A lesson about Marcus Aurelius and the history and meaning of Stoicism by Professor Michael Sugrue


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I just watched this lecture on stoicism and Marcus Aurelius, great lecture.

I never thought of how hard it must have been for Aurelius to maintain his principals for almost 20 years, a man who could have whatever he desired but chose not to, he chose to live by his principals, food for thought



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Thanks for sharing, great lecture

"...dont torture yourself by worrying about things that arent in your control leave that in the hands of God, leave that in the hand of nature do your best to control the things that you have control over yourself your behavior your intentions and your actions...
...all people suffer but that not all people pity themselves"


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Watched it a few months ago, the professor does a good job of emphasizing how easy it would have been for Aurelius to give up on his Stoic outlook, and yet he didn't, despite power, fame, money, etc.
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