A strange experiences with the bees


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Well, what you are telling us reminds me some strange event that happened to my brother. He is alergic to formic acid (the poison of ant, bees and other Hymenopteras) and from an early age he seems persecuted by this kind of insects. Some years ago happened in his appartement something like what happened to you. He woke up in the morning and when he went to the kitchen he open the door and found hundries of bees there. It seems that they went into throught a little venting and tried to nest there.

From time to time, some weird event with ants, bees, of other insects always seems to happen to him. Some time ago, he travel to my city for a couple or days to visit us, and when he came back to his appartment he found a plenty of insects dead and spider webs woven into chairs, tables and other places as if he had spent many days away.

I really have not explanation and likely there will be many earthy causes for these kind of behaviors in animals, but even so I wonder if will there maybe some places or peoples that are attractors for this kind of animals? I'm not sure but I was trying to recall an extract from Cs when Laura ask them about I think a neighbor that had problem with cockroaches (or something like that) and if I don't remember bad the Cs said something in the line that certain kind of energies attracts this kind of bugs. Anyway I'm not sure if I am imaging this extract because in fact I am not finding it... :-[
I am also allergic to bee and wasp stings, etc.
But I'm only afraid of wasps and hornets, not of bees and bumble bees.
Because I know that bees and bumblebees instinctively know very well that they die when they sting, and wasps know very well instinctively that they do not die when they sting.
Call it instinctive intelligence.
Bees and bumble bees therefore only sting to extreme necessity.
Wasps and hornets do not need an excuse to sting, and simply sting without mercy.

When I have a party with a group of people outside, the wasps always come to me, and they leave the rest alone.
Just like they know I'm allergic and scared of them.


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They started the spraying season for this year against the mosquitoes and guess what? The bees again came to my apartment. :-(

And they keep posting every year articles about bad people who are using the forbidden pesticides, while at the same time the government is using the chemicals which are obviously toxic to bees. It's insanity!
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