A blog in the works for too long, need editors with awareness

Dorothy Minder

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Hello all,

This post and a return to this forum are overdue.

For the past couple of months, I've been writing poetry and short stories and rewriting and adapting older legends and fairy tales. I've posted what I consider the better pieces to a blog, http://whitebirdstories.blogspot.com/ I linked to SOTT, of course.

Though I'm developing a good local network, it does not currently include people near or above my level of awareness who are especially inclined to writing or editing, so the feedback I've received so far has been rather general. Before everything changed for me, there were plenty of people I could turn to for suggestions and criticism, but now I sense that I need new readers and editors to push me. As you might imagine, my aim is to spread the word, challenge and encourage people, make them think, connect people to life and what is actually happening, and in particular to bring undiscovered aspects of the interior world of experience to consciousness. I welcome the feedback of any members of this forum.

Excepting the longer story from which I took the title for the blog, I wrote all of this stuff to read aloud, which is what I've been doing at cafes, open mic nights and such.

Many thanks in advance!


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I went to see your blog and I like particularly this poem of you:

Name the Dark

Fear the dark and it gathers about you,
Filling your nostrils and nethers,
Pooling the dirt under your fingernails.

Serve the dark and it seals every pore and hollow,
Skinning your eyes and ears
And voiding each chamber of your one heart.

But name the dark and find yourself
Walking on the Sun,
Singing open envelopes and shining down the barricades.
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