1. Ryan

    Role of Crypto/Cybercurrencies in the PTB's loss of control?

    Hi All, I was pondering Bitcoin and cyber/cryptocurrencies today and wondered if it would be possible to ask the C's some questions about them? Here's a few that came to mind: Is Bitcoin 4D STO technology, or based upon STO principles? Do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a role to play...

    Banks not allowing Bitcoin?

    Yesterday I thought about investing in Bitcoin. So, today I created an account on which I decided to use among the various platforms. Everything went fine until depositing money failed through my MasterCard. And for the last hours I've been google searching and come to learn that...
  3. LVX in Tenebris

    Mine Bitcoin while surfing the Web

    For those who are curious about cryptocurrencies, you can download CryptoTab (developed by Google) to your PC and Phone. You can use it as a regular browser like Chrome and it mines Bitcoin at background. If you download it from the link I gave you, we will mine it together by forming a network...
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