Aliens Invasion Near Future?

Yeah, I've been thinking about this subject too since you started this thread, it's got me wondering about other instances in my past when I put it all down to psychosis.

Stumbled across this the other day and it reminded of your comment regarding insomnia Slipnet.

Q: (L) Is this why, when people suffer sleep deprivation, they go psychotic?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why are the results of sleep deprivation, psychosis, delirium tremens, and psychedelic drugs and some mystical states so similar in their expressions and manifestations? What is being seen?

A: Openings.

Q: (L) Well, if doing without sleep provides an opening, what is it an opening to?

A: Density levels 4 and up.

Q: (L) It would seem to me - well, why is this not good?

A: Who said it wasn't?

Q: (L) Well, apparently a lot of people who have psychotic episodes, literally go out of their minds. They can no longer function in this world. They LOCK them up!

A: Yes...

Must say it gave me pause and much to reflect on...thought you may appreciate it also.
Stumbled across this the other day and it reminded of your comment regarding insomnia Slipnet.

Must say it gave me pause and much to reflect on...thought you may appreciate it also.
Thanks for sharing the quote on insomnia, it's a condition I've learned to live with over the years.

I've thought about this kind of thing loads over the years, it's why I never miss a night taking my psych meds. In truth, they provide me with the only chance I have of still being able to get a good night's sleep. The "openings" you referenced I can attest to, and I've never really thought about them in a positive way. This is partly why I was so obsessively blaming 4d STS for all my troubles in earlier years (I've been living with schizophrenia for 16 years now). Nowadays I tend towards taking full responsibility for the condition I'm in.

Back in around 2010, I went 5 days without any sleep, and I was working a job at the time. I was delerious, I could still function, but only just.

I do wonder though about what kinds of forces have been lurking around me during my psychotic episodes however. Densities 4 and up? Jeez.....I have enough on my plate dealing with the challenges of density 3!
Joe Rogan mentions aliens in almost every fb post. He probably doesn't do it according to a script, but it's interesting that he pushes that story like that.

Rogan's an interesting character. He doesn't really go deep into the subject, but he always entertains the notion that we're not alone in the universe. Unfortunately I suspect he goes along with the Graham Hancock viewpoint, which is to say he tends to think of them as "spiritual" entities who may be a force for good. Plus of course, again like Hancock, he's into the whole DMT/Mushrooms/Ayahuasca subject, and that's really not the way to go. Always chasing that high, thinking that it can only be a positive/educational experience.

Having said that, he's a good interviewer and I've enjoyed his work over the years on his JRE channel. It's a shame he's going over to Spotify, I'll not be subscribing to that. I'll miss his regular shows on Youtube.
I've been thinking about this thread today, and in my thinking I'll factor in some recent work I've been digging into. Hyperdimensionally, we are in the worst state. Body-centric in philosophy and beliefs in our consensus reality, we are prone to manipulation by so many outside forces, From beaming, attachments alien abductions, addictions, pathological mass culture etc., we are dealing with the motherlode in many respects as a collective. But all hope is not lost. We are seeing a little of what Richard Dolan predicted a decade or so ago. He predicted a polarisation of human beings into 2 general factions. This is very layered in its exposition; division on religion, science, Aliens/UFO's, philosophy, politics, wars, Zionism, covid, and on and on. But I think we can see how 2 general clusters of humans have come into being. That's why we have so many terms, woke, awakened, seekers, warriors, red pilled, black pilled, etc. This latter cluster is where we find ourselves on here, at the vanguard of the human experience, without being woke though of course.;-) And no doubts we are just flawed beings, struggling with our own issues. It's a tough road and I'm happy to share the load as we travel. But back to the polarisation idea.

