1. L

    Montalk and Laura Knight-Jadczyk both wrote a disclaimer against each other. Who is right in this case?

    The disclaimer written by Jadczyk is here: Disclaimer The disclaimer written by Montalk is here: Disclaimer - Montalk vs QFS (Cassiopaea folks) So, who's right and who's wrong here? I'm a bit confused. ☹️
  2. Ryan

    Role of Crypto/Cybercurrencies in the PTB's loss of control?

    Hi All, I was pondering Bitcoin and cyber/cryptocurrencies today and wondered if it would be possible to ask the C's some questions about them? Here's a few that came to mind: Is Bitcoin 4D STO technology, or based upon STO principles? Do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a role to play...
  3. daco

    Osho - A psychopathic cult leader

    I want to ask you opinions about Osho,there is no topic about him until now.I read some books from him and what I found is that in this books are basicly "nothing" comparing to Gurdjieff work the strange thing is that Gurdjieff influenced Osho. Beside one documentary which criticize Osho,I...
  4. Pecha

    Essence of a human?

    I felt so disillusioned for a while earlier today from reading Aug Tellez's recent twitter posts (I know that a few members here have advised not to, but I was too curious). As I was reading through replies on this post from EFJH, weirdly enough, I got out of the pit in my mind. It felt like a...
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