and having friends and family in New York. I was all a bit removed from it emotionally as all my family had been in California for many years and this was just surreal to watch - plus I wasn't actually surprised that it happened. But seeing the second plane hit, the towers eventually falling, specs of people jumping, the WTC-7 free falling and the newscaster being completely off guard as to how to respond -- the psychological imprinting or branding of it all was very, very strong as it was intended to be. Worth mentioning that at the time being apart of an underground punk/metal scene I questioned the answers and already being anti-war / anti-imperialism provided me an awareness that definitely helped me not succumb to the "spellbinding" narrative pys-op, but a lot of spellbinders entered my life shortly afterwards...

FWIW, I recall that San Diego was a supposed target or at least the narrative handlers wanted us to believe it was and being that it was and still is a major Navy, Air Force, and Marine hub that seemed plausible (need to go back and re-read). Lots of high strangeness ensued afterwards as well (think tik taks and Project Camelo) - the military has indirectly intervened many times in my life. So, hearing from a friend that an acquaintance's Mother had left the country quickly shortly after 9/11 was "interesting". I always got a weird vibe in their house anyway. For some reason that moment as stuck with me.

And there's so much more I could share, but the last thing was just how much my creative output sorta "amplified" afterwards. I thought I'd share an assignment that was to "create a sociopolitical poster". It was a few weeks after and the war machine/media blitz had just rebooted and talk of invading Afghanistan was all over the news. I planned to do my poster around the possibility that we were entering another Vietnam situation. My design teacher talked my out of it sighting something like it wasn't fair to assume so soon :whistle: So a doubled down and did a poster titled "United We Stand, Blindly We Serve". I dug it up and forgot we had to put a whole process book together on our research, design explorations, and write up our intent. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 9.18.07 PM.png
And from my write up (re-reading now I was quite impressed for being only 21):

"At times its no wonder that tragic events have happened on the mainland if we just realized the US' history of funded genocide and millions of innocent lives that have been lost because of our foreign policy or quest for imperial dominance."

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 9.20.41 PM.png

Well, thanks to anyone who has read this far. The impression from 9/11 has been everlasting and many, many events since that day both small and big along my timeline some how eventually led me to the Adventure Series and SOTT and now this forum. Honestly, I think I just asked for a little help from the Universe - not demanded. I'm still putting up a fight in my own way. We all are, really and I'm grateful for all here posting their stories and information. While things seem dim, I still believe the best is yet to come - knowledge protects. :flowers:


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Thanks @Michael B-C for your excellent vignette, you sure have a way with words that makes your stories ‘alive’. No wonder you’re a theater director (sorry if I’m using the wrong title).

Here’s my ‘snapshot’:
On 9/11, 2001, I was lying on a treatment bed at the osteopath I was seeing regularly because of a back injury (caused by a stupid fall while being drunk at a party!). The osteopath had the radio on, as he always had, and suddenly the news came on telling about the incident. I remember being curious, but the details were still sketchy, so I couldn’t really tell what was happening.

After the treatment, I went home and turned on the TV (back then I still had one!). On the TV they showed live images from the towers with black smoke pouring out etc. I felt alarmed, but it wasn’t until the first tower suddenly collapsed that I felt that something exceptional and ‘otherworldly’ was happening. I have to admit, that I was an almost complete ‘normie’ at the time, so I didn’t have the faculty of suspecting anything about a false flag or ‘controlled demolition’. However, I do remember that seeing those towers collapse and being pulverized (a description I only learned years later) didn’t feel quite natural.

I think it took me ca 5 years until I started digging for the truth, after seeing the film ‘Loose Change’ that, maybe as a spontaneous and accidental utterance of B-influence, my singing teacher at the time mentioned (which made me curious).

I do have to ‘thank’ the 9/11 incident for my awakening, or at least, for the nudge it gave me to start peeling my layers of programming. After watching Loose Change, I commenced a 2-3 year frantic and feverish period where I ‘researched everything’ and read until my eyes hurt. I’m sure glad I have that over and done with, since it’s a steep learning process where you follow many false leads (and ‘prophets’), make thinking errors etc., which consumes a lot of time until you’ve developed enough discernment.

