1. Arwenn

    Collection of Cs warnings from recent sessions (2019 to date)

    Session 6 July 2024: Given the Cs advice in the recent session about the Quorum meeting and to keep in mind their previous warnings, I thought I’d compile those warnings and session dates going back to 2019. Some of those might not be as relevant to right now, but it may be of use to document...
  2. L

    Is the universe holographic?

    As stated by various authors such as Michael Talbot and Leonard Susskind.
  3. Ryan

    Role of Crypto/Cybercurrencies in the PTB's loss of control?

    Hi All, I was pondering Bitcoin and cyber/cryptocurrencies today and wondered if it would be possible to ask the C's some questions about them? Here's a few that came to mind: Is Bitcoin 4D STO technology, or based upon STO principles? Do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a role to play...
  4. christx11

    Primes and perfect balance

    In the attached PDF in my post: Hidden Secrets of all existence, I am able to equate many of the sessions concepts about gravity and consciousness in my primes construction. A double structure Has a structure where the micro and macro are kind of swappable, totally interchangeable, invertible...
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