1. sbeaudry

    ALL Mercola articles to be DELETED within 48 hours

    https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/08/04/why-im-deleting-all-content-after-48-hours.aspx All Dr Mercola articles will be deleted within 48 hours, over 15,000, on any and all topics including just general health and wellness. While he'll still be writing articles, new...
  2. Ruth

    Big Tech Media Manipulation and Censorship

    Are these people puppets, or puppet masters? They are trying to control information, as well as narratives presented to the public. Considering their sudden ascendency and importance, (even if it is only to themselves), for the purposes of social control, I figured they deserved their own...
  3. name


    FWIW I think that this goes a long way in explaining that strange ailment psychopathy. Possibly also homosexuality. Schoizidism has been discussed on this forum in the past, as one of the mental disorders components/related/originants of psychopathy. Schizoidism is the result of inbreeding...
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