To make a long story short, the above finally led me to read Laura’s and Joes’ ‘9/11 The Ultimate Truth’, and a bit later to join this forum!
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I remember that day like it was yesterday. My daughter called and told me to turn on my television and I watched the official news story. Immediately, without a moment’s hesitation, I knew the truth. That’s when I completely stopped believing the news. My life has never been the same and I rightly predicted on that day that this current chaos would come in my lifetime. What I mean is the end of the illusion of freedom. I wish I would’ve been wrong.

Pretty much what happened to us. Our 11 yr old youngest daughter came running downstairs demanding that we turn on the TV because a plane had crashed into a building. I didn't think it was such big news, but she kept insisting, so I turned on the TV and that was it... we watched in horror as the buildings just collapsed on live TV and that's when I knew it was a big fake show.

I did some quick research, kept in mind what the Cs had said in previous years, and wrote a couple of articles about it right away. I was so sure that the American people would NOT be taken in by this because surely, enough people knew by now that the JFK assassination was just such a shadow show. But I was wrong. Most were taken in but, at the same time, a lot of others were awakened by 9-11 though it took varying lengths of time.

And, as usual, life came with a soundtrack in my head. This is the song that kept grabbing me:



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I was on my freshman year in highschool. I was in biology class. We were doing an assignment in teams and suddenly my teacher made an announcement. He said that a plane had crashed into a building. He had a computer on his desk and he turned his monitor towards the class. He struggled a bit because it was a big CRT monitor and the cables were tangled up. He played a video of the twin towers. I didn't think much of it.
I was a teenager and just wanted to watch TV when I got home. However it's like every TV channel went crazy and everything was about the planes and twin towers. I found this very annoying, but I didn't really understand the magnitude of what had happened. It didn't hit until I heard something about the Pentagon and terrorists.
Following days everyone just stayed home after school. It was rare to see cars on the road or people outside.
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The day of days! I was in the US Army then, station on Ft. Richardson, Alaska.
We had a late call to show up to work that morning. We were going to deploy to Ft. Irwin California that afternoon.
That morning I was dead asleep, recieved a phone call from my unit which my wife answered. She turned on the television and woke me up and handed me the phone. My platoon seargent was on tge other end and the first thing he said is "what are you doing?" I told him I was just waking up. He said do you have any idea what has happened, turn on tge news and get you a** in here now. A morning I will never forget.


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Yeah, 20years ago, the 9/11 demolition event obliterated our only investment account designated for our house payment.
Around that time I was watching The Detonators on Discovery channel. What I saw on the CNN news on low volume looked like a ’duck’ and quacked like a ‘duck’ so there was no doubt in my mind that it was a ‘duck’.


It was about 5am Tuesday in Utah and I couldn’t sleep in my hotel room. I had arrived with three work colleagues from Europe on Sunday for a conference and trade show. Maybe it was a case of late jet lag. Annoyed I turned on the TV and saw what the anchor described as some unknown small business jet disappear in the first tower, leaving fire and black smoke. Poor guys, I thought, and being a pilot myself I tried to empathize with those in the flight deck at that moment – what a terrible rookie mistake! Oh wait but it’s a clear autumn morning, no wind and perfect visibility! Mistake? They must have done it on purpose, maybe a death wish?
As the minutes passed and more images and commentary came – the second plane, more smoke, different views, words of “attack”, “terror”, “attack on America” started creeping in – the screen suddenly muted into images of a well-scripted Hollywood play, a circus, and pretty soon I saw Walt Disney’s signature written across the TV, with the customary bits of fireworks.
In retrospect that was a good move, because it disabled my emotional sensors and blocked my belief machine. The bastards I thought, they planned it all, they want war. Bad times ahead! Sometime later Bin Laden’s name came up, then the Koran found in the patsy’s car and more such “evidence”, and it all went downhill from there.

Breakfast in the hotel was late and fairly gloomy. My (American) colleagues were like shell-shocked. I tried to suggest that it was all an anti-muslim propaganda stunt, but didn’t manage to convince them half an inch. They even made me feel distespectful, so I kept my mouth shut.

One thing I had a hard time digesting was the fact that 9/11 gave a bad name to flying – at least for a while. From that day every pilot – commercial or private - was looked at with suspicion, a potential terrorist. Flights were grounded for a week or so, meaning we had to prolong our stay before our return to Europe. Later, the x-ray scanner business flourished. ..


