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Rauno said:
It seems to be that all kinds of plays in different places of the world served as methods for knowledge synthesis including in its scope the deepest microcosmos and a largest macrocosmos.
The pawns start from the second row, they can progress until the last and eighth row (a seven steps progression). Once this last row is reached they can transform into anything (knight, bishop,... except king)

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First one notices that "thousand year period" in the transcripts are in quotes:

The thousand year period may remind one of what is said in the chapter of Revelation in the Bible. Although the Cassiopaeans refer to 'calendar terms' it is not from date to date, so it is possibly a play on words, indicating something between fixed and not fixed. Therefore I understand it like an approximation. Anything between 900 -1100 could be considered a thousand year period. In addition one can consider diffferent futures, one could be 951, another 1053 etc.

In the next excerpt there is something about time but the interesting part is the last bit:

A "level playing field" can sound like a game field for two teams, like in cricket, football or soccer. But it also gives one an association to military strategy. Therefore one can think of a game, of a competition or battle as well possibly of a timeframe within which the game or the battle is played out or decided. The previous consideration is with regard to a group, but one can also understand the game to be something individual and internal, that goes on in ones own mind, where one will become increasingly more aware of the two directions STS and STO and after some time settle in with one of them depending on ones choice.

The following quote explains that the Millennium is the transition:

The following considers human beings as individuals and as a group and what it could mean in the future.
Probably "future" would be after the STO/STS choice has been settled. One question is if all of mankind would necessarily opt for the same choice? Or if the "level playing field" will develop and have unified soul groups on both sides. One possibility is that unified soul groups may occur sporadically in small numbers and later grow together with other like minded groups.

What a great compilation... all major threads in one thread !!

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Thank you very much for this thread.

I have been able to complete the puzzle a little more and understand various experiences with some "people" that I have had.

Thanks again.
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