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I am opening a new thread even though there is an existing thread on this topic,

The Controversy of Zion

as recently, in an effort to better understand the infamous ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, I commenced a modernized transcribing of them from the existing available English text. I must confess I have found it deeply depressing work – the further in I have gone, the darker the impression it has left on my spirit, as if I was wading through hell itself – and of late, having only made it to Protocol 15 out of 24 and being reduced to a stifled trickle, I decided to give my mind some air and parked the project for a while.

Now, thanks to COVID-19, as we seem to be entering some kind of build up to the end game (to quote that monster Churchill ‘…this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning’), I thought however that I would share what I have done to date with forum members and receive any feedback before I go forward to tackle the rest.


Having mused on them for years in light of everything that has happened in the last decade since I first read about them, (I must confess only this recent act of transcribing has made me actually read the protocols themselves rather than commentary about them), it is the obvious platitude to say they remain a startling blueprint for so much that has taken place on our planet for the last century – and appears to be still happening or heading to fruition now.

They are of course the go-to document of the damned in the tin-hat brigade that believe it proves it’s all the Jews! That’s why in even as daring, radical and as important a book as Laurent Guyénot’s FROM YAHWEH TO ZION they do not even get a disparaging or cursory mention. The assured kiss of death in other words for any serious researcher. So right up I need to say my thinking has become way more nuanced than this idiotic trap.

That is why instead when I set about working on this new version I approached it as if I were a psychopath writing about ‘my type’ versus ‘their’ type i.e. humans. I went so far as to use these two words as my direct perspective. This I discovered was immensely liberating (perverse I know!) in the sense that everything truly began to make sense. The next logical step was to remove any references to GOYEM and replace it with ‘humans’ thus removing what I’ve come to think has been the Jewish cover story all along. Much of the veil started to fall away and the stark, predatory, ‘alien’ nature of the literary style and the convoluted thinking began to make total sense.

For if we remember Castaneda:

The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now. ...

'I know that even though you have never suffered hunger... you have food anxiety, which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that any moment now its manoeuvre is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied… the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them. And they ensure, in this manner, a degree of security to act as a buffer against their fear.'" (Castaneda, 1998, pp. 213-220)

Then we should expect that any of these types who actually commits pen to paper should produce something that reflects that mind-set – and that is what I found.

Talk of a forgery never focuses on a critical analysis of the internal mind of the writer (assuming it to be a sick anti-semite) but rather dates, its supposed and self-evident racism, pre publication source materials, but never the face value psychological profile of the writer. What I found was that it is entirely consistent, and beneath all the bravado and grandiosity, a terrible feeling of ‘otherness’ and a total terror of being found out! However, it is brilliance of a sort – albeit terrifying – and it never wavers in its brilliant understanding of human nature (as ‘it’ sees it) or of itself. As Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote, the book exhibits;

“…the mind of genius…” and exhibits “… great strength of thought and insight… Its design… is well above the abilities of an ordinary mind… It is more complicated than a nuclear bomb.”

This is not to be expected by a forgery. Indeed even Israeli journalist Israel Shamir admits:

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are best described as 'pseudo-epigrapha', rather than 'fake'. They belong to the same category as Tomas Friedman's Letter of President Clinton to Mubarak. After all, pseudo-epigraphic genre is an old and venerable one. It is even better to consider the Protocols, 'a political pamphlet'.

I changed nothing else, but simply sort to find the clearest modern English I could so as to sort out its syntax in such a way that a modern reader would not be hypnotised into bla-di-bla by its constantly tortured misplacement of clauses and endless repetitions.

It is also important to state that I take it as a given that the whole ‘Jews are to blame’ has always been a cover story to keep the Jewish masses herded and controlled by an elite group of psychopaths masking themselves as ‘Jews’

To quote Dr. K R Bolton whose paper I refer to further below:

As one might say today, this seems to be something of a "protection racket". The Jewish masses are being milked of millions of dollars every year to fill the coffers not only of Israel but of numerous "Jewish defence" organisations such as the Anti-Defamation League, which continually feed the Jews the line that a pogrom or a new "Holocaust" is just around the corner if Jews don’t keep donating.

Here is what The Protocols say about "anti-Semitism". It is surely a strange passage if the authors are anti-Semites wishing to incite pogroms:

"Nowadays if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at our discretion, and by our direction, for their anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us." (Prot. IX).


As I have worked these are some of the key thoughts that have struck me:

1. Is it possible that, rather than the information concerning the ‘Dark Moon’ i.e. 4th Density STS that (I think) Laura has posited was the subject of the turn of the century furore among secret societies over a leak of information, that it was this document that was in fact the cause of such a stir? That someone senior intentionally broke ranks - because it was ‘time’, under the protective guise of a clearly anti-semitic work, to spread the message far and wide to authoritarian types and other psychos – or someone more junior who attended what appear to be lectures, wrote them down and let them out for whatever reason (that they were horrified by what they heard – an early whistle blower?). This possibility would go a long way to explain the extraordinary, and still ongoing, efforts to (a) damn them to hell and (b) weave so many impenetrable webs around their true origin? Signal to noise ratio?

2. That it seems clear to me that this document contained a deliberate anti-Semitic trope so that it would inevitably be dismissed as a forgery – as the writer/s knew full well that its own foot soldiers/useless idiots in the media etc would – when required – would step in and stain it forever as untouchable by anyone who did not wish to be tainted as an anti-semite or insane. The perfect inbuilt red herring cover story in other words, like an Intel black-op. That’s why they waited nearly 20 years until it had gained serious purchase among many thinkers and commentators before apparently dismantling it via its agents in the London Times. This way – like such other examples such as the collapse in serious interest in crop-circles due to the two old fools with their string and boards – they caused maximum long-term damage to its credibility leaving the document absolutely toxic to touch – but freely available nonetheless.

3. That the ‘original’ may not even have taken such an obvious anti-jewish slant as now, and in fact these elements may have been added or added to significantly post drafting, even as part of its original first publication as well as to later versions.

For the interested I will briefly summarize some of the key facts/issues below but in truth it is a labyrinth not unlike trying to unravel the JFK mystery – for it has multiple tentacles and they often double down blind alleys or go full circle to meet yet another tangle… now doesn’t that remind us of many other very purposeful ‘obscured’ critical events...?


