1. TakashiTakahashi


    Recently here in Japan, there has been a campaign to popularize the idea of “Rita”. Rita is the so-called "altruism" of evolutionary psychology, which means "to endure for the sake of others, even if it means suffering a little during the corona”. Since Japan is a Buddhist country, Rita is...
  2. ScioAgapeOmnis

    My brother's extensive email regarding why he won't be mandating the Cov-jab at his company

    Hey y'all, What follows is my brother's email to a fellow business owner (that's also a friend of his) who asked him whether he plans to take the jab himself or mandate it for his employees as a requirement for returning to the office. My brother is a top executive at a company whose clients...
  3. sbeaudry

    FDA approves Pfizer jab

    Well, that was fast... here come more mandates???
  4. scottiet

    covid and compliance

    Hi all!, Just a thought, I remember once reading the C's mentioned in a transcript there was or is going to be some kind of supercomputer that recorded all those who are compliant and those who aren't to the "NWO" agenda, do you think maybe this covid nonsense is what that statement may have...
  5. jordifs

    Dr Mercola

    I inform you about what happened this morning in Spain. I received a phone call. Company UPS warns me about the shipping of a package from It will never arrive. Spanish government blocked it. The explanation I received is that any product of such kind "vitamin, supplement" with a...
  6. seek10

    How to Be a Dictator: The Cult of Personality in the Twentieth Century - Book Review

    This book is not so much about "How to be" rather it is similarity in methods some 8 dictators (in the 20th century) used. Strikinlgy similar to current COVID hysteria. There all types of "dictators" whether it is real or propaganda. This book is more about "Cult of personality" for dictatorial...
  7. sbeaudry

    covid trojan horse - Mercola
  8. sbeaudry

    Plandemic video carried by Mercola, and other Dr. M news

    Some good articles on Mercola's site ATM, including carrying the Plandemic video with related story: 'Plandemic' Documentary Also interesting is an article claiming smoking gun evidence covid was lab created (not sure if I saw this on sott yet) and another re Ft Detrick: The Smoking Gun...
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