2021 Crop Circles


The Whiston CC is not so complex in itself but its placement looks to be along the hypotenuse of a right triangle


There was a scientist named Whiston-

William Whiston (9 December 1667 – 22 August 1752) was an English theologian, historian, and mathematician, a leading figure in the popularisation of the ideas of Isaac Newton. He is now probably best known for helping to instigate the Longitude Act in 1714 (and his attempts to win the rewards that it promised) and his important translations of the Antiquities of the Jews and other works by Josephus (which are still in print). He was a prominent exponent of Arianism and wrote A New Theory of the Earth.

Whiston succeeded his mentor Newton as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. In 1710 he lost the professorship and was expelled from the university as a result of his unorthodox religious views. Because Whiston recognized the Bible as a book of spiritual truth, he rejected the notion of eternal torment in hellfire. He viewed it as absurd and cruel, as well as an insult to God. What especially pitted him against church authorities was his denial of the Trinity after extensive research convinced him of the pagan origin of the Trinity doctrine.

And one named Wheatstone-

Sir Charles Wheatstone /ˈwiːtstən/[1] FRS FRSE DCL LLD (6 February 1802 – 19 October 1875), was an English scientist and inventor of many scientific breakthroughs of the Victorian era, including the English concertina, the stereoscope (a device for displaying three-dimensional images), and the Playfair cipher (an encryption technique). However, Wheatstone is best known for his contributions in the development of the Wheatstone bridge, originally invented by Samuel Hunter Christie, which is used to measure an unknown electrical resistance, and as a major figure in the development of telegraphy.

Whoever made these crop circles and what they mean may be beyond any of us but it does seem to be a springboard to learning new things.


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Thank you Debra for the beautiful crop circle video!

Along with right/left brain, handedness, there is also "footedness".
Very true, footedness is often used in the preliminary diagnostics of my preferred area of study.
"What I am posting is Research for Entertainment Purposes Only.
I have no authority nor license to give any medical, psychological, or life skills advice, I just have information to share, for entertainment purposes only."

So, what I have found, and observed so far, is due to numerous "social" and religious stigmas attached to being left handed, a newly born laterally left child has often been forced or coerced into only using the right hand for writing, eating, etc.

We recently figured out that while my partner is right handed, he is definitely left footed!
Oooh, this is an Excellent example of what I wrote above.
Our innate Physical laterality doesn't lie, but, with conditioning our minds and bodies can certainly be made to forget, for a time.
To further confirm, for your partner, you could check out the clapping test.

An easy way to establish the biological handedness is the clapping test - clapping the hands like appauding in a theater.

The hand that is on top is the leading hand and tells whether a person is right-handed or left-handed.

Also, right-handers start walking with the right foot, left-handers with the left foot. Left-handers are usually ambidextrous.
Left hand on top: left-handed

Right hand on top: right-handed

Clapping is usually done spontaneously, and most of the time hasn't been "retrained" by outside influences(Parents, teachers, Church authorities), although there are some people who clap in a prayer way, both hands held evenly in front. (My Daughter in law is one of these weirdos.;-) Seems that a lot of Millennial's aspire to be "contrarians"!:rolleyes:)
Footedness is then the go to indicator to figure those clappers out!
Or, to be absolutely sure, a full head CT scan, with at least 20 -25 slice images, without contrast, but that's for another discussion!
He always leads with his left foot. I'm right handed and footed.
Here is an adorable example of four legged footedness:
"Just as every human is right-handed or left-handed, each animal is right-pawed (right-hoofed) or left-pawed (left-hoofed).
As seen in the above picture, one dog gives the right paw, the other the left paw.
Watch with what leg your pet makes the first step!"

Maybe your footedness could provide a clue which direction to spin?
Thanks, I have experimented a lot with this, and have found that I am laterally left footed as well as left handed. Spinning for me is most comfortable and beneficial going clockwise, left to right.
I am going to present this to my GNM study group, and I look forward to seeing what info I may find there.