The argument has always been that The Protocols were inspired by the First Zionist Congress, held in Basel, Switzerland, August 29 to August 31, 1897. So that means it is generally accepted their composition must have taken place after this date.

Following this line and given a rough estimate of a minimum of 6 months drafting, editing, finalizing, etc, that means say February 1898 – at the earliest.

Well, the earliest accepted publication of the Protocols took place between August 28 to September 7 1903, in Znamya, a Saint Petersburg daily newspaper, owned by rabid anti-semite/nationalist Pavel Krushevan.

From wiki:

The text was serialized into nine issues, each carrying a headline "The Jewish Programme of the Conquest of the World". Actually the document itself was entitled: "The Protocols of the Sessions of the World Alliance of Freemasons and of the Sages of Zion", however by giving such a headline the editor anticipated, if not imposed, perceptions and conclusions of the readers.

So straight off there is a different title with a subtly different angle. Further from wiki:

The Znamya edition of the Protocols contained several notable differences from later editions. For example, it included Old Testament quotes later omitted. It made no mention of the Freemasons, which are prevalent in later editions. Paraphrases of Maurice Joly were mostly, but not entirely, lacking. This edition of the Protocols has never been translated.

If that last comment is correct (and Wiki claims it has no citation) then we are dealing with a serious break in chain of custody…

In terms of the Joly comment above, again I may post on it later, but for now let’s say there is significant evidence leading to the likelihood that it was Joly who plagiarised the protocols, not the other way round.

Anyway, there’s a possible six year silence/gap…. in which this fiendish plan to tarnish the Jews could feasibly have grown in someone’s mind… but why wait so long if the matter was clearly that urgent…?

However, in his book The Non-Existent Manuscript, Italian scholar Cesare G. De Michelis studied early Russian publications and claims The Protocols were first mentioned in the Russian press in April 1902, by the Saint Petersburg newspaper Novoye Vremya (The New Times). The article was written by famous conservative publicist Mikhail Menshikov and was titled "Plots against Humanity". The author described his meeting with a lady (Yuliana Glinka… perhaps the subject of a later post as she links to Madame Blavatsky and even possibly Gurdjieff!) who, after telling him about her mystical revelations, implored him to get familiar with the documents later known as the Protocols; but after reading some excerpts, Menshikov became quite sceptical about their origin and did not publish them.

In 1905, Sergei Nilus published the full text of the Protocols in Chapter XII, the final chapter (pp. 305–417), of the second edition (or third, according to some sources) of his book, Velikoe v malom i antikhrist, which translates as "The Great within the Small: The Coming of the Anti-Christ and the Rule of Satan on Earth". According to wiki of all people:

Paradoxically, early Russian editions of the Protocols assert that they did not come from a Zionist organization. The text, which nowhere advocates for Zionism, resembles a parody of Herzl's ideas.

Nilus claimed it was the secret proceedings of the First Zionist Congress, but when it was pointed out to him that the First Zionist Congress had been open to the public and was attended by many non-Jews (a major flaw in the whole argument of a ‘forgery’ by the way), Nilus changed his story, saying the Protocols were the work of the 1902–03 meetings of the Elders, but contradicting his own prior statement that he had received his copy in 1901…!

A subsequent secret investigation ordered by Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin, Prime Minister of Russia, and Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire from 1906 to his assassination in 1911, came to the conclusion that the Protocols first appeared in Paris in antisemitic circles around 1897–98.

Then there’s the issue of the total absence of reference to the Dreyfus affair which literally convulsed all sections of French society from 1894-1906; i.e. for the entirety of the period during which The Protocols were supposed to have been "forged" in Paris.

From the fascinating 2018-19 paper The PROTOCOLS of ZION: In Context by Dr K R Bolton:

For a document supposedly concocted to foster anti-Semitism, the exclusion of so much as a mention of the Dreyfus Affair exceeds credibility. If the authors were anti-Semites working in Paris, it is virtually certain that the case would have been woven into the passages in some manner, as is the "Panama scandal" (Prot. X).

Among those from the press covering the affair was Theodor Herzl, from Vienna. He concluded that if a Jew as assimilated as Dreyfus could be condemned, supposedly as the product of anti-Semitism, the only option for the Jews was separatism. In 1896 Herzl launched his book The Jewish State using the Dreyfus Affair as the rationale for the creation of the Zionist movement. Meanwhile, anti-Semitic Czarist agents were supposedly working diligently in Paris to forge a document that would indict Jewry, and somehow remained oblivious to the tumult around them.

…There is however an alternative explanation for the absence of Dreyfus in The Protocols, and that is the testimony that the document had been given to Mlle. Glinka as early as 1884 by Joseph Schorst. This gives rise to another interesting question which had been raised by Col. Fleischhauer at the 1935 Berne Trial. He pointed out that The Protocols (if obtained in 1884) refer to the Panama Canal scandal years before the scandal had become public knowledge (in 1892). Therefore whoever wrote The Protocols must have had inside knowledge of high powered financial manipulation.

Dr K R Bolton also states:

According to Philip Stepanov, formerly Procurator of the Moscow Synod, Chamberlain, and Privy Councillor, a copy of The Protocols was given to him in 1895 by his neighbour Maj. Alexis Sukhotin, Marshall of the town of Orel, who had been given his copy by Mlle Justine Glinka. (Sworn statement of Philip Stepanov, dated 17 April 1927).

Glinka, the daughter of a Russian general, had been in France since 1884, working for Gen. Orgevskii, secretary to the Minister of the Interior. Joseph Schorst, a Jewish member of the Mizraim Masonic Lodge in Paris, was in her employ, and offered to obtain a document which became known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Schorst later fled to Egypt where he was murdered. Returning to Russia, she gave a copy of the Protocols to Alexis Sukhotin, who showed it to Stepanov and Professor Sergius A. Nilus. Stepanov had a copy of The Protocols printed in 1897, for private circulation.

Stepanov's telltale affidavit, translated from the Russian, reads as follows:

"In 1895 my neighboring estate owner in the province of Tula, retired Major Alexey Nikolayevitch Sukhotin, gave me a handwritten copy of the 'Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion.' He told me that a lady of his acquaintance (he did not mention her name), residing in Paris, had found them at the home of a friend of hers (probably of Jewish origin), and before leaving Paris, had translated them secretly, without his knowledge, and had brought one copy of that translation to Russia, and had given that copy to him, Sukhotin.

