1. TakashiTakahashi

    Karma in the Lemurian Era

    You mentioned that blacks are in the process of atoning for their past karma (941116). In the same way, are the people in the Tohoku region of Japan suffering from 2011 Tohoku earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster because they have karma suffered from sacrificing slaves to the 4DSTS on top of...
  2. Ancient of Lore

    Quick question about Karma

    Hello guys, I have a quick question here. Did the C's ever talk about "the rules of karma"/universal justice or something along these lines and if they did can someone share a link please?
  3. Pecha

    Dealing with past life karma

    I had a psychosis-induced episode in my life where I've been led to believe that I've caused a lot of trauma in a past life and would like to ask for help. Would going to certain places linked to my past life and reflecting on it be a good option to help the others' I've hurt in the past and...
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