1. Agron

    Earth Sun Human Magnetic Connection / Planetary alignment predictions and effects

    As someone who knows about what Cs have said regarding the realm border crossing wave and transitioning from 3D to 4D and interaction between densities, I cant help it but my mind is blown every 5minutes at this point in time 🤓, and questions just keep on coming. So allow me: I recently found...
  2. Bastian

    Janus Cosmological Model - by Jean-Pierre Petit

    Hello. For those of you interested in cosmology and astrophysics, please check this "outsider" theory which looks like a generalization (?) of Einstein's relativity : The Janus cosmological model: a paradigm shift. Its author is Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit (retired French physicist), for more...
  3. Laura

    Gurdjieff's Primitive Cosmology

    Over the past few months I've been doing heavy research in biblical topics, history and philosophy. Recently, I recommended three books for those who want to go deep: Collingwood's "The Idea of History" and "Speculum Mentis", and Evans' "In Defence of History" which deals with the postmodernist...
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