1. lucid_dolphin

    Paints that disappear in photos because they are outside the photon range of camera technology

    “I feel like the the coolest thing about this that no one actually knows is the crown I have on,” she said. “We got the Vantablack people — you’re not allowed to use Vantablack, it’s like the blackest black that you can get — and we convinced the Vantablack people to send us a sample of it and...
  2. L

    Do the Cs think the books of Phil Corso "The Day After Roswell", and the secret diary "Dawn of a New Age" are completely true?

    Because, they're really famous books, so I wondered. To help you with the answer, here's the following excerpt from a session that mentions Corso en passant, in the May 27, 2000 session:
  3. L

    What's your opinion of Alfred Lambremont Webre?

    Because, I think he tries to be honest, but that's just my impression. I'd like to ask your opinion on this. This is quite important for me, so, any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your patience.
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