Here is a bit more information on the biological importance of laterality, if your interested, its from the Learning German New Medicine web site:
[...] biological handedness is established at the moment of the first cell division after conception. This is why with identical twins one is biologically right-handed and one is left-handed. Many left-handed people were retrained in early childhood in order to fit into the right-handed world. The real ratio of right-handers and left-handers is approximately 60:40.

The principle of laterality
: A right-handed person responds to a conflict with his/her mother or child with the left side of the body and to a conflict with a partner with the right side. With left-handed people it is reversed. Hence, a left-handed person associates a conflict with his/her mother or child with the right side of the body and a conflict with a partner with the left side."


The Whiston CC is not so complex in itself...
Whoever made these crop circles and what they mean may be beyond any of us but it does seem to be a springboard to learning new things.

Here's the Whiston CC for conformity, dated June 29th.

There is a wonderful little book by a Dutch cc researcher, Bert Janssen, in which he documents his quest for meaning in crop circles and comes down to the conclusion that the basic fundamental tenet or meaning of crop circles that is reiterated over again is the squaring of the circle (sotc). He draws upon the work of a previous researcher in the field, named Allan Brown.

In his published book, Janssen goes on to further investigate how the sotc organizing principle leads to more complex and intricate formations, and can be further traced and identified in the British landscape architecture.

One of the most basic ways to achieve a representation of the sotc with a ruler and compass is via a quintuple of circles, i.e. a main circle with four satellites. This can be reiterated in various positions of the small satellite circles relative to the main one, depending on their size. From the squaring of the circle ultimately can be deduced the π (pi) ratio, which unlike Φ (phi) ratio is not a ‘natural’ manifestation. Consequently, the squaring of the circle as a visual representation is not natural either, it’s… transcendental. Yet, the ancient architects have figured that out and incorporated the sotc in their monuments, before or along with the phi ratios.


As Janssen explains in one article:

“The magic of ‘squaring the circle’ lies in the fact that it, as far as I know, does not show up in nature. It is not a natural geometry like the phi-ratio is or the Fibonacci sequence. It appears that ‘squaring the circle’ is originating from elsewhere. From the other side. The only place where you can find natural ‘squaring the circle’ on Earth, is in crop circles. One of the reasons why crop circles have such a profound effect on us.”

“Squaring the circle brings the square (= cube = matter) in perfect balance and harmony with the circle (=sphere=Spirit). The ultimate merging of matter and Spirit. The ultimate Oneness.”


Would like to share a video summary of some beautiful crop circles popped up in the month of June:

Very nice indeed ! With modern drone technology it is much easier now to spot, observe and record them. It reminds me of a temporary art exhibition, out in the open with the Earth herself as the canvas. Regardless of their origin (human pranksters vs. more exotic beings), this art collection remains a pleasure to look at.


The Force is Strong With This One
Tidcombe Down, Nr Oxenwood, Wiltshire. Reported 28th June

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some comments here-
Looks like the computer simulation Ark made
Gog Magog
the "events" occur in the little space between the horns and everything in the loop itself is infinity.
The loop looks like the infinity sign with its rounded ends united into each other. I think it represents the ever expanding present. We are at the center and our choices lead to more possibilities in the infinity loop or complete ahnihilation at the tip of the two "horns" touching together.
I do not understand why the site video from YouTube is not available,although you can copy the URL of the video and a new tab on YouTube all plays.

Crop Circle | Tufton Hampshire 20/07/21

I started looking at this from the center out and pulled it up into a pyramid shape in my mind for some reason. The shape is out of synch as the lines don't connect up properly. So then an image of a giant pyramidal rubik's cube popped into my mind and I started spinning it around to see if it would synch up. It didn't work with a flat bottom so I added on another pyramid to the bottom to change the shape and started thinking about how this world is so out of synch right now and what would it take to bring it back into alignment. All I could come up with is the Wave arriving and shifting it all back into the proper place.

This is probably not at all what the real meaning of this is meant to be but all the "imaginings" were fun. I've always enjoyed looking at the crop circles but I've never had one start to form itself into a 3D imagine in my mind before. A trippy way to start the day. Thanks for the pic!
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