1. Ancient Eyes

    Two things I would like to learn more about

    One is if there is a thread on rituals on this forum being discussed. I read much about how they are basically useless if you have knowledge and that knowledge is all that is needed. Yet I have found certain rituals have helped at times if they don't become routine. In others words you use them...
  2. ephemerality

    Knowledge Starter Pack

    The following topic is based on my own personal experience, as well as my studies and several cross-references with and in-between esoteric, spiritual, physical, mathematical, practical, psychological, biological, and all kinds of fields of study, for All Is One. It has become a crescent source...
  3. M

    Alien encounter

    Late night I was awake when I encountered a grey alien. I say grey as a point of reference but it was actually pink, fleshly coloured with large bulbous eyes to go with it(looked a little similar to fire in the sky movie alien except bigger elongated head). As the days go by my memory of what i...
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