"At first I mimeographed one hundred copies of the Protocols, but that edition was difficult to read, and I resolved to have it printed somewhere, without mentioning the time, the city and the printer; I was helped in this by Arcady Ippolitovitch Kelepkovsky, who at that time was Privy Councillor with Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovitch; he had these documents printed at the Provincial Printing Press; that was in 1897. S. A. Nilus reprinted these Protocols in full in his book, with his own commentaries.

"Philip Petrovitch Stepanov, former Procurator of the Moscow Synod Office; Chamberlain, Privy Councillor

I’ll stop there before the plot thickens even more…


There is a minor issue of interest that I will not go into in detail here (and I confess I have not got very far with this idea and have certainly not come close to cracking any code if there is one) but I have a strong suspicion the document is structured in some form of cosmological or ‘black’ magic fashion using some form of code or Cabalistic pattern.

There are 24 Protocols (2x 12 = 2 ‘years’ with 12 moons in each. 12 is also the number of years for a full cycle of Jupiter, etc)

The first 12 have 23 internal headings, and 148 sections

The second 12 have 15 internal headings, and 144 sections

It is for example interesting to note regarding the 38 total internal headings:

38 = The number of years it took the Israelites to travel from Kadesh Barnea to the Zered valley in Deuteronomy. “And the space in which we came from Kadeshbarnea, until we were come over the brook Zered, was thirty and eight years; until all the generation of the men of war were wasted out from among the host, as the LORD sware unto them.”

Kadesh Barnea is a key feature in the common biblical formula delineating the southern border of the Land of Israel (cf. Numbers 34:4, Joshua 15:3, Ezekiel 47:19 etc.) and thus its identification is key to understanding both the ideal and geopolitically realised borders of ancient Israel.

There are a number of other confluences I have noted but as yet but no distinct pattern. But again I suspect this issue is in there and again hints at a genius code maker being involved in its final shape if not its composition.

Suffice it to say, the Protocols and their history are not what they seem!

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For those unfamiliar with the totality of the Protocols and their individual themes, the following guide table is from Wiki (unedited):

1The Basic Doctrine: "Right Lies in Might"Freedom and Liberty; Authority and power; Gold = money
2Economic War and Disorganization Lead to International GovernmentInternational Political economic conspiracy; Press/Media as tools
3Methods of ConquestJewish people, arrogant and corrupt; Chosenness/Election; Public Service
4The Destruction of Religion by MaterialismBusiness as Cold and Heartless; Gentiles as slaves
5Despotism and Modern ProgressJewish Ethics; Jewish People's Relationship to Larger Society
6The Acquisition of Land, The Encouragement of SpeculationOwnership of land
7A Prophecy of Worldwide WarInternal unrest and discord (vs. Court system) leading to war vs Shalom/Peace
8The transitional GovernmentCriminal element
9The All-Embracing PropagandaLaw; education; Freemasonry
10Abolition of the Constitution; Rise of the AutocracyPolitics; Majority rule; Liberalism; Family
11The Constitution of Autocracy and Universal RuleGentiles; Jewish political involvement; Freemasonry
12The Kingdom of the Press and ControlLiberty; Press censorship; Publishing
13Turning Public Thought from Essentials to Non-essentialsGentiles; Business; Chosenness/Election; Press and censorship; Liberalism
14The Destruction of Religion as a Prelude to the Rise of the Jewish GodJudaism; God; Gentiles; Liberty; Pornography
15Utilization of Masonry: Heartless Suppression of EnemiesGentiles; Freemasonry; Sages of Israel; Political power and authority; King of Israel
16The Nullification of EducationEducation
17The Fate of Lawyers and the ClergyLawyers; Clergy; Christianity and non-Jewish Authorship
18The Organization of DisorderEvil; Speech;
19Mutual Understanding Between Ruler and PeopleGossip; Martyrdom
20The Financial Program and ConstructionTaxes and Taxation; Loans; Bonds; Usury; Moneylending
21Domestic Loans and Government CreditStock Markets and Stock Exchanges
22The Beneficence of Jewish RuleGold = Money; Chosenness/Election
23The Inculcation of ObedienceObedience to Authority; Slavery; Chosenness/Election
24The Jewish RulerKingship; Document as Fiction

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The Basic Doctrine
1. If we are to achieve our goals, then clear and purposeful intensions are required, not empty theorising. By revealing and weighing the true nature of reality we will see clearly the way we should tread.
2. The system set out here has two perspectives; the first being that of us psychopaths, the second that of the human.
3. It is first understood by us that with genuinely selfless people being in a distinct minority, the majority of the human species are therefore wholly susceptible to the clarion call of self-interest. At this time acts of violent intimidation and fear based programming - not reasoned debate - are therefore the most appropriate means to establish our power over the population.

We believe that all humans long for some form of power in their lives – they all secretly dream of being a petty dictator, if only it were possible. Very few humans will refuse to sacrifice the well being of others, even if to do so were the sole guarantor of their own welfare and comfort.
4. Thus the vast majority of humans are really nothing but predators in waiting. So what hitherto has stopped them living out this hidden fantasy?
5. If we trace matters back to the very origins of organized society, we see that the necessary direction of unhesitating brute force was first used to keep the latent barbarity of humanity in check. Over time this reality mutated and was codified into the Law based system we have today – in essence the same violent control mechanism, yes - but one cloaked and dressed up in fine sounding words. From this overview we can deduce that the natural order perpetually teaches us that might is always inherently right.
6. Therefore the current cry for freedom from ongoing oppression is nothing more than a base fantasy. We need to use this illusion, however, as a seduction to bring in to our fold those who would inadvertently do our bidding and use their envy to help us bring down long established order.

This will best be accomplished if our human opponent has become infected with the corrosive force of LIBERALISM AND FREEDOM, and thus feels falsely bound to freely surrender up some of its power. This is a crucial tipping point, for the willing relinquishing by old elites of the proven principle of ‘might is always inherently right’ leads them to abdicate their inherited license simply at the demand of others. This ways new forces of domination take over from the weakened old, for the people cannot survive a single day without some kind of lord and master holding violent sway over them.
7. Previously a unifying religious creed was the cover by which the elite maintained their control. In this liberal, democratising age however, the insatiable hunger for money has replaced this faith based system. In such circumstances unleashed greed for absolute freedom as a political reality is impossible to realise because it inherently has no limits. If allowed to take a hold, before long the voraciousness of the people degenerates into a chaotic infighting, exhausting the body politic, bringing it to its knees, and in so doing, rips down and destroys forever the effective apparatus and defences of the state.
8. In such circumstances each state slowly succumbs through exhaustion to either internal or external threat and thereby risks irretrievable defeat – at which point we pounce!

