Action Figure: The life and times of Doonesbury's Uncle Duke


The Living Force
Hilarious. Uncle Duke based on Hunter S Thompson, bumbles through life in a hallucinary haze serving his opportunistic self-interests first, usually egged on by the corrupt players who run the USA machine.

Uncle Duke sees locations as diverse as China, Haiti, Panama, Kuwait, Hollywood, Iran,Washington, New York. And a job description that includes US Ambassador to China, Governor of American Samoa, football coach, tour guide, bar owner, movie producer, CEO of a highly dodgy medical schoo based in the Bahamas, Ship's captain for Donald Trump, zombie.....amongst others.

A good example as an oilman and Uncle Duke are having a conversation,

Oilman: "What's your going rate for committing an unspeakably depraved but highly patriotic act?"

Duke: "$100,000 + 10%"

Oilman: "I respect you too much to haggle."

Duke: " But I don't work with Albanians and children and pets are extra."
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