time travel

  1. H

    What would you say to yourselves?

    I About the day in the making? About the day that just passed? After noting an oneliner for each, please come tomorrow or/and after any other period of your choosing and after again noting your assessments for one/twoliner above, please note additional oneliners for another one/twoliner, the...
  2. T

    Mathematical Composition of Qur'an Text based on 19 Number & Rashad Khalifa

    Hi,I'm typing from Turkey,24 years old. I've been follower of Ra for years and became interested in C material about a year ago. Since then it attracts my attention.I was born in a religious muslim family and raised that way .Until 3 years ago I was religious but later became interested in...
  3. L

    What's your opinion of Alfred Lambremont Webre?

    Because, I think he tries to be honest, but that's just my impression. I'd like to ask your opinion on this. This is quite important for me, so, any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your patience.
  4. SummerLite

    The Truth about Corey Goode

    This is a 3 part interview with Bill Ryan who considers it imperative that the public should know of the disinformation being spewed by Goode and his accomplice, David Wilcock regarding their fantasies surrounding the Secret Space Program. Goode, has recently gone from rags to riches and appears...
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