A real nightmare. Organization preparing snuffs movies


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I think making snuf movies as the topic title suggests amounts to jumping to conclusions. It's a (remote) possibility that is never mentioned in the source material.

From what I read about this I gathered that the projected use of the torture chamber was for extortion, blackmail and inter-gang warfare, including intimidation. The prison cells seem to be meant for making persons disappear or vanish for a while (kidnapping to gather ransom).

Here are some other sources:
Seven torture chambers & cells inside shipping containers discovered in Dutch police raid after crack of encrypted chat app -- Sott.net
Police release footage of torture chamber in shipping container - DutchNews.nl
Underworld torture chamber, prison found in Noord-Brabant, 6 arrests


Similarly, I can assure you the MSM does not cover the gruesome Mexican cartel wars. But the videos exist for reason -- intimidation. Every cartel needs a bad reputation to force compliance from the populace. Things exposed like this unfortunately only strengthens their position with the cowed populace. Our MSM in America makes sure we stay focused on microagressions and badthink, not the reality that humans are being sacrificed and tortured near and in our own border.


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On what has been published, it seems that the objective was to make films, it is on the darkweb that they would have prepared the operation. A question may arise, or have they received the money? Buying such equipment is not free


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UPDATE. Source (Dutch only): Martelcontainers met scalpels en zagen 'waren voor de show'

DeepL Translator said:
NOS News - Interior - Today, 13:31 - Modified Today, 17:31

Torture containers with scalpels and saws 'were for show'

The containers with torture equipment in Wouwse Plantage in which abducted people could be locked up and tortured, were never meant to be used. The case has to do with embezzlement, said prime suspect Van O., who did not explain it any further. "Conclusions were drawn too quickly," he stated before the Court in Amsterdam.

Another suspect also stated, in a written statement to the Court, that the containers were for the show. They pretended to be involved in everything, to mislead the initiator, but would never have intended to really do anything with the torture chamber.

According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the initiator for the construction of the torture complex is the 48-year-old drug trafficker Roger P. alias Piet Costa, according to various media reports [in Dutch].

The Public Prosecutor's Office finds the statement of the suspects unbelievable and thinks that there was indeed a real torture chamber. "Everything was accounted for," said the prosecutor in the courtroom.


The two suspects, along with four others, are alleged to have made preparations for kidnapping, extortion and aggravated assault. Today was a first preparatory session in the proceedings.

Lawyers of two other suspects emphasized that their clients only did some chores such as sheeting foil and cleaning up construction waste. They did not know exactly what they were involved in.

This summer [in Dutch] the sea containers were found in Wouwse Plantage, in Noord-Brabant. The containers were soundproofed and one of them was fitted with scissors, handcuffs on the ceiling, and a chair that was screwed to the floor. Images of them went all over the world.

Encrypted messaging

The police became aware of the case when officers managed to crack encrypted messages between criminals. In these EncroChat messages the containers were discussed and pictures of the torture chambers were shared.

For example, Robin van O., who sent messages under the name Slempo, wrote: "It has now been insulated three times". To which others responded with "Top". He also writes that they have to get arms ready. "Hand weapons and some automatic weapons perhaps. And with mufflers, handy if they don't cooperate." One of the suspects was called 'the Jailer' in those messages. He had the keys to the containers and was there for thirty days working on refitting the container.

Claw hammers and a pair of pruning shears

The public prosecutor listed what was found in the containers: finger clamps, scalpels, claw hammers, various pliers, a brush cutter and a branch saw, a gas burner and pruning shears. "Ice cold and shocking", she calls the finds. In the weeks that the police could follow the chats, there was also talk about possible victims. "If we thought it was necessary we warned those people," says the prosecutor. "That's how kidnappings were prevented."

The police also placed cameras outside and in the shed. They saw four of the suspects working hard to turn the growing areas of a cannabis plantation into torture chambers. The suspects also set up a large freezer and worked on cars. For example, a back seat was removed from a van.

The lawyers commented today on how the police brought the discovery of the containers to the media: "In a video with exciting music which would not look out of place on Netflix, the police raided the containers. While the police knew very well that no one was inside. The police has had cameras hanging outside the shed for weeks. So they knew exactly what they would find," said lawyer Schuurman.

Remand extended

In addition to the shed in Brabant, another shed was also found in Rotterdam. The messages referred to an 'AT-headquarters', pointing to the arrest team of the police. "From there you can deploy directly", someone wrote to 'Slempo'. According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the suspects, dressed up as cops, wanted to kidnap people and take them to the torture chambers.

Police uniforms, weapons and fast cars were found in that shed. The prosecutor called it a shocking method. "The police must always be trustworthy."

All six suspects remain on remand, the court decided.

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