Another Victims Stands Up for the Truth


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This victim of our exposed predator Yidwithlid decided to combat his lies & smear (ala our wonderful Laura standing up to Bridges, et al.) but putting ALL the evidence she could, including her thoughts and what she's learned out there.

It's LONG and can be confusing but PLEASE take the time to go through the blog and see the result the aftermath and rage can do to a victim.

Yidwithlid got so ticked off that she put all her evidence out there (because he was blaming her for things she never did) he created a hate site on her. He had to take down a lot of it because he violated slander & copyright laws but -- he's never deleted the hate site:

We hope more victims stand up to these predators and expose them and continue to tell the truth. It helps educate the public about pathology.

Psychopath Prime Example #198,213 :P


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:shock: :shock: :shock:

a somewhat "intellectual understanding" of psychopathy doesn't even compare to actually reading what goes on in these situations. wow. thank you for posting this purplehaze.

purplehaze said:
It helps educate the public about pathology.

it certainly does. though i understand the principles, it still floors me to observe "everyday" people who act without any thread of conscience.

to the victim of YWL: if you're reading this, keep it up, stay strong.


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Post any responses to the victim on the blog linked in the first post.

It helps keep the site "active" on google.

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