Our first step is to offer the withering authority access to our fiat money – solely maintained by our tyrannical hand – and in its desperation to survive at any price, its final demise is guaranteed.
9. To an objection made to this overview by those of liberal persuasion we say, since you clearly have no moral issue with the use of the full deceptive and aggressive powers of the state to repel invaders from beyond your borders, why would you balk at the use of similar forces to bring to check those within the state’s boundaries who would equally seek its demise as a result of their self-serving wilfulness?
10. The gross and volatile mob of humanity spawned by liberal democracy cannot be directed by any reason or wise words. Total freedom of expression means an inevitable, never ending wall of inanity and senseless Babel which is then taken up by the feeble minded and paraded as truth. The whims of the masses reflect perpetual pettiness of mind which drowns out any chance of reasoned agreement or commonality of purpose.

With no knowledge or ability to absorb and command political realities - both known and secret - the common herd is perpetually prey to the chance whim of the moment or the bellow of the loudest prevailing wind. All they are capable of is demanding and directing absurdities which inevitably lead to nothing but wrack and ruin.
11. That is why we say the wheeling of political power has nothing to do with morality. The moral politician is untutored in reality and threatens the existence of the power system we depend on. Honesty and openness are sure signs of ineptitude for only those with the ability to trick and deceive – us psychopaths - are proven fit to rule. Therefore we pay no heed to such false attributes, leaving them to the gullible humans and their fantasies.
12. In the face of such idiocy, the use of force is our inalienable right, as is our desire to take all we want as proof of how much stronger than humanity we are.
13. For in our view of reality there is no such thing as right and wrong – only this applied force.
14. In the face of a never ending series of demands for ‘rights’, the subservient liberal rulers have abdicated all right to authority. Therefore we are fully in our right to target them and to destroy forever their sham pretense at authority and due process. Henceforth we shall rule in their place for they have let go of the true nature of power in their pitiful attempt to be ‘rightful’.
15. As their strength wanes so shall we arise invincible, for we are experts at invisibility and will remain so until such time as our total victory over the human race can no longer be counteracted.
16. We willingly accept our evil acts as a necessary road to the good of eventual sure governance which will guarantee the return of the total power of the state. The means always justify this end. The result will approve the means.

But enough of such inconsequential words as ‘good’ and ‘moral’ and let us return to the important matter in hand – that which is necessary and productive.
17. We have a plan. If we do not wish to see the deceit of many centuries utterly wasted, we must not deviate from its path one iota.
18. The first step we must take is to fully acknowledge the total inability of the masses to grasp what is in their best interest, namely to be ruled over by us. We must recognise the fact that collectively humans are by nature feckless and therefore any leadership that emerges from within such a mob – though they may appear to have certain gifts – will by default be blind to the harsher political realities and thus threaten the survival of the resources of the state.
19. Only we psychopaths, immersed from our earliest days in the single minded pursuit of power for its own sake, are fit to grasp the tools of authority.
20. The common herd have no such single minded nature. They openly fight among themselves; they give way to disordered and petty wants; their judgement is impaired by emotions and false visions emerging from their ego driven desires. In an attempt to please so many disparate wants and wishes, a nation can do nothing but fall into decay and eventual collapse.
21. Absolute dictatorship is the only guarantor of continuity. For only a single minded, despotic rule can responsibly direct the successful management of all the resources of the state via its relevant, expert levels of constituent force. Otherwise you face the uncontrollable savagery of the pent up mob, hell-bent on anarchy and self gratification. Do you wish to return to unabated savagery?
23. Just look at what they do when given any freedoms? They drink to excess and succumb to their natural debauchery. Given half the chance, humans sink lower and lower into the gutter. See how out of boredom they have abandoned the teachings of old and instead fall easy prey to our agents of deceit such as bought and sold academics, our brain washed teachers, our compliant bureaucrats, porn merchants and brothels. Add to this the lazy rich - the materially driven followers of fashion - who so readily fall foul of corruption and excess.
23. We conquer by disguising our drive towards despotism behind the make believe of successful liberal politicians. Behind every mask must reside ambition framed by cunning and violence. This evil will eventually lead to good. We shall not hesitate to bribe, to lie, to commit treason, as these are the very tools that will bring forth our goals. We will not hesitate to seize what property is necessary in our pursuit of total submission and control.
25. Our psychopathic order, having slipped into power without so much as a fight, will outlaw war by making war upon those individuals who would stand in our path, and by so doing maintain the greater peace. Our use of terror and deceit against those who would dare resist us will ensure justice in the end for all those who don’t. Yes, all reckonings will be settled in time but only if we hold fast to our relentless purpose. The New World Order, our super global government, will arise when in all corners of the world it is understood we will never compromise, never bend or change our ways. All opposition to our rule will only cease when they fear us utterly, and truly understand we will stop at nothing, stoop to anything.
26. Long ages ago we first coined the rallying cry "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," which today has been all too eagerly taken up by those too foolish and ignorant to know its real purpose as bait to catch the unwary and to serve as herald to the end of liberty, equality and fraternity in the hands of the frenzied mob!

The intellectuals among the human population have utterly failed to make these abstractions into effective life changing purposes. This is because they have not grasped that in nature there is no such thing as equality, that there can be no freedom, that there is no fraternity. Nature itself has decreed that most minds are unequal, that character is not universal and that human qualities are varied and few in number. Rather she leaves all subject to her unyielding laws, decreeing that even those who rise from the ranks of the mob to political office shall carry with them the same ineptitudes, the same self-delusions and gross attributes as the source from whence they come. Even the inept, if he graduates through our secret societies, knows this, whilst the non-adept - be he a genius - is as blind to political realities as is the fool.