There's no doubt that the PTB want a partial disclosure of an alien presence, and of course with the much vaunted Davis notes leak there can be no doubt that whilst there remains many layers of info on this point, and legal issues permitting, there is this sense of the pressure cooker's lid being in danger of being blown clean off. It's a moot point I think. And I think it will become more evident that we have a polarisation of citizens here on planet earth. It won't be STS/STO, that'll be the issue on 4d should the C's theory be proven correct. It'll be a division on fundamental established truths and beliefs that'll be the chief divisive point. And to return to the crux of this thread, I think we have been in the process of being invaded for a very long time. The C's said that 4d STS have been travelling back and forth in time violating free will of souls for 74,000 years! That is frickin' insane:shock:. But despite this hellish scenario, we find ourselves on here, sharing and learning as we go. There's still hope is what I think, and whilst disclosure is definitely getting leaked hints of late, we will have to be tenacious in our understandings. Dolan predicted a fascist disclosure, where the PTB cover their asses whilst telling a vague truth of sorts. The much theorised One World Government and the Consortium will remain the source of the most accurate data on just how much they know, and to what extent they are in cahoots with the aliens. And diligent researchers will be determinedly pulling at every loose thread we see. Undoubtedly there are private interest groups that have all the info we need.

The invasion is already under way. Disclosure won't happen until the conditions are convivial for the Consortium and their 4d masters. We'll always be reading between the lines, trying to second guess every motion from a pathological elite. And so on we go. We chose to incarnate in these times, we were given a bit of a subconscious preview I think. I've had dreams that can partially verify this, and a host of paranormal experiences. That the phenomenon is reality is a given. But we will see this oft predicted polarisation, I can just see it coming, it'll divide families eventually. A total contrast of worldview, and it's a necessary process as we shed our skins of the old world of blood and lies and deceit. We'll be ready to embrace truth however shocking it may be, and personally I say bring it on. We have to reach a tipping point, when objective reality is comprehended by a substantial % of the world society. Only then can we challenge the fake media and the consensus reality that we have been inundated with. And that's a battle for another day, we are just here in preparation now. The mind is a muscle, and I've discovered that working things out is the best thing we can do in the here and now. The future doesn't intimidate me so much these days, as I now see that the elite are sick, sick beings. We're the healthy ones.:-)
I have (high) doubts that there will be full blown alien exposure; either Star Trek type (we come in peace) or Independence Day type.
At least not in the near future…

STO won‘t get in this mess - not their way to mess with free will, right?

So that leaves us with STS types.

And why would they expose themselves now after thousands of years?
I mean, what would be the benefit?

Fear? They have this corona madness for all fear and food they want.
Play nice guys? Bring us cures and free energy technology and stuff…? I don’t think that either.
They have wast population already vaccinated and tuning to their frequency.
The mess we‘re in, generates misery and suffering just as they like it.

I don’t see how exposing themselves would benefit them in any way now.

More likely, aliens we‘ll encounter will be comets/asteroids/… and walk-ins type. Also, some alien virus type encounters….

But, we‘ll see I suppose….
I cannot imagine a genuine official exposure of the alien reality in space and on earth.
Mainly because I wouldn't expect any genuine pronouncements at all.

I could imagine the PTB using a fraction of the alien story to either increase fear among the population or to depict their overlords should they intend to approach us as benevolent saviors from elsewhere.

Anyway, how much exposure does it take when we had decades of SciFi movies about space wars and ghoulish aliens?
Generations have been primed with the concept of extraterrestrial life forms, it's just that we hesitate to admit to our neighbors that we believe in their existence.

There is still the chance that the world government will try to scare or even attack us with their back-engineered or faked aerial craft which could be presented to us as an alien attack, though.

I think the next best thing to a 'semi-official' disclosure for me personally was the 1997 book "The Day After Roswell" by Colonel Philip Corso who was tasked with distributing alien technology of the 40's and 50's crashes to the military industrial complex.
Sadly (and interestingly) he is said to have died from a heart attack a few months after the release of his book.

One of the early indications I received on that subject were in the books of Robert Charroux (edited between 1968 and 1973) which I devoured as a kid. He must have been well connected to French Intelligence and claimed that there were different kinds of alien entities visiting earth and that contact with human authorities had been made.

He was also able to mention that among the aliens there was a 'race' of small beings who had a vulnerable technology which was prone to accidents and malfunction.

Needless to say that I found that mind-blowing at the time and it whetted my appetite for more.
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