1. reilpmeit

    What is density in a truest sense? Relationship between conciousness and states of matter an other similar questions.

    We have realities and densities. I'm understanding reality as realm. Similar as king rule in his realm,there could be many kingdoms(realms) in the world. So consciousness reside in realm. It could be bad (STS) realm an good (STO) realm and so on.. Consciousness could change realms and that...
  2. luc

    Werner Heisenberg: Physics and Beyond - Encounters and Conversations

    Just finished this wonderful book, „Physics and Beyond” by famous physicist Werner Heisenberg (German orig. title “Der Teil und das Ganze”) and can highly recommend it for those interested in philosophy, physics and history. It’s kind of a mix between autobiography, recounting Heisenberg’s many...
  3. Balance

    "Unified Physics" - Zoran Dimic

    I recently stumbled upon a video where Zoran Dimic, an electrical engineer who worked for Infineon Technologies amongst other companies, talks about how patents and technological advancements do not see the light of the day because smaller companies get acquired by bigger companies and their...
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