Thus is the bulk of humanity woefully ignorant of political realities that have long been passed down through time, father to son, keeping the secrets of power protected within only the ruling family units. But today even these traditional elite families have cast aside the importance of such dynastic transference of knowledge and in so doing have created a fertile ground of growing ignorance for us to till.
26. From every corner of the world our rallying cry of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," has delivered up hordes of willing subjects who, through ignorance of their leaders, have provided us with legions of enthusiastic followers. Little do they realise that these words act like a mind virus, undermining their safety and well-being, bringing discord where peace once lived, envy where gratitude, and thus dismantling the very foundations of human society. This delivered up our first trump card – the tools by which we could bring down the established aristocracy, the only defence the commonality of mankind and their states had against us. In place of this traditional, dynastic leadership we have installed a fiat-money driven class whose only skill is in accumulating wealth for themselves at the expense of the many, a class whose security depends entirely on our support and patronage for its continuation.
27. This success has depended on our deep understanding of human psychology and the prevailing human weakness for service to self. This enables us to feed their naturally insatiable greed for wealth, sex and material reward at the expense of all else. Each of these weaknesses would be enough to make the average human succumb for we have long learned that he who delivers fulfillment of any of these needs has the recipient totally enthralled to their will.
28. The false concept of universal freedom has enabled us to convince the mob of humanity that their government is ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’, and that elected politicians are therefore only responsible to the populous - being the true owners of the resources of the nation - and can be replaced on a whim by them.
29. It is this conceit that has given us control over the political process through our power of appointment, for we decide who the people get to choose from and we decide when they shall be removed.

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1. To fulfill our plan it is important that as far as possible wars should never end in territorial gain by one side or the other. War must be turned into an economic device whereby both sides vie for our financial support leading all parties prey to our multiplicity of financial agents. It is our international perspective and control that will finally destroy national self-identity and interest, for we will rule over all nation states in precisely the same manner as subjects within a country give obedience to the laws formed by their betters above them.
2. The authoritarian followers we choose to administer our rule will be selected not for their gifts in statecraft but for their willingness to obey us, making them willing pawns in our game and easily manipulated by those of us who have been trained since birth in the proper uses of international political power.

As you know, the authoritarian followers within the lower ranks of our fraternity have studied long and hard to understand our political plans, our teaching of true history and our particular view of reality. Other humans do not have access to this unprejudiced knowledge, relying instead on their wildly off course theories, irrespective of their success when applied or not.

Thus we need not bother ourselves with their foolery for when the bell finally tolls they will be left with nothing but their broken delusions. For now, let them remain blinded by the false sciences we have fed them and which the media constantly reaffirms at our behest. The ego of the human intellectual is such that even when information comes along that dismantles their beliefs they will maintain them still at any cost rather than face the consequences of their delusions, and so supplied by our many agents of deceit, they will continue to proudly allow their minds to be owned by us.
3. This is not mere empty rhetoric; just remember what we have infiltrated in to the common parlance of science via the theories of Charles Darwin, into political thinking by those of Karl Marx and of psychology by Nietshe-ism. We psychopaths fully appreciate the degenerative impact these directives of ours have had on the consciousness of humanity at large.
4. For our plans to prosper and so as to avoid any error, we need to constantly monitor all political and social expressions emanating from the remaining nation states. We need to design our efforts to fit in with the particularities and peculiarities of each culture with constant reference to past experience as being a guide to our present day actions.
5. Today each state is subject to the grip the media holds over the people. The ‘free’ press exists to identify and demand the seemingly indispensable conceits we have planted over many decades, namely the will of the people being of paramount concern and the need to listen when they are mobilised in dissenting voice to the policies of the prevailing status quo. It is through the press that the idea of freedom of speech is falsely maintained. Not understanding this power, the existing authorities have allowed us to gain control of the media, granting us the power to influence the sway of public opinion whilst remaining hidden behind its curtain. This is of priceless value to our cause and though gained at great cost to us, is more than worth the price we have paid.

Michael B-C

FOTCM Member
1. Our goal of domination is close at hand. There are but a few remaining steps left to us before we close the loop and entrap all of Europe, (and thereby the world), in our encircling snake.
2. We will see complex constitutions suddenly dissolve, for our interference over long ages has so weakened them they cannot withstand any form of shock or further jolt. Humans have unwarranted faith in their permanence – but they have failed to grasp how pivotal to their maintenance were the bloodline empowered royal families who now being surrounded by self-serving advisors and gross minded representatives of the masses, are becoming ever more powerless to hold fast to their once pivotal function. The Age of Revolution has brought fear to the various palaces of Europe and now divided and removed from the common populous, princes grow ever more recluse and detached from reality. Thus we have driven a wedge between farsighted Sovereign Power and the blind and immediate rage of the common people so that both are now divorced, pursuing their own goals, divided from one another’s best interest.
3. To encourage those greedy for petty power we have set up the great dialectic of left against right, creating faction upon faction where once independent thought flourished. By supporting all divisive enterprises, by arming both sides in any conflict, we have created a world in which all now feast upon the body politic. Statesmanship has been replaced by vested interest and this cancer will lead inevitably to total disorder and universal bankruptcy.
4. Just take one look at the sitting of a parliament or administrative board; you will see and hear nothing but babblers and show offs. Corrupt journalists and unscrupulous commentators feed daily upon the failing efforts of the political class. These and other abuses will put to death all existing institutions and the mob will tear down the remains.
5. Now more so than ever, the great mass of humanity is chained by the toil of poverty. Previously they were held fast by slavery and serfdom – shackles they could in theory cast off - but today it is poverty that holds them in check, and it is this prison from which they will never escape. They have fallen fowl of the idea of ‘Inalienable rights’, not realising these to be merely temporary ploys we granted them for our own purposes. After all what good is freedom of expression to the rough labourer bowed double over his sack of coal? They mean and are nothing. These rights exist merely to give them the means by which to vote into power those we select, to support the policies we device and from which we cast them the odd scrap of comfort to keep them content in their servitude. Republican rights are a joke, for what use are they to he who labours dawn to dusk and depends on the behest of the union or employer for his meagre slave wage?
6. Under our guidance the people have destroyed the aristocracy, not realising them to be their only defence against us, whilst the aristocracy has become increasingly obsessed with its own advantages over the people, not remembering they only survive as so the people flourish. The result is that the people are now prey to financial sharks and debt makers who place a never ending burden upon their backs.
7. When things become intolerable we step in – offering them a way to pay back their oppressors by joining our various revolutionary movements, be they socialist, communist or anarchist, all of which are maintained by our network of fraternal secret societies. The aristocracy of old knew their status depended on the contentment of a well fed and healthy work force. We have no such interest, rather our purpose is THE MASS CULLING OF THE OVER POPULATION OF HUMANS. We know our power grows in league with the declining health and wealth of the general populous because the less they accept for rations the more we know they are become enslaved to our will with no resources left to rise up against us. This hunger, enforced by debt slavery, has more power over the masses than ever the king’s authority granted to the aristocracy ever did.