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I was working east of London then. We had just come beck from lunch and on guy told me a plane just hit the twin towers, a "Cessna" he said. Then when the first collapsed, I said "those buildings can't collapse like that". When the plane crashed in the field due to passenger bravery, I figured it was shot down because I had never heard of hostages becoming brave.
One of the girls in the office said something to me at the coffee machine about terrorists, I told he that the real problem was the enemy within which is the media. That impressed her.
British airspace was immediately closed, but that night at transport aircraft flew into London.
What I did notice over the next couple of weeks was all images of the Pentagon vanished from the news, only perpetual replay of the towers.
At that time I knew nothing of the C's. Still had 18 months to go for them.


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At the time I was in Africa, in one of the poorest countries, in a remote province, staying with two Indians working on a contract. The sunny warm morning of the dry season came and the news of the event too. The TV just kept rolling all day and the next, they repeated the same thing over and over and over for days.

Half a year later, I got an internet connection on an older computer and was forwarded an email from a teacher of meditation. The information was copied from website, Rumormillnews. I found it there and learned it was a translation from German. Then I traced the source of the translation by using my German and found the original. So it was real. This then set the stage for a lot of reading. A year later, the Columbia Space Shuttle went down on February 1. 2003. In the meantime, I had followed the site from where the information in the email about 9/11 had been taken. Curious about the reasons for this disaster, I followed a link in one post and ended up at some channeled material from a site in the New Age direction. The site was run by a couple and the woman was the channel. After they had given their own view on the event, they had rather unusual also quoted someone else, introducing it with "Someone who usually gets it right" and then:
A: 3/4th density Consortium.
I looked at it and wondered what it meant. Maybe a couple of weeks later, I went back to this channel to see if they had anything new. They didn't, it was still the same message staring at me. Then I clicked around to see where the links led. It led to the old SOTT site. Later I learned that the channel must have passed away around this time, as far as I know that message with the Cs quote was the last.

For me 9/11 wasn't over though, and it took about three more years before I felt I was through with it. The information I found is posted somewhere on the forum, from an internet café in a small library sponsored by the French Government. Even from as far away as a poor country in Africa, there really were so many holes in the narrative that if one just used the data available to most people, it would simply not add up.


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I was 28 years old when it happened. I'd taken the day off work for my great-aunt's funeral. My mum and I were walking on a trail in the woods and heard the radio deejays talking about what happened afterward in the car. When we got back home we saw the tv footage. My aunt had flown in from out of town and regaled us with tales of how tense everything was at the airport before planes were grounded.

I believed the official story but was curious enough about the event to go see that Michael Moore movie, Fahrenheit 911, when it came out some time later. I don't agree with his conclusions now but at least it got me to start questioning the official narrative of that event at least. It wasn't until some years later that I started to dig around in an attempt to find out what was really going on in this world.

At the time, I didn't appreciate 911 for the significant event that it was. I can't help but think now that, among other things, a giant spell was cast and humanity was really gonna start feeling the War on of Terror. And here we go again with Covid.

As far as events that really give you a punch to the gut go, Covid is my 911. This is, by far, the best psy-op I've ever lived through. :nuts:


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Reading your posts of the experience I can come closer to the meaning - collective trauma.

I was a teenager when it happened, didn't know what conspiracy really meaned. My father called me to the living room see the telly, that something big is going down.
I looked it for a about a minute and blurted out: "The Americans did it, you will see" (or something along that line).
My father said: "How can you say such a thing, that is madness".
I was probably talking from instinct and little did I know back then how right I was. Probably, like many others, I was beginning to wake up because not long after that I became interested in "alternative news".


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What did you get up to after that?
I dont completely understand the question. When I had gotten to the barracks there was much confusion. We got in formation several times over to make sure they accounted for everyone. Later we ran constatina wire all around the barracks and they left to people on each side of the barracks as guards.
Over the course of the week things changed drastically, we would guard the entrance gate of the base, had to run sticks with mirrors under cars and inspect them. We would work 10 hours and then go home for four and return to do 10 hours again.
I always think about how we had a late call that morning. From what I remember we never had that before?
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