1. Ryan

    New Nike alien-themed campaign - Thor's Pantheon at work?

    Nike's new promotion of a French basketball player is decidedly creepy. Interesting that...
  2. ImaPrototype

    the matrix material

    there's no specific place for discussing these books and it's a colossal work so i thought it'd be a good idea to start a thread see if we can collectively discern things there with help from the transcripts. I've not read it yet not even sure i got the correct versions, if someone has good...
  3. lucid_dolphin

    Alien hybrids - what generation are we in?

    I would guess possibly generation 5. People have already published material (like Svali) that it's beyond that. Possibly generation 40 now? I am a remote viewer (not trolling in the least).The astral beings tell me the truth is worse than I think, but I think it's pretty bad so I cannot even...
  4. L

    What's your opinion of Alfred Lambremont Webre?

    Because, I think he tries to be honest, but that's just my impression. I'd like to ask your opinion on this. This is quite important for me, so, any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your patience.
  5. Ocean

    Imminent Alien Disclosure?

    All on mainstream news, even Bloomberg and Forbes. The lead up for alien disclosure? US Navy admits that UFOs have been spotted near top secret military facilities - Metro, UK. 24th April 2019...
  6. Amarock

    Soviet post-WW2 aspect of UFO phenomenon?

    In transcripts and in popular culture overall there is a huge overbalance of attention to the western side of the hemisphere in terms of ET connections, etc. I mean everybody talks about area 51, rosewell, secret US pact with aliens, etc. but there was also USSR who, even being on the second...
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