1. lucid_dolphin

    Paints that disappear in photos because they are outside the photon range of camera technology

    “I feel like the the coolest thing about this that no one actually knows is the crown I have on,” she said. “We got the Vantablack people — you’re not allowed to use Vantablack, it’s like the blackest black that you can get — and we convinced the Vantablack people to send us a sample of it and...
  2. lilies

    Nope (2022)

    Nope (2022) The enthralling trailer promises that something profound arrives from the sky.. while the protagonists are watching intensely, what approaches from Above.. Not many disgusting woke-elements in the trailer, so the content didn't blow my fuses. I hoped for aliens and or sudden doom...
  3. L

    What books, writers/authors, and/or movies, TV series, complement each other with the Cassiopaean sessions provided by Laura Knight-Jadczyk?

    I, and maybe other people who'll follow this post, a list of all the people which information is safely integrated with the one given by the Cs. If I had to guess, Otto Muck is an example, but also Graham Hancock, partly, and maybe Stan Romanek. I mean, I'm sure we all need some names to go on...
  4. Amarock

    Soviet post-WW2 aspect of UFO phenomenon?

    In transcripts and in popular culture overall there is a huge overbalance of attention to the western side of the hemisphere in terms of ET connections, etc. I mean everybody talks about area 51, rosewell, secret US pact with aliens, etc. but there was also USSR who, even being on the second...
  5. Gattaca

    Calogero Grifasi

    Since 2012, from the beginning of his activity online, Calogero Grifasi – so he claims - has always been an innovating element and ground breaking in the regressive hypnosis world. Grifasi treats his clients with regressive hypnosis. Which he describes as … Many of his clients are sitting in...
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