A diagnostic of the psychological landscape of "younger" generations: Sam Vaknin


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I think you are referring to the very same!

Sam Vaknin - Narcissist or "I, Psychopath"?
Actually, yeah, that’s him! Haha. I read that thread long ago. I don’t know if this was a subconscious recognition of the name on my part or if if I really got the vibe on my own, or both maybe.
He’s a real character, this guy, isn’t he?
Thomas Sheridan?
See above...but this guy also fits the bill. I don’t think I saw this before. Thanks for sharing that name. A forum search yielded a lot of interesting insight into this sort of personality. Vaknin and Sheridan seem to be birds of a feather.
Still, even a blind hen finds a seed now and again (Croatian proverb)


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Well, it takes one to know one. He has some useful stuff about psychopathy on Youtube. As for young people, maybe a lot of them are just young. There are a lot of layers to the issues for sure. I see most of them having an unusually hard time of things in the near future.
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