8. Creating such poverty generates mass envy and virulent hatred, and in time this unstoppable force will move the mob to turn on the last of those who stand between us and total domination.

10. The mass of humanity has lost the power of reasoned thought unless it is to spout the vacuous ideas fed to them by our ‘experts’. Thus they have no grasp of what we plan to indoctrinate them with when we finally seize power, namely THAT NATURE DECREES WHO RULES AND WHO OBEYS – THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EQUALITY. THAT WHATSOEVER CLASS THEY ARE BORN INTO, SO SHALL THEY REMAIN. Our secret knowledge of the true nature of the human means we will be sole dictators of what they shall and shall not know. Only those who comprehend and accept their place shall have any rights before our laws. No one unfitting to our purpose will be allowed to rise up out of their allotted place in this structure by means of independent, educated thought. It will not take long for the mass of humanity to willingly accept this servitude. For thanks to our indoctrination via the concept of class and the ensuing state of mind that emerges from it, the mass ranks now ignorantly despise those above them to such a degree that they do not wish or long for the right to join the ranks of their betters.
11. THIS HATRED WILL BE FURTHER EXACERBATED BY THE WIDESPREAD IMPACT OF A PLANNED, ECONOMIC CRISIS which will see international stock markets plummet and bring industry to a halt. By secret methods we will use our control and manipulation of the world’s gold stock to create A UNIVERSAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE THAT WILL SIMULTANEOUSLY CAST UPON THE STREETS IN EVERY COUNTRY ACROSS THE CONTINENT WHOLE HOSTS OF ENRAGED WORKERS. This mob will then fall upon the property owning class who in their ignorance from birth they have learned to envy and hate.

13. This progress to a new order will be meekly accepted by all. Our control over them will be total for by the use of terror we will subdue all opposition and violently remove the cancer of liberal thought from all state bodies.
14. We will provide the populous with just the right dose of indulgences to make them believe they have been solely responsible for creating their own new order. IN THEIR RUSH TO BRING IT IN THEY WILL NOT NOTICE THE FINAL DEMISE OF THE OLD ORDER MEANS THEY HAVE WILLINGLY HANDED POWER OVER THEM TO US. Just remember what we achieved via the French Revolution, a movement we spawned and whose status as ‘Great’ amongst the masses we engineered.
15. Since that event we have lead the people by their noses from one disillusionment to another, so that in the end they will even come to prefer the DESPOTIC FINAL SOLUTION, THE ANTICHRIST, we are preparing.
16. Our international power has become invincible, for any form of attack can now be repelled with the willing aide of our various allies in control of state apparatus. Human willingness to cow-tow before gross power whilst being belligerent to shows of vulnerability, accepting of any crime yet vicious when confronted by honest mistakes, incapable of accepting the contradictions inherent in an open society yet resigned to their fate when faced by despotic power – these fooleries are what are propelling us to ultimate victory. How remarkable it is that the people of today will patiently accept the brutality of their leaders when previously they would have risen up and decapitated the kings of old for much less!
17. How can we explain this curious indifference of the mass of the populous to their impending fate compared with previously?
18. The answer is that our agents of dissent have seduced them to believe that with each wound they inflict upon their oppressor - the nation state - they come ever closer to their goal of securing international social justice based equal opportunities and universal rights. Naturally these agents do not inform the humans that these moves to uniformity are the necessary pathway to our eventual domination.
19. Persuaded by their righteousness, the humans happily condemn the worthy whilst acquitting the guilty. Thus they willingly destroy their inherited stability and replace it with unending discord.
20. Under the banner ‘freedom’ all over humankind rises up against any kind of power base, any natural authority even against their god and the immutable laws of nature itself. That is why when we come to power one of our first deeds will be to erase from memory the word ‘freedom’ because all it ever produces is a blood-thirsty mob!
21. It is true that once satiated with blood this mob disperses and quite happily reverts once more to its position of servitude. But without a regular supply of victims they soon rise up again and continue their lust for discord.

Michael B-C

FOTCM Member
1. Republics pass through a number of stages in their evolution. They begin with the unruly mob holding sway, tossing and thrashing between left and right; then the second stage sees the rise to pre-eminence of a violent orator who - through their propensity to emote and enflame passionate prejudice - unleashes an anarchy that leads inevitably on to despotism. Not the kind of overt tyrant of old who often acted responsibly but a disguised despotism delivered by a secret society which uses front agents who come and go on a whim and whose removal does not in anyway impact on the power hidden beneath - rather actually aides it by not requiring significant and draining financial rewards to be the result of long and faithful service.
2. Who can possible dislodge such an invisible power, for that is precisely who we are? Freemasonry serves its purposes for us in this regard but remains blind to our deeper purpose hidden within its upper echelons (as are the mass of the populous beyond).
3. We need to acknowledge that even some mild forms of freedom that do not have negative consequence for others can arise in a political and economic system still based on the acceptance of a divinely originating authority, one that promotes kinship as opposed to equality (which has no basis in natural law which decrees servitude as standard). In such circumstances humanity could be governed locally by religiously motivated persons and their faith based practise of spiritual justice would lead to harmony, acceptance and forbearing. IT IS THEREFORE IMPERATIVE WE DEVALUE THE VERY CONCEPT OF ‘FAITH’, DESTROY THE VERY IDEA OF THEIR BEING A DIVINE ORDER OF THINGS, DECRY THE VALIDITY OF THE SPIRIT AND REPLACE SUCH CONCEPTS WITH MATERIALISTIC PHILOSOPHIES, SYSTEMS, WANTS AND NEEDS AS BEING THE ONLY BASIS FOR REALITY.
4. In order to create no space or time for serious contemplation of these things we must encourage the human population to focus solely on the vital centrality to their lives of trade and industry. This will ensure every nation is obsessed by the pursuit of gain at all cost and in a race to achieve perpetual boom, give no heed to us psychopaths, their common enemy. To further ensure any chance of escape eludes them we must encourage speculation as the sole basis for all transactions, ensuring that the real wealth tied up in the natural resources of the world are transformed into abstractions and false derivatives, whilst we secretly take control of them.
5. The unending struggle for dominance and the repeated economic shocks is already creating disenchanted, un-empathetic, mechanised communities. These groupings will foster a strong distaste for higher political aims and for all forms of religion, with their only pursuit being personal financial gain which they will transform to the status of an idolatrous, gold worshipping cult. Time will soon come when these types will follow our call and out of hatred bring their wrath down upon our rivals, most especially the independent minded intellectuals still immune to our clutches.

