lucid dreaming

  1. W

    Psychic Attack

    Hi everyone, hope you are all remaining strong during these bizarre times. I have a good friend of mine who had a terrifying experience last night that she was able to share with me. It reminded me of one I had read in 'High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction'. I...
  2. dreamer

    Something from Alice (1988)

    Inspired by the "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".
  3. M

    What is Going On?

    Every night I am lucid dreaming. It feels as if my legs are being lifted up and something is touching my private parts. The other night there was an old woman who was very scary yelling at me and trying to lift my legs again and then turn into a beautiful woman. Somehow I was having sex with her...
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