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  1. Gawan

    Poldark - TV series

    I recently watched this TV series, and I think that it is very well done. It has imo some wonderful characters, some good villains ;-) and follows a nice story of fighting for justice, love and learning every day's lessons of living together. The main plot is about the characters Ross Poldark...
  2. L

    What books, writers/authors, and/or movies, TV series, complement each other with the Cassiopaean sessions provided by Laura Knight-Jadczyk?

    I, and maybe other people who'll follow this post, a list of all the people which information is safely integrated with the one given by the Cs. If I had to guess, Otto Muck is an example, but also Graham Hancock, partly, and maybe Stan Romanek. I mean, I'm sure we all need some names to go on...
  3. Mililea

    Does anyone remember this TV Series?

    It came back to me like a flash while I was out walking today. I saw it as a child and had a very, very deep-seated fear. I remember feeling that you can't escape them. I must have been about 8 years old and I think it was a bit of a trauma. I haven't seen it since, but looked into it today via...
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