1965 article on "time and extrasensory perception" needed - Request


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I had a look, and it seems that a library here should have it, at least it says in the description that they have all the volumes, however it can't be borrowed and only viewed under supervision and the library employee will decide if it's allowed to make pictures! But I think it should be possible to take pictures (as it won't be for commercial use). I'll see if I can make it happen next week, unless someone finds a copy.
Thanks. But that is about 100 pages. Hard to take photos. Let us see if the volume I have ordered from Sweden will be the correct one.


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I've checked a moment ago and it seems to be available here at lexscien.org
Here is the screenshot for confirmation:

Good find! I just checked, and it does indeed appear to be there, although i didn't manage to check that the whole article was there.

There's also the option of downloading the pages as PDF.

Small warning: the system just restricted my browsing because i had viewed over 300 pages:
You have reached your viewing limit of 300 pages for this month. This limit has unfortunately had to be imposed to prevent systematic misuse of the library. Lexscien subscribers and affiliates may view 1200 pages per month. Trial users and registered members may view 300 pages per month.

So, unless one becomes a subscriber, it would probably be a good idea to download the pages first. Although i imagine it would also be possible to just open another account using another email address.
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