Michael B-C

FOTCM Member
1. What form of self government can be granted to human communities that have allowed corruption to run riot, where riches are only gained by deceit and con artistry, where looseness holds sway and the façade of morality is only maintained by fear of punishment rather than freely accepted personal constraint, where faith and loyalty to nation are replaced by faith and loyalty to the universal at the expense of the particular? What type of rules do these humans warrant other than those of the despot, (which we will come back to shortly)? Step by step we will centralise all power so as to take overarching control over local authorities. We shall regulate and dictate all political acts with new laws that eliminate one by one the indulgences and liberties which the humans have hitherto established and our total control will be such that it will have the power to dispose of any individual anywhere who dares stands up to us by either word or deed.
2. There will be those who say such tyranny is out of accord with the general progressive movement of these times, but this is not so.
3. When humans viewed their leaders as divinely ordained they submitted without dissent to their unlimited power over them, but from the moment we insinuated into their consciousness the idea that they - the common herd - had inalienable birth rights they began to see their leaders as men of clay just like themselves. The holy writ of divinely ordained birthright was stripped from their visage and when we also deluded them of their faith in the existence of divinity itself, all that was left was the law of the streets which we have seized upon and now use for our own purposes.
4. Our authoritarian administrators have perfected the art of spewing out incomprehensible jargon, of devising ingeniously crafted false theory upon theory, and by continual design and pronouncement of ever more regulation, ensure us the means to entangle the mass of humanity in our toxic web. From birth we have perfected the fine art of dissemblement. In recent times perhaps only the Jesuit order has rivalled us in this level of structured deceit, but of late we have successfully discredited them in the eyes of the masses as an open threat to their well being whilst all the time keeping our own covert and secret purpose hidden. We have learned it seems to make no difference to the humans who holds ultimate control – unrestricted catholic power or us – but we know that as the truly appointed ones and by the gifts of our being, that we psychopaths were born to rule in the end.
5. WE MUST REMAIN AWARE THAT SHOULD HUMANS EVER UNITE AGAINST US WE COULD STILL BE RESTRAINED. In truth we need have no fear of this happening for by long design and habit humans prefer to feed off the discord spread among them that has now become their second nature. This we have aided by setting brother against brother, tribe against tribe and nation against nation through time immemorial. Today there is not a single nation state that by openly opposing us would encourage support from any other, for all know for sure that any such action brings with it guaranteed calamity. We are unimpeachable and none may evade our dictates. NO NATION STATE MAY NOW REACH AGREEMENT WITH ANOTHER ON ANY MATTER OF IMPORTANCE WIITHOUT OUR SAY SO.
6. The book of Proverbs accurately states, ‘By me kings reign and princes decree justice’, ancient proof that it has always been known that the divine order itself granted us psychopaths the right to rule over the earth and further saw to it we would have the prerequisite psychological profile to fulfil this purpose. Even if similar talents were to emerge from within the body of humanity, they would still be no match for us as, for from day one of our mutual existence on this planet we have set about the task allotted us and would never give up on it without there first being a universal fight to the death. Anyway, the appearance of any such capability in our adversary would arise too late in the day, for since the very inception of civilisation we have engineered it that all sources of finance - the engine room of state power - have always been under our say so. The centuries of influence our kind has brought to bear has thus granted the economy almost divine importance in the destiny of humanity and from which there is now no escape.
7. For our fiat money to work effectively on an interlocking global scale we must first establish monopoly control over the international means of production and trade. This we are successfully undertaking inch by inch. By these means we can use industry to direct its political and economic power to repress the global population. At present it is more useful to disarm and disable the people than to cull them by war, more valuable to harness the resentments that fester as a result of these policies than to quench their outrage, more important long term to use these means to wipe them off the face of the planet. OUR GOALS ARE TO MAKE POWERLESS THE POPULOUS; TO REMOVE ITS ABILITY TO CORRECTLY ASSESS THE NATURE OF ITS PERIL AND SO OUT OF SELF PRESERVATION RISE UP AGAINST US EN MASSE; TO DIRECT THEIR MINDS TO SOLELY FOCUS ON PETTY PURPOSES AND MEANINGLESS PURSUITS THROUGH A NEVER ENDING DIET OF INANITIES.
8. We can rely on the fact that since time immemorial whether individually or collectively, humans have shown a willingness to accept words over actions, to BE CONTENT WITH LIES OVER TRUTH, rarely ever stopping to notice whether the fine promises of their leaders are ever followed through on. That is why our goal is to create institutions that speak fine progressive words but never deliver on their promises, but rather establish a world befitting our image of reality.
11. The second prerequisite is to so amplify and exaggerate national frailties, civil discords, individual identities, etc, that it will prove impossible for any citizen to know what is and isn’t reality or to understand each other’s perspective on life, leading to a chaotic state of perpetual infighting. This will also increase levels of conflict within and between collectivised bodies and further discourage any form of personal efforts to oppose our rise. THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS TO OUR CAUSE THAN PERSONAL INITIATIVE. If it is motivated by real, independent intelligence it can do more harm to our purpose than any mass movement, which we can always corrupt. It is our task to ensure that their education systems do not train individuals in the art of self empowerment and initiative and that encourage a general state of powerlessness whenever they face events requiring self motivation. The stress of attempting to act freely should so drain those who attempt it that they quickly retreat in the face of the oppositional forces they face and so succumb to moral disenchantment and failure. BY THIS MEANS WE WILL WEAR DOWN THE HUMAN POPULATION TO A POINT WHEREBY THEY WILL GLADLY GRANT US SUCH POWER OVER THEM THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO DIGEST EVERY INDEPENDENT NATION STATE AND REFORM THEM INTO A SINGLE WORLD GOVERNMENT. In the place of today’s political leaders we shall set up an apparition under the guise of a New World Order. Its tentacles will reach in all directions and its bureaucracy and administrative systems will be on such a gargantuan scale that it will envelop all the people’s of the world in its vice like grip.

