2 Questions for the C's


Personal message to Laura:

If possible, Could you, would you ask the C's my mother's maiden name and the 2) time and place of her birth.

Her adopted name was Ethel Minerva Porter
Date of birth 12-10-1910
Date of death 2-23-1962

She was adopted and before I die I would like to know the surname of my maternal grandparents. I was told by my half sister (now deceased) that it might have been Brumm?

I believe she was born in St. Louis, Missouri but because Missouri refuses to release her birth certificate (or mine as I was also born out of wed lock) I have no way of knowing.

I also realize this is a personal question but I have tried for over 35 years to find the answer and this is my last recourse.

If this is unappropriated, I apologize beforehand but I have no where else to turn. I have been researching for over 3-1/2 decades to no avail.

For some reason all knowledge of my mother's family has been met with road blocks.

Thank you.
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