Michael B-C

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I'll halt there for now at Protocols 1-5 and see if this process is of interest to others here before posting more. Nothing has been taken out or added and I have taken great care to keep the meaning as close to the existing English translation as is possible. On a very few occasions have I used 20th century politicized terms as I think they are like for like translations and add possible illumination.


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I think the protocols are meant to overshadow, and demoralize civil discourse; it is a kind of literary poison. And so to read them is to first know what it is, and how and why it is propagated.

It is like a 'shock and awe' of intent. It is instructional in its destructiveness. But the bottom line is it is destructive. And so, what is the purpose of the hows and whys of every little aspect of human civility and discourse? Anyone can undo what good people do in cooperation - and with great efficiency, in destructiveness. It takes much less effort to destroy than build. But our natural inclination is to cooperate, build, and prosper. So, this is meant to guide the profane, or at least give them false hope, and harness their power, and turn them into organized minions. It is propagated periodically to snare the desperate and profane. It turns them against their very nature, and the civilization that shelters them. It is destructive. Even though the thought, methods and reasoning might be interesting to know, it is backward and unnatural. And it feeds off civilizations failings. So, it's important to summarize that all the little details, planning, ect. aren't for sane minds to understand - other than it being destructive reasoning of people turned against human nature. That's all that need be understood - everything we do, the protocols does the inverse. To undo what we strive for.
So why the detailed instruction? Because it is aimed at the reader. It attempts to belittle all we do as civilized people, and make the simple task of destruction look almighty. And to the zealous, they eat it up. Like religion.
So, it is probably meant to recruit in a manner similar to organized religion, only the type of people are degenerate.
As well, the decent person reads the protocols and are meant to be intimidated by all the explicit unravelings that it espouses, and is discouraged and demoralized. But it is just a protracted, detailed, plan that incites the grandeur of ones own imaginings in how to be destructive. Destructive!

Michael B-C

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So, it is probably meant to recruit in a manner similar to organized religion, only the type of people are degenerate.

Metrist, I don't disagree with a word you say in your post and the above is what I come back to repeatedly. That these evil 'mantras' are like a very, very dark virus with the purpose of spreading their malevolence into whatever crevice of the mind of the unsuspecting as is possible and then seep down silently into the unconscious from where they can suggest appropriate reaction in the host. I felt their purpose when I worked on the rewording and thankfully remain impervious to any of their vile suggestions. Being something of a liminal person who has spent by life in the theatre exploring many of the patches in between the light and the shadow where others perhaps fear to tread - I am able to recognize the 'magical' power inherent in suggestive words. But I assure you I do not take them lightly one iota. They utterly revolt me but I am able to remain somewhat dispassionate when I write - it is only after when I read them back do the chills of horror and utter rejection truly rear up in me.


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I like commenting on the subject, as I remember the first time I read it. And I was like: How diabolical! And was troubled.

But, over the years, the topic arises, and I have learned to dispell its magic.

We are dynamic, thinking people, and to read the protocols, we are objects. That we behave so predictably... we do... constructively. And the protocols negates our nature, but its omission of our nature is its failing. And it only troubles us if we follow that narrative.


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I'll halt there for now at Protocols 1-5 and see if this process is of interest to others here before posting more. Nothing has been taken out or added and I have taken great care to keep the meaning as close to the existing English translation as is possible. On a very few occasions have I used 20th century politicized terms as I think they are like for like translations and add possible illumination.
Speaking for myself, it is good you halted. IMHO, the psychopaths should do their own homework.


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We have learned it seems to make no difference to the humans who holds ultimate control – unrestricted catholic power or us – but we know that as the truly appointed ones and by the gifts of our being, that we psychopaths were born to rule in the end.

Congratulations on your work so far! And thank you for sharing. It was a most interesting read. I will share a few reflection in passing, which were popping up while reading through.

Not only is it of great interest to direct the light to the underlying energy of such writings, thus promptly undressing the content, exposing it for what it is: a raw Service To Self blueprint or books of instructions.

In the interpretation process it also becomes a necessary exploration and stirring of the same mirrored in parts within yourself, and also for those then taking part of your work, reading your findings and reflections. It becomes a shared shamanic exposition!

What comes to mind is the "Sabbateans". I did a quick search in the Forum and they are mentioned a few times in different threads:

Oftentimes we try to find names as sources to label that which we would like to understand, and build a narrative around those names. Names do not tell a full story. As we know, Service To Self prefers to hide under many names, disguises, and appear in different shapes and forms in many various circumstances.

It is true that the mindset of a psychopath is that of "we psychopaths were born to rule in the end". Psychopaths also have this urge to be honest about their plans and misdeeds. This urge seems to stem from a need of ego to be recognised, and most probably, feared. That's all Service To Self cares for, the dependency on power, control and manipulation, in every way it knows how to. It cannot sustain its life force without this.

If Service To Others is using honesty as a natural means of expressing itself and being, completely without ulterior motives, Service To Self uses honesty as its natural means with a view to manipulate and invoke something which it chose by cherry picking its expression of honesty, in order to gain something from it.

The "we" used throughout the writings makes you associate to a group of likeminded people. That very "we" mirrors a hive mind. Really, any given psychopath does not care for "we" unless it serves a contextual purpose for that individual. Those who wrote the protocols are in turn serving someone, speaking for someone. It could just as well say "WE, the follower of XX". But that "master" is protecting itself. There is one single "master" psychopathic overmind hovering above the "we" of these protocols. And that single mind is controlling the "we" like drones, being fed, and continously desiring to extend its food source, through the expression and actions of the "we".

The Service To Others' notion of "we" is a natural oneness, without a superior "I" overlooking, while the Service To Self's use of "we" becomes its diametrical opposite, because not only is there always the "I" overlooking, the "we" is consisting of selected preferences making up its subjective oneness, and it's a "we" that may change from one time to another depending on the current agenda.

The act of exposing is indeed a great lesson and giver of knowledge!

Keep up the good work! :-)

Thank You! ❤️🕊
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